Servant Of The Dawn

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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Servant of the Dawn Mod. Disappointed that the main questline of Oblivion once again forces you to be the 'good guy?' Redeem yourself by fully exploring the beauty of the Mythic Dawn faction. Continues after the main questline, reinforce the Mythic Dawn with their second assault with a new series of quests, items. Oblivion MOD: Servant of the Dawn. How do you uninstall? I got bored of the Servant of the Dawn mod for Oblivion so I un-ticked the box and I deleted, what I thought was, all the files it came with but whenever my character does a 'power attack' he still cries out 'for Lord Dagon' and 'die, unbeliever.'

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Servant Of The Dawn

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Servant Of The Dawn

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Oblivion servant of the dawn

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