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Here's my story of why I had to seek out mods for Fallout 4: loved Fallout 3. Thought New Vegas' hardcore system was very interesting and fun (having to eat, drink, sleep). I was expecting Fallout 4 to turn it up a notch. Not only did it not do that, it turned it down a notch.

So, like most people Fallout 4 was a generally good game, especially for the die-hard fans of the series.We played for hours upon uncountable hours trying not to wither away in the radiation of the Wasteland or die from the various enemies in the Commonwealth that would love nothing more than to personally experience my last breath. Full list of working Fallout 4 VR mods, Fallout 4 Virtual Reality Mods.

Key features were completely missing. I was disappointed right as I exited the Vault because there was no 'Do you want to enable Hardcore Mode?' Checkbox.I started having some fun despite that though. Only to be disappointed to read I don't gain more XP from playing on Survival.

Okay, Normal it is then. Started getting into the settlement building stuff, and just as I did, I wasn't allowed to build anymore. After roughly 20+ hours of play, I realized I was still wearing the exact same clothes as I did in hour 3. I went looking for new stuff and there is just barely anything. Come to think of it, why has it never been night? Where is the day-night cycle?

It is nighttime right now? Why is everything so bright as daytime at night? Just what the.Disappointment after disappointment arose. Finally, I just quit playing Fallout 4. There is a fantastic game in there somewhere, but they just didn't do the work to make it such. After about 1,5 months, I wanted to get back into it, but knew I would just turn away again.

I looked up some mods and found out there is already great stuff out there. Started installing them as they sounded appealing and what do you know? I am having a blast with the game now.Were you disappointed with Fallout 4 like me? Maybe check out these mods as they did well for me, maybe they do for you too. Crucial ModsSimple: these features should have been in the game and they have no reason to not be here (often they were even present in previous installments).

This is basic functionality the game should have shipped with. Primary NeedsType: GameplayThis mod enables two parts that were key to Hardcore Difficulty: food and drink. Sleep is not included. How does it go about it? It adds food and drink as addictions in the game. When eating any food item you will now become 'addicted' to food and need to eat once a day to avoid harsh stat penalties and slow health decay.

One tab is all you need. How to lock a background image in word. Always use one tab between columns to line them up. If you’re inserting more than one tab, you need to reset the tab stops.

The same works for drink. The modder went as far as to revamp how food and drink provides buffs and bonuses to be more realistic to expectation. For example, eating raw meat will not give you HP, rather it gives you food poisoning. It will, however, still satisfy your 'addiction', thus sometimes a hard choice must be made if you did not prepare enough. It sounds very harsh, but it is not very much so.

You just need to keep in mind that you need food and water to survive, as Hardcore Mode should do.Darker NightsType: VisualYou know when you wander the wasteland, enter a loading area and the tooltip says something about using your PipBoy light? And then you're like: '. Why would I ever need to use it'? Yeah, me too. It is insane how bright nights are in Fallout 4. I can see everything just as perfectly as if it's day. Not only does it not make sense, but it takes away atmosphere and gameplay possibilities.

Stealth is not a viable option because it isn't dark. NPC's can spot you from miles away even at night. It also just looks dumb if you ask me. This mod gave me back the atmosphere I wanted and stealth actually became viable. It allows you to set different tones of darkness and how much it affects NPC vision too (for example, if you want a dark night atmospherically but still want NPC's to spot you as easily as daytime, you can do that).Higher Settlement BudgetType: CustomizationSo, let me get this straight: I'm encouraged by tooltips to build out my settlement because that is better somehow. I get on it and start to enjoy placing defenses and structures and even a personal area for me with a bobblehead stand, lockers for my gear, stimpacks and so on. I want to go slightly further than this though, like build a doghouse for Dogmeat and an area for my settlers.

But oh wait, I can't. Because the building limit is ridiculously low. I've searched long and hard what could possibly have the cap be this low and even if you expand and maintain 30 settlements, it seems highly unlikely to cause memory issues moreso than normal. I used this mod which increases building space by 3x and have had no issues whatsoever. Except I'm finally able to build what I want.Difficulty XP ScalingType: LevelingIn Fallout 3 and NV, you received more XP for killing enemies on higher difficulties.

It was a nice reward based system. You up the difficulty, you increase faster in level. Arguably, those games needed it the least because the level cap was lower. Fallout 4 has much increased leveling possibilities, and the XP you earn on Very Easy is the exact same as on Survival. That's a good joke. Entirely unbalanced, but a pretty good joke. This mod has various files that all alter the amount of XP you gain on the difficulty you choose.

I went for 150% more XP on Survival as a sweet spot. You can also go for 140 or 160%. Alternatively, you can even go for 30% if you really like Bethesda's train of thought and want to be punished even more for playing on Survival. It's your funeral.OCDecoratorType: CustomizationPart of a sequel's expectation is to improve on an existing formula. At the very least, if it worked adequately, make sure you don't make it worse. Boo, Fallout 4, you made placing items worse.

Hurray, OCDecorator, you made it better than before. Let's accept the argument that I am insane for the following scenario: I want to place plates and forks and knives on the table where my settlers eat.

I want to place mugs there too. I want to make a shelf and put food on it that I found in the wasteland. I want to decorate my place by lining up Nuka-Cola bottles in order of variation and so forth, because I'm insane.

Nevertheless, the reason Bethesda games get a pass on glitches and bugs is because they allow you to do this type of stuff.Except they don't. When it gets too much to handle, all the stuff I lined up just starts falling through the table and eventually the floor. I place all this stuff, go out adventuring and when I return it is all stuck clipping through the table or shelf. I have to spend a lot of time reorganizing, because if I don't, it just falls through never to return. OCDecorator allows you to build an object that 'solidifies' any object you place in it. Thus, I take my Nuka-Cola, put it in there, take it out and place it.

It will be there. I go out, return, it's where I left it. It can't even be knocked over.

Fallout 4 Brighter Pipboy Light

I can finally do what this game told me I could. Recommended ModsThese mods don't cover crucial features like the ones described above, but I still expected these to be in the base game and they weren't. You'll probably get more enjoyment out of the game if you use these too. True Storms: Wasteland EditionType: VisualI was almost about to pair this with Darker Nights (see above), but ultimately I just felt the weather effects in Fallout 4 were 'just' lackluster, instead of destroying my fun with the game. That said, I wouldn't want to uninstall this mod. It adds a lot more atmosphere to weather effects such as rain, making it more noticeable than in vanilla.

It also adds new weather effects like radiation rain, dust storm and more. It also has some neat options for increasing the duration a weather type holds and decreasing how often it is 'good' weather (thus increasing rain, dust storm etc). You can also just keep it to regular values if you wish (which I did).Create Your Own Survival RebalanceType: GameplayI thought we agreed that 'increase enemy damage by ridiculous amount' and 'decrease player damage by ridiculous amount' are not to be combined to create a harder difficulty setting? Playing on Survival feels wrong.

It's not about it being hard or easy, it is literally about dying in 2 seconds, while every enemy (that wears shittier armor than you!) is a bullet sponge that just won't quit. I'm not saying you can't mess with damage multipliers, but the combo of these are just killing for any game I've played.

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Imagaine if, on top of the HP buff enemies get on higher difficulties, their guns also do 2x damage as usual. That sounds fucked in a way that isn't fun.

It is exactly what Fallout 4 is. And it is boring.The solution for me is to take more damage than usual, but also deal more damage than usual. It is harder, as groups of enemies still take you out in seconds, but are also capable of killing an enemy or two without having to backtrack-run regain AP VATS backtrack-run and so forth. It makes for more interesting encounters, while still being harder than the Normal setting. This mod allows you to completely change the damage multiplier values.

You can make them do even more damage than on Survival, and you do even less damage than on Survival if you want. Note that you can also set the damage multipliers to normal, effectively having combat on Normal difficulty, while still having all the added challenge in other area's that Survival offers.Wearable Backpacks and PouchesType: Gameplay, customizationFor generations people have been complaining about encumbrance and weight. Not being able to carry enough. While there are mods out there every time that just increase carry weight to 10.000, people still want a more elegant system that deals with encumbrance.

The system being there for gameplay reasons is clear and valid, but nothing is done to mitigate it later in the game apart from some perks. I don't want encumbrance removed or have it be a non-issue, but I don't want it to hamper my experience either.

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Welcome to backpacks. What we've been asking for, since. I can't even remember. It does what it should do. Adds backpacks and pouches to be crafted and they increase carry weight dependent on the type you made. In-universe reason to carry more stuff and making it more fun and manageable from the gameplay perspective.Functional Weapon RacksType: CustomizationIt doesn't destroy the game that it isn't in here, but it was in Skyrim?

Why not here? I was kind of expecting it to be. I like displaying my stuff and this mod made it possible. It is also cool that the modder in question is also working on armor stands as we speak. A simple mod, but a cool one.Nice Addition ModsLastly, these mods aren't crucial and I didn't even necessarily expect them, but they are good/fun additions to the game still. Radiant Clouds and FogsType: VisualIt makes clouds thicker. Makes fog more of an actual fog.

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It's good and works nicely with True Storms.Eli's Armor Collection RemadeType: CustomizationIf only this had a significant number of new outfits. It does have some new outfits, but also touches up a lot of the older ones. It's good and I like it, but if there was more to is, this would be up to the Recommended Mods. Because the base game of Fallout 4 is heavily lacking is customization options in terms of clothing and outfits.Eli's Sleeveless OutfitsType: CustomizationMore outfits. Got to have more outfits. Again, it isn't much, but it is at least something and at least it looks different.Craftable Floor SupportsType: CustomizationYou like how all your structures are floating in the air? Here is a support structure that can be built so that it at least looks plausible.Improved Map With Visible RoadsType: InterfaceIs this cheating?

I don't know. Fallout 4's base map gives you an idea in which direction something is, but it doesn't tell you where or how to get there. Maybe that is the point? So a better map is actually cheating? I don't enjoy it myself however. I like exploration, but having to figure out how the map works in relation to the world does not equal fun for me.

This mod makes the map better.Unlock All Hairstyles At Game StartType: Customization'You can unlock this hairstyle by completing the game'. Haha, buddy, we are so not on the same page. Yes, I get it. You want unlockables in your game so that even after completion people keep playing. But taking hairstyles away from my entire game experience because I might continue playing after beating the game and getting new hairstyles is not the way. When the game is done, it's done. Give me full customization of my character from the start please.

Thanks mod.NanosuitType: CustomizationDoesn't this look cool? And it looks different from all the monotone outfits in Fallout 4. All seven of them. Need more stuff. I would advice you to get a mod to remove the encumbrance (yes, I know the same can be done with console commands).

It is a staple of these games, and probably counter intuitive with your list of mods to increase the difficulty, but the mechanism gets ridiculous in Fallout 4, specially when considering settlements and the need to pick random trash.Unless your specs are heavily bias toward strength, you will get encumbered twice or thrice for every single quest mission. It really hampered my enjoyment of exploring the wasteland when I had to juggle inventory items or fast travel to a settlement every 10 minutes. I installed a bunch of these mods on my first run through darker nights, true storms, improved map and difficulty tweaking made the biggest difference. But I definitely think I will give the mod scene a good year or so to mature and filter all the crap re-texture mods from the first week out of the top spots. I need major overhauls for Fallout 4 for me to want to play it again. The entire perk system needs to be reworked and there needs to be a boatload more unique weapons.

I felt like I was using the same gun for 80% of the game and I didn't even finish it. Nice post man. I went dark looking at this game for a bit but in a few months I'm going to go back to it. I put 80 hours into the base game but it is just BEGGING for mods to improve all its systems and make them deeper.I want one badly that makes the Settlement into more of a legit sim/builder game.I also want a version of that great Skyrim stealth mod that actually made the game feel like a capable stealth game. Forgot how bad base Bethesda stealth was by comparison when I started playing this. Unless your specs are heavily bias toward strength, you will get encumbered twice or thrice for every single quest mission. It really hampered my enjoyment of exploring the wasteland when I had to juggle inventory items or fast travel to a settlement every 10 minutes.Someone brought up a good point on this to me.

The encumbrance seems very similar to how TES works but the problem is in those games you might only keep one or two weapons on you for the most part where in Fallout you are encouraged to carry a whole bunch which of course have weight. Unless you are a melee build that really limits you. That could be like half and more of your encumbrance immediately taken up by weapons and armor. Then all that key junk in this game. I love that they made the junk important but it only makes it more important to grab and then the whole system even more frustrating.I like encumbrance as a mechanic just fine but it seems out of whack with the actual game here so I see why people mod it. : I found just the mod to help with this. Allows you to make certain item categories weightless, or significantly lower in weight but still weighing some if you prefer.

I installed it just now. You can check junk (for settlement building and upgrading), weapons, armor, food, stimpacks and some other things all individually if you want them weightless, reduced weight or no change.I made all junk weightless as I plan on doing no fast travel. I kept all the others at base weight, because I personally don't want encumbrance to go entirely and I am using those backpacks anyway to mitigate it some. :: I had a similar problem with encumbrance. I like having limited carrying capacity as it force me to make decisions about what I want to carry and give the power armour more of a purpose other than damage limitation. For a finish I just used console commands and gave myself loads of crafting materials for town upgrades. I found the actual act of collecting them to boring and hampered my enjoyment of the exploration.

I search everywhere as I want to find bobble heads and comics but I find it liberating not having to pickup every blood clock and microscope I see.

Well, I know in my case they are dimmer but I attirubte that to the 'enhanced night' mod I found on nexus.There are a couiple of those now, the one I use was the first, I think.I still use it because I value a darker night as the default game night time sky glow was stupid bright, and same goes for night time ground effects.Now it is much closer to reality in what one would see in full moon lit conditions and dark enough to be worrysome for anyone wandering around after 9pm.I just put up with the less efficient base lights.And yes, the selection of base lighting is sad. The two spot worklights on a stand, those are fraking useless and pointless even in default non mod game.I find the industrial lamps one can place on posts and what not, far better. Just use enough to light up a nearby area. The hanging bulbs are not too badeither but one needs a proper ceiling to attatch those to.I too am amazed there are no street lamps we can build. Seems a obvious inclusion.Too lazy or did they keep half of what one would want in later DLC they already have planned?I'm waiting for mod tool kit to arrive for this sort of thing to be fixed right.Gonna be a long wait. LOL.Posts: 3372 Joined: Wed Jul 05, 2006 5:46 pm. 1- lights get 'un-set' if you move a bulb or other fixed light source after establishing your power grid.

Sent a pm suggestion. But it sounds like the issue is bigger than we thought if you can't resolve it by essentially tearing down and re-doing the connections again.Would make it a bug with workaround, to a bug with broken mechanic. All I can think of for last gasp, final method is literally remove/store every single thing that is power related - all conduits, power pylons near enough to emit power field, and all light sources in that house. The reconnect all from scratch, just like when you built it new - only difference would be instead of using resources to create the item, you're bringing it out of storage.Which could be the bug, maybe it saves the state of the object but that would seem weird. That's only idea I can think of though if reconnecting steps doesn't work. Fortunately for me (knock on wood), I've been able to work around my light issues so far.Posts: 3456 Joined: Mon Dec 03, 2007 2:30 amDisplay posts from previous: Sort.