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With Chrome 75’s launch yesterday, Google announced that Chrome Remote Desktop is exiting beta and now available on the web. The primary way you interact with Chrome Remote Desktop is now.

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  • Chrome Remote Desktop Install for Linux, see how to Enable remote connections on your Linux box so you can log in unattended, 24/7.
  • Install Chrome Remote Desktop in Ubuntu (Guide) The Google Remote Desktop app allows you to log into one computer from another computer, tablet, or smartphone. This feature is now available for Linux also. It supports Ubuntu, Debian, and other Linux-based operating systems. Now, the remote desktop feature allows you to log into your Ubuntu OS.

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I installed a lightweight DE (openbox) to connect the CRD session to, mostly to have as little information to send through my rather limited upload at home, but to also have as little resources being taken up by another environment in the background. I understand, and I believe you posted with good intentions, but your post was removed for two reasons:. It is a technical support post, so it is not appropriate for (per rule 2), and. This is a Chrome (or Chrome Remote Desktop) issue, not an Ubuntu issue, so it got the 'unrelated' removal form response instead of the 'try Ask Ubuntu' form response.About 15 minutes after your post was removed, you posted your steps to get it working, and I appreciate this (it's too uncommon!), so I will restore the post to.

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But in the future, you will usually have better luck getting technical support at a technical support resource. With the question in the appropriate place, you can post a link to it in if you want extra eyes. Running it as root hasn't worked for me. It either tries to run directly as user 'root', or when it does get a list of 'chrome-remote-desktop' group users, it never starts it as any of them. It never logs anything if it doesn't start, so I don't know what its errors are.I've been going with this:. my account auto logins to the Desktop.

Chrome Remote Desktop starts on Display:0. my desktop is lockedSo the computer itself sits at a password prompt, just like it does after a boot, except my user is already logged in and I can remote into the console session.

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Chrome Remote Desktop Debian 9

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Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer

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How To Use Chrome Remote Desktop

Protip: only reporting everything a spammer or troll posts without sending the mods a message isn't all that helpful. I regularly connect to three different machines from my Samsung Chromebook Pro using Chrome Remote Desktop: a Windows 10 desktop machine, a 13' Macbook Pro, and a headless Linux Debian 9 (Stretch) VM running in the cloud.The resolution of the Windows 10 machine is set at 1600x1200, and both the Macbook and Linux are set at 1440x900.The Windows 10 and Macbook are crisp and sharp, and look as good as sitting in front of the actual machines. Can use either of them all day long with no complaints.The Linux machine, however, is usable, but noticeably blurry, such that I don't want to be staring at it for more than 30-40 min at a time.FWIW, the max resolution of the virtual graphics adapter of the Linux VM is also 1600x1200, same as the resolution used by the Windows machine. The Linux VM is running on Openstack, if that might have any relevance.Any ideas why the clarity isn't as good with the Linux machine?I'd really need to be able to use it for longer periods of time, but staring at the fuzzy/blurry screen is too big a strain on my eyes.