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This is a middle eastern city map by Rabbit. MAP COMES WITH FULL SP/COOP SUPPORT. To install, extract to your Project Reality BF2 folder. Default Location: C: Program Files (x86) Project Reality Project Reality BF2 mods pr. Project Reality (abbreviated to PR) is a modification for the computer game Battlefield 2 on the PC. Project Reality's aim is to use the game engine, developed by Digital Illusions CE (DICE), to create a more realistic combat environment than standard Battlefield 2, and place a greater emphasis on teamwork and cooperation.


Flair FiltersABOUT.At ease gentlemen, and welcome to Squad! A teamwork oriented tactical shooter being made by the Canadian-based Offworld Industries. Check in here for the latest news and community content.Squad is the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed and highly successful Battlefield 2 mod called Project Reality.


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Squad Fallujah

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to learn more about custom flair Announcements: Looking for a squad? Head on over to! While the insurgents in PR were a truly asymmetric faction with their own specific advantages, in Squad they are nothing but a normal faction with shit weapons.I'm getting really sick of playing them, even when you win the round it's still nothing but pure frustration.We urgently need improvements for this shit faction:.Give insurgents proper fortifications, it's ridiculous that they only get sand barrels as a stronger defense against Bradleys and Warriors, at least give us the ability to build something on top of these barrels. Give us a single barrel to substitute a hesco block, and two story barrel rows to properly block entrances.The SPG emplacement is useless as fuck right now, it's advantage should be that it only weighs 60kg and can quickly be moved by two men. Right now it's got a 30 degree traverse and cannot be moved anymore which makes it a ridiculously easy target for any IFV that's a 1000m out in the desert.Apply rules of engagement (ROE) for the conventional factions and implement a civilian role for the insurgents. Civilians cannot be shot by the enemy without penalty (e.g.

Minus 5 tickets per civilian killed), but can heal all factions, even the enemy. Insurgent fighters can disguise as civilians, which is basically the key advantage of insurgents.Different models of HABs, or smaller models of HAB.

While the conventional forces keep most things uniform, the insurgents advantage is that they don't. Insurgent spawns are way too easy to identify right now.

Squad British Maps

Same goes for the loud radio, it fits the conventional forces, but it's certainly not sneaky enough for insurgents.Fix IEDs. Right now they are just buggy as fuck, sometimes you stand next to a Bradley and while attaching the IED to the hull, it just fucking disappears. In general attaching an IED to any vic seems bugged now.

Make the IED an underhand throwable object that sticks to whatever it hits, but make it easy to just pick it up and rethrow, too. Basically similar to the ammo bag that's in the game now.Civilian vehicles and bomb vehicles. Shooting a civilian vehicle results in penalty, shooting a bomb vehicle doesn't. Both vics look the same, conventional forces have to decide when to shoot or not. Disabling a civilian vehicles engine does not result in penalty, however blowing it up and/or hurting the civilian does.

That way only civilian vehicles that are close and actually pose an immediate threat are being engaged, as it takes a well aimed shot to disable the engine and not hit the civilian.