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Dragon Age Uprising, Act 1 - This appears to be a stand-alone module. Acts 2 and 3 are in the works. Acts 2 and 3 are in the works. Pints and Quarts Tavern - Adds a new area with some new quests. For Dragon Age: Origins on the PC, a GameFAQs Answers question titled 'Mod folder?'

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I will be continuing to edit this thread to add new mods as I find and try them out. Mods added more than a week after the original post will be indicated like this.Important programs:. and for installing DAZips.

For Mac. Thanks!.Game Play and Environment:.

Thanks!Important Note: Imrpoved Atmosphere can sometimes cause missing thumbnails. The fix for that can be found. Thanks to for pointing this out. – Adds a lot of environmental changes, and updates some of the weirder faces in the game, as well as makes small changes to more accurately reflect events and dialogue. Several variants available.

Adds a raven to most areas with free respec potions. Bash through locks on chests and doors you can't pick.

Hide helmets for your party. A storage chest for your party camp. – A tent for your Warden in camp. Note: This appears to spawn in the same location as the chest, which render one or both unusable. I would pick and choose between this mod and the Beyond Ferelden Chest.

Gives you all the same stat points, etc. All you have to do is run through the companion and final cutscenes/fights. Because deathblows are awesome. Can also be used to turn off deathblows almost completely. Screw the dialogue box. Adds the essential features of Awakening to the base game. I would not recommend this for beginners.

It's very easy to mess up your game and likely has a slough of comparability issues. Lets your Warden go to bed (including some interaction with your love interest), and creates a Dawn state for camp. For all your Human Noble vengeance needs.Game Fixes (There are many, but these are the ones I use):.

Fixes some dialogue options that are slightly not contextually appropriate and adds in responses that should really be in the game, fixes some references. Because he somehow only gets one Specialization point. Malwarebytes. Adds a notation of the intended companion for preferred gifts. Be warned: it spoils the identity of the Mystery Companion if you've never finished the game before. Some mods and game bug fixes require you to type things into the console, but the console is naturally invisible, which causes some problems.

This will let you see the console text. Make sure you also grab the linked fonts.erf file. Fixes and deepens the tactics system. Smooths out skills and makes them balanced.

Makes some of the more terrible skills actually useful. Because some of the teeth textures are really distracting. This mod was actually made by our very own!

Lets you pick one shoulder style and one glove style for the Massive armor. Includes quite a few handy tweaks and removes effects out of combat.Extended Gameplay:.

Irenicus' Dungeon from Baldur's Gate II. Huge, amazing mod. 'Experience the dangerous underbelly of Denerim's streets by investigating a series of murders that will see you battle thieves, murderers, darkspawn and more.' . 'A search for a cure to the eventual death sentence that comes as a result of the Joining leads the Grey Warden to the Confederacy of Malkuth, a loose collection of city states which exists south of Ferelden, beyond the Uncharted Territories.'

NOTE: This is a torrent file, you will need a program to open it, such as. Look for the required file under the 'Files' tab, labeledTorrent Dark Times Act One v107.rar. (Thanks!) - HUGE game extension, and apparently extremely well done, including full voice acting.Create A Character Enhancement:. Adds a ton more colors for hairstyles and eyes, as well as a bright white tattoo color that kinda glows.

Most vanilla hairstyles, now tucked behind the ears. You can see some images under 'discussions.' .Armor:. Has some game-breaking stats and are available extremely early on, but it has three levels of stats (including a very limited set available at Ostagar). And, they're lovely.

Females only. Again, game-breaking stats, though there is a version with milder stats, they're still pretty over powered. For your Arcane Warrior. Adds some more armors to the game, armor models originally from an Oblivion mod.

Thanks!. ( NSFW) - These are not lore friendly, but some people really like these, and they are very well animated.

Dragon Age Origins Mods Downloads

( Semi-NSFW) - More lore friendly (but not by much). Allows you to wear Revenant Armor. Semi-NSFW version available.

Essential mods for dragon age origins

Allows you to wear Darkspawn armor. SFW.Companion and NPC Appearance Tweaks (there are MANY but these are my favorites):. Updates Morrigan, Leliana, and/or Sten to more closely resemble their appearance in the Sacred Ashes trailer. Replaces Morrigan's armor with her kickass trailer armor. I recently got into modding and I went crazy with it!:pI'd like to recommend a few:Game Play and Environment:.- Places a 'Mysterious Tome' near the start of the Fade portion of the 'Broken Circle' quest, after the sloth demon puts the player to sleep. Reading it grants all four shapeshifting forms immediately.- Spawns a storage chest at the party camp.- Contains a bunch of useful mods such as Rare random travel encounters are more likely to happen, Weapon enchantement effects removed, Party banter chance on location travel. It's easy to use!.Create A Character Enhancement:.- More hairstyles.- Adds 12 additional head presets each for female human, elf and dwarf.

Each head uses one of the below eyelash textures and can be easily modified in the Character Creator.- This mod adds eight new complexions and three new tattoos.- This mod adds an option to select no voice at all at character creator screen.Alistair Romance: SPOILERS FOR ORIGINS ENDING.- A mod that makes numerous changes to the Alistair romance and game play in general. (Some parts NSFW).- This mod plays a scene that shows the warden's and Alistair's last night together if Alistair did not do the dark ritual. (NSFW).- A scene will play after the Warden or Alistair kills the Archdemon. Alistair must be in an active romance or still in love to trigger the scene.Note: As far as I know, all these Alistair romance mods are compatible.DLCs:.- Simple fix: allows you to use the mage's chest in 'Return to Ostagar' if you've already used it in the prelude.- This mod fixes the infamous Silverite Mines equipment glitch that causes you to permanently lose some/all of the equipment on your player character.MISC:.

As the title says.So I haven't had the chance to try most of these mods. The mods currently installed on my game are mostly on OP's list, these are just others I happen to know about. I tried my best to not duplicate OP's list, if there's a duplicate. I hope some of you find this useful!:). What about Dragon Age 2 mods?

Should we post those too?Here are some Dragon Age 2 mods:Character Creation & Appearnace:.- Adds 10 new hairstyles for females in DA2. Can be used in Character Creator and Mirror Transformation.- This is a collection of 46 new skin tones, 42 new eye colors and 48 new stubble & eyebrow colors for use in the DA2 character creator.- This replaces the standard eye texture in DA2, which is used for all player characters and most NPCs. The new texture is painted from scratch and has a much higher resolution than the original.

Eyes are brightened and colors appear more vibrant.- This replaces the standard hair texture in DA2, which is used for all player characters and (all?) NPCs.- This replaces the makeup tint mask for female characters in DA2 to allow for more intense makeup.- All new complete revamp of the dragon age 2 character creator!.- Better eyelashes for females.- This mod offers a selection of iridescent and standard eye textures for DA2. The eye textures are standalone and will only change the eye texture of your PC only.- Natural-looking eyes for all companions and NPCs, as well as Hawke.(Conflicts with LOTC s Eye Textures for DA2).- 50 various hair tints. The colors will appear after the default colors.- 23 new shades of varying blonde, brown, red and even a few slightly less neon versions of white and grey.- This mod adds 13 new skin colors to character generation, and modifies the Hawke family presets (including adding an additional three full sets of heads) to better correspond to the new colors.- Add freckles to your Hawke.- This mod removes the 'chest-shelves' on some of the armors in Dragon Age II.Companion Appearance Mods:.- I've looked through a few Anders mods and this one is my favorite!. Please read the mod's description becauseapart from 'Default Hair +eyes', the rest of his looks need extra mods.- Adds shorts or pants (trousers) to Isabela's outfit.Gameplay:. Hides weapons when you are just walking around KirkwallTools:.- A generator that can create importable Dragon Age: Origins for Dragon Age 2 with user-specified options for plot, characters, etc.- This is a mod that changes the behaviour of Dragon Age 2 when determining various relationship flag states of an imported Dragon Age 1 savegame.

It aims to ensure if a player was in a relationship with a party member in Dragon Age 1, the Dragon Age 2 plot flags in will properly reflect it.Edit: Added a few more. I've used and enjoyed many of those.Another mod that's on my personal must-install list is. This makes the world feel more alive, with more animated NPCs, wild animals, and such. It does add some new unscaled items that can unbalance the game, but like DAR its installer lets you pick and choose what components to get.Also, if you want some nice-looking mage robes for females that don't feature ridiculous cleavage, I recommend. They're overpowered for the early game, but if you hold off on buying them from Bodahn until later, their stats are quite reasonable.