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As you know, footnotes are used in documents to provide references or annotations. It is very easy to insert automatic footnotes in documents using Word, but suppose you would like to use a custom footnote mark?Turns out you can do this and just as easily as you insert the automatic footnotes!Follow the steps below to learn how:. Place your cursor where you would like your custom footnote located in your document. Display the References on your Ribbon. In the Footnotes group, click the icon at the bottom right-hand side to display the dialog.

In the Custom Mark box, enter the character(s) you would like to use for your custom footnote mark. If you would prefer a special symbol as your custom mark, click on Symbol and make your selection. Click on Insert and your custom footnote mark will appear in your document and your cursor moves to the bottom of the page where your footnote will appear. in the text of your footnote, formatting it as you normally would. Click someplace in the body of your document to close the footnote box.—. Wool pressing mat diy. What you want to do is change the Footnote Reference Style. Unfortunately, there is no built in method to add brackets before and after the Footnote Reference number.There is, however, a way around it to accomplish what you want.

  • Open Word (you’ll find it in the Windows menu under “Microsoft Office” or the Applications folder on a Mac), click File, click Open, then double-click the file. 2 Hover the mouse cursor over the footnote.
  • Inserting references into footnotes/endnotes in word. Click in the Word document at the location for your footnote reference; Click on the References tab on the.

Follow the steps below to learn how:Go ahead and set up your Word document and just insert your footnotes the way you always do.Once you are finished with your document and all your footnotes:Click CTRL + H which will open the Find & Replace dialog.In the Find field, click Shift + 6 + f. Note – it must be lowercase f.In the Replace field, click your opening bracket key and then click Shift + 7 and add your closing bracket character.Now click on Replace All.You will find that all of your Footnote reference numbers will now have brackets before and after the reference number.I hope this has been helpful to you.


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Select Footnote from the Insert menu. Word displays the Footnote and Endnote dialog box. Make sure the Footnote radio button is selected in the Insert area of the dialog box. Click on Options. Word displays the Note Options dialog box. Change the Start At value to reflect where you want Word to start numbering.

How to add footnotes in word is a question which is not hard to answer especially if you are a regular Word user. If you have ever wondered how to insert footnote in word then it is highly advised to read this article thoroughly. To insert footnote word does not need to follow any complex process at all. The steps which are included are simple and straightforward. To add footnote in Word there is no need of any third party program. So if you are looking for the answer to the question that how do you insert a footnote in word then continue reading.How to Add Footnotes in WordAdd footnote onlyThe steps which will answer your question i.e.

How to insert a footnote in word 2013 are mentioned as under to give you a complete idea about the phenomenon which are related to it.First of all click the “References” tab on the top of the Word to start the process.Click 'Insert Footnote' to add the footnotes to your document.Adding EndnoteThis is another important idea which is related to the footnotes. Endnotes addition to the document is not difficult at all and the process which is to the followed is mentioned as below.First of all just click the “Reference” tab on the top of the document to start the process.Click 'Insert Endnote' to finish the process in full.Editing the Endnotes and FootnotesThe steps which will help you insert footnote word 2013 have been mentioned as under.Click the dialogue box launcher to proceed with the process.In the dialogue box select whether you want to add text to Endnotes or Footnotes.

Select the format, custom mark and the Start. You can also select where you want the Endnotes or Footnotes to appear. Once the changes have been made click “Insert” to add the relevant section to the document.

This also completes the process in full.Conversion of Footnotes or EndnotesIt is very important the Endnotes are converted to Footnotes and vice versa. It is therefore advised to make sure that the steps which are mentioned as under as followed. You will also get to know the Microsoft word insert footnote idea completely.Once you have accessed the dialogue box through the launcher select “Footnotes” or “Endnotes” and then hit “Convert”.Choose the option which you want to add to make sure that you make the required conversion. This also completes the process.Deleting the Footnotes or EndnotesIf you want to create footnote in word or the Endnotes you must also know how to delete these. The process which is related to the idea is mentioned as under.Under the “Reference” tab click on “Next Footnote” and proceed with the process.Choose the desired option depending upon your choice whether you want to delete Footnote or Endnote by clicking the correct option.Select the desired Footnote or Endnote and press delete on the keyboard to delete the desired section. This completes the process.Advantages of PDF FormatFirst thing first, PDF is a world famous format and is greatly used for transferring files.

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If the data is confidential you can easily password protect your file to make sure that you never run into issues. Every functionality which you can perform using Word can easily be done using PDF. Choosing PDF over Word is a wise decision as it allows you greater control.


The PDF format is highly in use and it is popular among the multinationals for obvious reasons. The best part is that you can search the phase you want using the document. It is highly in demand. The readers of the PDF document are free of charge. Developed by Adobe Systems the Acrobat Reader is the largest one and it is completely free to download and use. PDF also increases readability over different devices as there is no format change involved.All-in-One PDF Solutionsis one of the best ways to manipulate the PDF document with ease.

The user is simple and no prior tech knowledge is required to get the work done. The overall management of the PDF is made simple and straightforward by this program. The program has hundreds of uses literally and therefore it is highly in demand. Allowing this program to be a part of your system will get you the best results.