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With challenging levels, awesome gameplay, regular updates, Eternium is still one of the best games for mobile devices. Playing it is really easy and fun, but, if you are a beginner, then our Eternium guide and Eternium tips cheats will help you in progressing fast. Let’s start the Eternium guide first; 1.) Get Started – The BasicThe very first step you have to do is choose the hero. It features three hero classes; Mage, Bounty Hunter, and Warrior.

Each hero has own special weapon to slay down the enemy. In this game, you, after choosing a hero starts the adventure; in which, you slay down the enemies, explore caves, dungeons, and loot gold, gems, and much more.

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As you progress in the game, you will unlock spells, abilities, weapons, and much more and enhance the power of your hero.In this post, we have explained the game in detail; how to level-up fast, weapon and crafting guide, hero guide, and much more. Let’s start the Eternium guide; 2.) Eternium Guide ⇒ Hero guideIn the game, your hero is the main character, to increase its power; you have to equip best gears, upgrade and equip best abilities & skills, and craft the legendary weapons. Let me explain in detail. How to level up your hero in Eternium game fast?In Eternium game, leveling up unlocks new features and enhance your hero’s performance in the battle. To level-up, play the game and kill the enemies. The more you kill, the more you will earn points.

You can keep track of level points; go to the hero section - just above the hero, there is a bar; slay down the enemies and complete the stages and earn points to level-up. When you earn enough, your hero will be level-up. ⇒ Hero AttributesThe main attributes of your hero are;. Damage Power. Toughness. RecoveryBy equipping the best gears, weapons, and armors, you can increase these attributes points. You will find these items from the chests or by crafting(Eternium guide – Crafting is below).Also, see –.

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⇒ Weapons and Armors – Eternium GuideEternium Guide - Weapons are Armors are of many types;. Common. Uncommon.

Jogar Eternium No Pc

Rare. Epic. LegendaryIt is obvious that legendary weapons, armors are more powerful in comparison to common weapons & armors. At the beginning of the game, levels are easy, it becomes more challenging later and it would not be easy to defeat the powerful enemies in the battle, so you have to equip the best weapons and armors. ⇒ Inventory – Eternium GuideYour inventory has limited slots, so you can not store an unlimited number of items. Whenever you get an item from the chest or by slaying down the enemies, it will go to the inventory.

You just tap on the item to check what is it. For instance, if it’s a weapon, then it will display the damage power or other attributes. Compare it with equipped items and equip the best one.As mentioned above, you have limited slots, so you can not store an unlimited number of items; it would be better to expand the inventory or sell items;Eternium Guide -To sell the item - main screen - play - you will see your inventory - tap on the sell button - select the item you want to sell.

Just below the sell option, there is an expand option too. Tap on it and expand the inventory slots. Also, see – ⇒ Crafting – Eternium GuideAs I mentioned above, legendary items are better than common or uncommon items. And you rarely get these items.

Crafting is one of the best ways to get rare, uncommon and rare items. This feature gets unlocked after you meet the current level requirements.

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Tap on the hammer icon; just above the stash icon. Tap on the (i) icon on the left side, choose the item you want to craft; sword, axe, hood, boot, shield, hat, gloves, tome, or more. After it, drag the items from your inventory to the crafting side and confirm crafting. Before you confirm, check the percentage of output items; rare, epic, legendary or uncommon. ⇒ Abilities – Eternium GuideIn Eternium game, abilities are of three types;.

Attack – You cast this by tapping with one or two fingers. Passive Skill – Your hero uses this ability on their own. Utility – You cast this by drawing its signThe new abilities get unlocked as you progress in the game. To improve the attributes or slay down the powerful enemies, upgrade your abilities;Eternium Guide –Go to the abilities section; drag your ability to one of the unlocked slots and start the upgrade.Also, see – Use of coins and gemsYou use coins in upgrading the abilities, for crafting. Gems used in buying new slots for your inventory, instant upgrades. Eternium Guide - Battle GuideAt the bottom of the screen, there is a level bar. You tap on the enemy to use your basic attack.

At the left side, you can see your abilities/utilities – to cast, make that specific shape on your screen. V, Z, and more. And at the left bottom corner, you can see your HP boosters; eat the apple and recover HP, drink a potion and recover HP. At the top left corner, there is a helmet icon, tap on it to go to character info panel. At the top right side, you can see a map; green dot highlights your location, green dot highlights enemies’ location.So this is the Eternium guide for beginners. Now Let’s begin the Enternium tips & cheats 3.) Eternium Tips and CheatsIn this part, we will talk about the basic Eternium tips & cheats that will help you in progressing fast. Let’s start the tips & cheats without wasting time;.

Explore Every Room – Eternium TipsGo to each corner on the map and find treasury chests; these chests contain gold, powerful armors, and weapons. Sometimes, you need to spend gems to open it. Don’t hesitate, open it.Also, see –.

UpgradingUpgrading is one of the main tasks you have to take care of. Keep upgrading your all types of abilities and improve your hero’s battle skills and power. EquipmentTake a look at your inventory and analyze all the items you have; equip the best armors and weapons. And use all other low-level items for crafting. And sell useless items for coins.

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Use Potions and HP boostersIf your hero is injured, it would be better to use HP boosters; potions, apple, and others. Don’t waste these boosters and use them in the right situation.Also, see –. Take Part In Events. Grab all the items after slaying down the enemies.

Use your casting skills/spells at the right time, because, after one-time usage, cooldown process takes few secondsSo this is the Eternium guide and some basic Eternium tips for the beginners. Download the game – (Google Play Store).Also, see –.