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Now that Microsoft have forcibly 'upgraded' Lync to Skype For Business, it looks like I can no longer hide the 'speaker gallery' when I'm on a voice call. I get a list of big pictures of the people in the call which frankly I find annoying and distracting. But I can get rid of the gallery by hiding it in the start bar. Look to the portraits. If Microsoft Lync is capturing your meeting links, here is a method of How to Uninstall or Disable Lync in Windows 7 / 8 / 10. Also find download link of Microsoft. Sep 9, 2014 - Are you bothered by Microsoft Lync 2010 removal troubles? If you don't know how to fully remove Windows program and its components or got.

I haven't discovered a means for getting rid of it entirely, but I can get rid of the gallery by hiding it in the start bar.Look to the portraits of people's images. Just above your image should be an arrow similar to ↗ (an arrow pointing upwards to an upper-right corner) in appearance. Clicking this puts the gallery into its own window.

From here you can minimize it.It's not perfect as it pollutes the start bar and all open windows selection, but it's the best that I've found. Be warned that they also made it one of the 'higher' priority windows, which is awesome. So you really will want to minimize it, and it should go away from your view until you unluckily click or open it again.

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