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Moving files to and from a computer and an iPhone couldn’t be simplerLet’s say you’ve just upgraded. You’ve got a shiny new iPhone, but want your photographs from your old iPhone to be moved across. We get asked about this a lot, so we’re going to outline the simplest solution and some file-sharing apps that can be really useful.

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How do I download photos from my iPhone? How can I easily move photos and videos from iPhone to PC without using iTunes syncing. What you can not do without a lot of tweaking is retrieving pictures you upload to your iphone through iTunes. – cregox Dec 23 '10 at 12:44. Jan 09, 2019  With iCloud Photos, you can access your photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV, on, and even your PC.Your latest shots are automatically added to iCloud Photos, and any organizational changes or edits you make are always kept up. How to Put Music on Your iPhone Without iTunes. The iPhone can do a whole lot of things, but one area that can be difficult is adding music. This is especially true if you don't want to use Apple's iTunes media player. This is the only way.

Connect to a computerUsing an official iPhone cable (whether that’s a lightning cable or one of the older models), connect to a computer. It’s a good idea to have iTunes installed for later. It’s available for free on both Mac and PC.When you connect the iPhone, a message will appear on the iPhone’s screen asking whether or not you should ‘trust’ this computer (If you were just charging the device from a computer in some internet cafe, then you should probably choose ‘Do not trust’). Of course, we’re on our home computer, so select ‘Trust’ to enable files to be transferred. Make sure you select Trust On a MacWhen the link is established between the two, launch a program called Image Capture.

This provides a view of all the thumbnails for every photograph currently on the iPhone. Transfer them by selecting the photos you want (or press CMD-A to select them all), and then click ‘Import’. The images will be saved to your computer. On a PCWhen the link is established between iPhone and PC, an AutoPlay dialog box appears. Select ‘import pictures and videos using Windows.’ Select the files and click ‘Import’ and a new window will appear showing the files on your system. Rename the folder, to make it easier to find.

Moving files to an iPhoneConnect the new iPhone to the computer, after having removed the old device. From here, the steps are the same on both Mac and PCClick your device name in iTunes. Then, select the folder containing the photographs from the old device, making sure ‘Sync photos from’ is ticked. You can also check ‘include videos’ if you had those in the folder as well. Click ‘Apply’, and after the download time you will have all your old photos on your new phone.


I find it very complicated to move photos taken with my iPhone into my pc's photo library.I used to take photos with a compact camera, and pc applications could very easily import the photos because the compact camera shows up as a USB disk - this way, importing photos was almost a one-click process!But the iPhone doesn't show up as a disk, and that makes it very messy. I've tried to sync using iTunes, but syncing is not what I want to achieve.

I want to move the pics away from the iPhone! I've tried moving them using iFunBox, and while that works, it creates the problem that all photos to get a new timestamp which ruins my photo library.Question:How can I easily move photos and videos from iPhone to PC without using iTunes syncing, and keeping the files' original timestamps?Clarifications:I'm using Windows 7, and the phone is already jailbroken. I'm looking for a solution that will allow Windows to see the phone's native file system as a normal USB drive from which I can import the pics&vids using a Windows program - or any other solution that comes as close as possible to this.Update:Based on the solutions so far it is clear that extra pc applications won't help. What I need instead is some way of getting the damn phone to, just like any other disk resource or compact camera does.This is a good example where I think Apple is being too restrictive with their products; if people want access, then let them have it. If they break it, it's their problem. That's what backups are for.

Can I Download Photos From Iphone Without Itunes

'It just works' only works if you stick by Apple's intended use, and that doesn't include Windows drive letters. When I connect my iPhone to a Windows machine, it does appear as a digital camera and allows me to copy files from the DCIM folder or to use the 'Import Pictures' option from Windows.I just tried this in a Windows 7 VM and was able to view all the pictures in my Camera Roll.From there, I could drag and drop pictures to my desktop.I don't have iTunes installed in the Windows 7 VM.It works the same way in my Windows XP machine, at work. There it is a physical machine and I have iTunes installed, but I can copy the pictures from the iPhone without syncing, anyway. Creation and modification dates in the Finder or in Windows are never completely reliable as they can be changed by almost anything (as you have noticed). The photos have the real time stamps held internally in the files themselves and any image management software should be going by those, not by what you see in the OS' file system,Applications like iFunBox on Windows and Image Capture on the Mac to manage file downloads from devices are really the only alternatives to iTunes or iLife.UPDATE: Do not jailbreak your iPhone.

It's usually unnecessary and it voids your warranty. One viable option is to look at which offers a disk mode.

Download Iphone Photos Without Itunes Windows 7


You don't say what platform you're on, but I've used that in the past on my Mac before I purchased iLife.I think no matter what, the creation and modification dates in the OS are going to be problematic for you because the files will be new to the OS.