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Death Troopers used cover and generally had good aim, with one of them shooting a Rebel who stuck his head out for a split second.The Death Korps of Krieg are often quite Napoleonic, although I can't comment on their aim. They are probably the worst Guard forces in current 40K canon.The Guard's company-level heavy weaponry and light artillery is probably better. I don't recall Death Troopers using E-Webs or missiles, they look more like a lightly-equipped elite force. I think they would brutalize the Kriegers aboard a ship or in urban terrain, but out in the open, heavy bolters, missile launchers, autocannons and mortars beat skill and common sense. Click to expand.I have a theory.Death Troopers can only kill main characters if they're not saying the words ' I'm one with the Force. The Force is with me.'

The Death Korps of Krieg, the most Grimdark of Grimdark. The Death Korps of Krieg is a series of Imperial Guard regiments which hail from the Death World of Krieg. They like trenches and gas masks and are known for their iron discipline and suicidal tolerance for casualties.


Think about it. If Baze said those words faster than Chirrut, he wouldn't have died on Scarif.

He kept pausing on with every word. One of the Death Troopers shot him while he was pausing to take another breath and he forgot to stop saying it when he got hit by a grenade.So, does this mean that every character who keeps saying ' I'm one with the Force. The Force is with me.'

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Automatically immune to blaster fire/jokeIn all seriousness. I think it's mostly even. I think I would put my money on the Death Korps because usually in a hundred man squad, you'll find either a guy who is wielding some sort of specialised weapon such as a plasma gun, a melta gun or a incinerator. Death Troopers aren't reanimated zombies. Their name is a reference to that program.Rogue One Visual Guide:- 'Death trooper candidates must meet rigid physical and ideological standards. Classified medical procedures further augment their abilities and make them somewhat beyond human.' - 'Rigorous training in exotic environs produces stronger, faster and more resilient soldiers than the norm.'

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- 'Death trooper gear is an improvement over mass produced Stormtrooper kit. More sophisticated sensing apparatus keeps troopers in total situational awareness of combat arenas, allies and enemies.' - 'Death troopers typically operate in small groups, exhibiting a great degree of cross-training and skill specialization.' Click to expand. Which is the fact that the a not insignificant number of the Death Korps consists of clones, something that while illegal in most of the Imperium they have been granted an exception for.

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Click to expand.Not entierly correct - to be specific there was a rebellion that divided the Paradise world of Krieg, and over time the loyalists started to loose the war. So they armed their nuclear arsenal and bombed their own world into an apocalyptic wasteland where the air burns your lungs and the rain is like acid.For their show of defiance against traitors, willingness to sacrifice everything to win and loyalty to the Imperium the surviving loyalists(which were the majority of the survivors of the remaining planetary population) were recognized, and got an exception from the ban upon cloning in order to repopulate the new Death World of Krieg and to help meet their Imperial Guard quotas. Of course by that point and forwards the survivors had already spent most of their life in a planetary war of siege warfare against each other and had resorted to ever more exotic mechanical and tactical solutions that eventually led to the modern Death Korps.