Shogun 2 Food Shortage

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Discussing food surplus question on Shogun 2: Total War PC message board and forum (page 2). I control 20 provinces and still steady at -26 to -30 food shortages. Of course the problem is the game somehow crashes every time I reach the halfway point, or having that many food shortages. They are upgrading without reading, it's not a. Shogun2 Shogun 2 - Food supply. Is the enemy stupid or am I not understanding the concept? How the hell do these clans not have an empire-wide crisis of food shortages? The clans with the larger provinces would be operating at like.30 food or thereabouts. This has happened twice in a row now, and I always make sure to pick the building that generates the most food for my cities, but then comes a multiple-providence food shortage and I get stuck. Right now I've got a providence with a Fishmonger's port (8 food) and two level 3 cattle ranches (6 food each) and STILL i'm -4 food for the providence.

Version 5.0 ChangesVersion 4.4. Amazing new melee mechanics.

Unlimited Movement, Massive Gold, Food Surplus, One Day Construction, One Day Armies, Mastery of Arts Research Completion, Add Skill Points, Fill XP, Unlock Skills, Destroy Army, Scupper Navy, Rank Up/Down. Made exclusively for Cheat Happens. WRITTEN FOR THE PATCHED (5934 + Fall of the Samurai) RETAIL/STEAM VERSION OF THE GAME. May not work with all versions.

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Read the included readme file with Notepad for important instructions on using the trainer. This trainer features customizable hotkeys. Shogun 2: total war - fall of the samurai steam achievements listHard PoundingObjective: Call in naval fire support during a land battle. Fall of the Samurai onlyEmbrace the NewObjective: Attain the maximum level of clan development. Fall of the Samurai onlySemper FiObjective: Win a battle with United States Marines in your army. Fall of the Samurai onlyAll Aboard!Objective: Construct a railway between 2 provinces.

Fall of the Samurai onlyRule, Britannia!Objective: Win a battle with British ships in your navy. Fall of the Samurai onlyGateway to the WestObjective: Playing as the Satsuma, construct a trade district and trade with a foreign power within the same campaign.

Fall of the Samurai onlyA Journey BeginsObjective: Play a historical battle. Fall of the Samurai onlyFather of the Imperial NavyObjective: Playing as the Tosa, carry out 5 naval bombardments in the same campaign.

Shogun 2 Food Shortage

Fall of the Samurai onlyModernisationObjective: Defeat a Shogun 2 army with a Fall of the Samurai army. Fall of the Samurai onlyWarheadObjective: Sink an enemy ship with torpedoes.

Fall of the Samurai onlyWolves of MibuObjective: Playing as the Aizu, carry out 3 successful assassinations of generals in the same campaign using a shinsengumi. Fall of the Samurai onlyThy Will Be DoneObjective: Obtain a maximum level agent of each type. Fall of the Samurai onlyDamn the TorpedoesObjective: Sink an enemy ship by ramming.

Fall of the Samurai onlyL'Ocean is Mine!Objective: Carry out a bombardment with a French ironclad in your navy. Fall of the Samurai onlyOne Hundred Sacks of RiceObjective: Playing as the Nagaoka, research any eighth tier technology.

Fall of the Samurai onlyAgent ProvocateurObjective: Playing as the Choshu, incite 3 rebellions in the same campaign using an ishin shishi. Fall of the Samurai onlyNot On My WatchObjective: Chase down and rout an enemy unit as it tries to escape the Battle of Toba-Fushimi. Fall of the Samurai onlyA Warrior's BaneObjective: Sink an HMS Warrior-class ship.

Fall of the Samurai onlyEzo RepublicObjective: Declare your independence and complete a campaign. Fall of the Samurai onlyThe Iron LadyObjective: Complete the Battle of Miyako Bay with the Kotetsu having taken less than 25% damage. Fall of the Samurai onlyJourney's EndObjective: Complete all historical battles. Fall of the Samurai onlyUphill StruggleObjective: Win the Battle of Osaka after both bridges get blown up by the defenders. Fall of the Samurai onlyPerfect TenObjective: Complete the Battle of Hakodate without any Imperial units being routed. Fall of the Samurai onlyHereditary HonourObjective: Playing as the Jozai, win 3 ambush battles in the same campaign.

Fall of the Samurai onlyHero of the EmpireObjective: Win a campaign on legendary difficulty playing as either the Satsuma, the Tosa or the Choshu. Fall of the Samurai onlyHero of the ShogunateObjective: Win a campaign on legendary difficulty playing as either the Aizu, the Jozai or the Nagaoka.

Fall of the Samurai onlyA Blow to the TempleObjective: Win the Battle of Ueno without capturing any of the key temple buildings. Fall of the Samurai onlyWrecking BallObjective: Win the Battle of Aizu after provoking all four hidden armies at once.

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