Fallout New Vegas Fast Travel Crash

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When I fast travelled and quick-saved, no crash finally. It was stable for several hours, then later the same day I got crashes on every save (quick or regular) even if I didn't fast travel. Tested and found if I started a new game, or loaded an older manual save, I didn't get a crash if I immediately quicksaved.

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New Vegas - For PC crashes only after 3 hours or so of play. Unmodded.For Xbox it never crashed but had a bad habit of corrupting my saves after 80 hours of play on a character.Oblivion even heavily modded never crashed.Never owned Fallout 3. Though when I played my brothers on the PS3 it was fine.Skyrim never crashes normally. Only times it does is either via a bad Mod or when I do a very specific set of events that are easy to not do as long as I'm not testing Mods or trying to run far far away from an enemy kicking my ass in the outside world.

For me, it freezes somewhere between 1-25 minutes after I load the game.Some may call that unplayable, but I call it very annoying and an immersion killer.But that was because of mods (obviously my system is the pc).Before all that, it never froze but crashes after I play more then a few hours, and sometimes less then that.I've just cut my situation out of your post.It's also why I hate the game. Fallout 3 never crashed for me, whereas F:NV crashed every time I played it and more often than not, more than once. Skyrim make anyone follower mod. Each crash was a killjoy, but it was rare during my playthough if I ever got to the point of decent enjoyment because of the crashes. I tried everything to make them stop, none of it worked. Only the patch nearly a year after launch reduced the frequency of load failure.I also had texture load failures, broken quests and dead-end conversations, not to mention the multitude of creatures and characters that fell through the floor or got stuck inside walls.I played on Xbox 360 with the game installed to HDD. There was no corrupted data on the disk therefore no reason to crash other than shitty programming.Fallout 3 worked like gem though, and the world was more involving in my opinion.

Fallout New Vegas Fast Travel Crash

By far the more superior game. I am fully patched and have all the DLCs, no mods currently. I play on a PC that runs Windows Home Premium 64 with a good video card (NVidia GTX series) with drivers that are fully updated.In the main game and most of the DLCs except OWB, I have had only a very rare crash-I can't even recall exact circumstances, as it was the kind of thing that happened once and on reload never happened again-no different from most other games I've played at some point.In OWB, I had the aforementioned crash issue where sometimes when fast traveling, I'd get a crash to desktop. This happened several times, and always when fast traveling. Fortunately, it is a small enough world space that usually I just 'slow traveled' to avoid it, and if I wanted to fast travel, saved my game beforehand just in case.If you are running on a PC and you are getting lots of crashes, I'd suggest making sure you are 1) fully patched and 2) that your drivers are fully updated.


If you're running on a console.shrug. sorry, don't know what you can do. Only ever had the crashing during fast travel.How did you get around that? I'm currently playing through the Big MT and my game just started doing that. It's not too bad with this DLC as it's not a big region but I'm not really tempted to go back and travel through the Mojave Wasteland without fast travel.Yeah now you mention it big MT had a high crash rate for me too.well higher then the mojave anyway.

Fallout New Vegas Crash Mod

I just gritted my teeth through it though. Only way around it is to not fast travel since Big MT isnt really the biggest region, just cluttered somewhat with loads of fighting.

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Fallout New Vegas Pc Crash

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