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Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes - Force Champions Aayla Secura Event. Last year 2 views. Thank you for all the support. Browse more videos. Playing next. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: 7 Star Aayla Secura In-Depth Review. FIFA Mobile Draft Champions! FUT Draft on Mobile vs BGS! Aayla Secura, born Aaylas'ecura, was a female Rutian Twi'lek Jedi Master in the later days of the Republic, who served with distinction as a General during the Clone Wars. She served as a Padawan under the tutelage of Quinlan Vos, and later, Vos' own master Tholme. Jan 31, 2017  Jedis in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes With all the different factions in Star Wars: GoH, you're always forced to make tough decisions about who to invest resources into for farming and gearing up. This is especially true with Jedis, because you have so many choices, and the difference in effectiveness can be vast.

Aayla Secura Galaxy Of Heroes

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Do not call them out by username in a way that expects something from them.Titles must not be misleading, and must be descriptive if the submission is not.No low-effort or low-quality posts. See the list of these kinds of posts.Game Devs. Stats from.I guess under GMY(L) with Kanan - Ezra & Luminara, she could shine.

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Then again maybe as lead? Looking at my jedis:Ezra got 52% base Tenacity, Kanan got 49%, Luminara got 36.5% and Yoda got 24% ( he does a tenacity buff too so he goes back up to the 40-50% bracket + evasion, 24% is not weak for yoda;) ). Well the point for Aayla as leader is the +40% tenacity for jedis. Basically all my team would be between 85% - 95% tenacity, so the +10% heals would pop all the time and multiple times? This game mechanic can be confusing at times;). FYI: Those tenacity% mean nothing.

Most characters can easily get into the 80-100% potency range with just a plus potency mod. This means you would need 96-116 tenacity to see a mere single (1)% point increase from the base minimum of 15%. Resist equals difference between potency and tenacity with base of 15%. Base tenacity levels are way too low and mods do not provide enough benefit for tenacity to be useful. And don’t forget that most meta toons have inherent potency boosts in a lot of their skills as well.So in example above, you need to be adding 50-70% additional tenacity from mods to get 1% gain on your Additional resist chance. That’s a lot of stat devotion for basically no gains in benefits. Tenacity leaders are basically worthless outside specific PvE encounters as the tenacity will likely result in 0 resist chance gain in 99% of cases.Good way to see this is CLS and Thrawn when zeta and in right modes get huge 100% tenacity gains and they will still regularly get debuffed.

Mods can only give you 54% tenacity if using plus and 3 sets.This is why Magmatrooper’s shared unique is worthless as it’s literally not providing any benefit due to base potency levels most toons achieve. This is all correct but he didn't tell you that tenacity buffs like yoda's are not 40-50% increase its 100% resist chance. Just period, it makes it so you can't land debuffs. (unless otherwise spoken.)other than that he is right most characters have 30-50% potency base, plus one potency cross and one potency set means roughly 60-80% potency which means you need more than 75-95 tenacity to see an increase on the base 15% resist chance. Meaning you would need about 150-180 tenacity before you really started noticing your people resisting more.Tenacity - Potency = Resist chance. If less than 15% round up to 15%.