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The Open University is a public university that organizes the system of education through open and distance learning system (PTJJ) with the concept of education for all and lifelong learning promoted by UNESCO. Purpose of the policy makers is how supreme in UT in this case Rector, knowing how important the role of the Library in learning, especially for High Education, the Open and Distance Learning. And also help the students in the corners of the archipelago, which is often constrained in the delivery module for Geographical Factors. The Open University Library to serve as a medium of learning for students through the Virtual Reading Room. Key concepts in the architecture of the digital library. D-lib Magazine, July, 1995.

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Ruang Baca Virtual UT Korea. Universitas Terbuka Korea Selatan adalah layanan dari Program Sarjana Universitas Terbuka bagi para Pekerja Migran. Kegiatan Abdimas Dosen Fekon UT Kegiatan Abdimas Dosen Fekon UT Dalam rangka melaksanakan salah satu Tridharma Perguruan Tinggi dan salah satu program kerja Fakultas Ekonomi (Fekon), beberapa waktu yang lalu par.

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Perpustakaan Digital

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Bahan Ajar Digital Ut For Pc

Perpustakaan ut

Perpustakaan Ut

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