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Hoyer advance h patient lift (used but in excellent condition) has sling & water float manual hydraulic weight capacity 340 lbs. Product weight 64 lbs. Lifts patient from floor yes max lifting range 64.6' min lifting range. The Hoyer Hydraulic Patient Lifter gives you easy use and high quality at a reasonable price. This manual lift has an angular design with a non-sway cradle for extra stability. MANUAL/ELECTRIC PORTABLE PATIENT LIFT and SLINGS OWNER'S INSTALLATION AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. 2 SPECIAL NOTES SPECIAL NOTES S P E C I A L N O T E S WARNING DO NOT OPERATE THIS EQUIPMENT WITHOUT FIRST. Invacare does NOT recommend locking of the rear casters of the patient lift when lifting an individual.

Hoyer Lift High Lifting

This is a great lift. The platform adjust to fit through doorways and for storage.

The arm range goes from almost floor level to shoulder height. It was delivered the next day from a local distributor.

Fertile ground remixed zip code. Now for the first time, all these remixes are available on one album.

It was well packed and easy to assemble (wrench and allen wrench included) The nylon sling is quite sturdy and the straps are color coded based on their length. Follow up to my initial review. This lift has become a must have item used many times since being purchased. The hardest part is getting the nylon sling under the person. It involves rolling the person on the side. Once the person is on the sling the color coded nylon straps are hooked to the 6 prong arm. The arm lowers very low to the ground.

Hoyer Lift High Lifting

The lift works perfectly allowing the individual to be lifted in a sitting position to a chair. It is so important to get the right size sling. I care for my sister with cerebral palsy in our home.

I am her full time caregiver and when she came to live with us, she had an extra large sling and when she was toileting, it swallowed her up. I got to looking on Amazon, where I get all of her medical products, and realized she had the wrong size all along. After going to the medium sling, she weighs 119 pounds and is 5' 2', toileting is much more pleasant and she is much more comfortable. I can say that all Drive Medical Products have always been of the highest quality. Amazingly fast delivery. Ordered it on Wednesday and it came on Saturday.

Hoyer Lift Cost

Unfortunately I had to put it together but it wasn't too difficult. But who invented those dastardly allen wenches anyway! It is very sturdy and works very well. Just what we needed to get my father out of bed or the chair without breaking anyone's back. One person can use it easily.

Hoyer Lift High Lifting Shoes

My father still has to participate in standing up with it and that is great for his self esteem. The hospital he was in had one and he did so well with it. I was delighted to find it so reasonably priced. Straddle part is intentionlly wide so it will not 'cut in' to injury. This product is not a miracle, but has been a godsend.Far better that grabbing and straining someones arms or pulling on same.

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Makes transfer in vehicles possible and even helpsto use to 'pull' wearer to edge of seat to exit vehicle etc. Easy to put on and even if a little big.it is quite adjustable.by far BEST product we have found so far for this use. Also helps when helping someone to stand if you help them up bylifting them by 'waist' or back of support. Very very glad to have this. Don't know what we would do without it now.