Nero Licence 2019 Gets Unlegal When I Update Program . Even I Got Real Licence

Nero Licence 2019 Gets Unlegal When I Update Program . Even I Got Real Licence 4,1/5 8915 votes

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Nero Burning ROM is probably the best all-in-one CDR / DVDR / Blu-ray application on the market.Nero combines huge amounts of features in a compact and easy to use package. It handles disc duplicating and pre-mastering with ease, supported by a cover designer and even an audio file editor. The excellent GUI desing keeps all the functions handy and guarantees that simple tasks can be done quickly.If you have to settle with just one CDR / DVDR / Blu-ray burning software, then Nero would be it.Download plugins for Nero from.In case you're not interested to download the full version of Nero, but just want to have some parts of the software, such as the burning part, you can download one of the unofficial Nero 'mini builds':If you have questions related to Nero, please visit our unofficial!To support our site,! (10% discount for users)The trial version of Nero requires a serial number to run. Lost it all after version 7. I even tried this version, same stuff, a few improvements (especially speed).One of the problems I have is that it adds too much to your system. The last version of 6 used up very little space and was very fast.

It is not even ancient-looking or anything. It has everything everyone could need nowadays except for burning Blu-Ray discs.Why you don't need it: ImgBurn can burn ISOs, burn Blu-Rays, it has an easy-to-use interface now including a file manager to drag and drop and 'build' an image (Build mode), and of course it will dump discs of any type to your HDD (not encrypted DVDs).Xbox Backup Creator can use the Nero API or the ImgBurn API. ImgBurn is free.That being said, I have Nero 6 installed because foobar2000 has a Write Audio CD function (that is awesome) but it relies upon the Nero API to do the writing.

I've tried minimise the installation to just the DLLs with the exports but have not gotten it right just yet.Will an uninstall clean the WHOLE thing? Something tells me the answer is no, but that's how Windows is anyway. Very sad v8 worked very well this version is the biggest heap of shit for burning ever in history and the media player cant play anything at all it just has a still image woo what a fun video right.few things it wont do1. Burn while playing any music or video's in any player2. Burn while you have minefield (firefox Alpha version) open sometimes3.

Burn when u need it most4. Play any media files with its media player5. It has a true set against burning a cd will burn dvd's a bit better6.

Uninstall easily without the uninstaller crashingthings it will do1. Print covers for your dvd covers etc2.

Make other burning software fail3. Take loads of pointless HD space4. Be a general pain in the ass5.

Integrate its self into context menu6. Use more HD speed as in MB/Sec than it should do while burning7. Stop burning in the middle of a burn8. On rare occasions where u have its media player open and its cd cover print and nero burning rom and u open winamp it sometimes crashs the pc im extremely upset with this a monkey that cant peel a banana could program better never seen so many easy to trigger bugs that they are not fixing in the updates of nero extremely unhappy on so many levels suggest going back to v6 it was really the last good version. I have to agree. I have Nero 8 Ultra Edition and at first it worked well when burning data, movies and CD's, but then as soon as my computer started acting wierd and I did a cleantool delete with Nero and reinstalled it the dam thing won't do anything.

Can't say it's my DVD burner because it works with other programs but not with NERO. All I keep getting is Data burn failed or Burn process failed and It's getting on my nerves. Everytime this happen I end up wondering 'Why did I upgrade or why didn't I just look for a better product.' Nero 9 brings the digital world to your PC with features that make it fun and easy to create high quality multimedia projects with professional results. Create, rip, copy, burn, edit, share, and upload online. Whatever you want music, video, photo, and data enjoy and share with family and friends anytime, anywhere.

Mix MP3's, edit vacation videos, author photo slideshows, record live TV, burn CD/DVDs, Blu-ray disc with just one click, and stream them in any room in your house. I’ve been using Nero 7 & 8 with no problems just fine, Nero 7 on my XP machines and Nero 8 on my Vista. I personally don’t like installing stuff I don’t need or want like Nero Home or Scout so these versions work well for me as I have the choice to not install those components.

You also can choose what file associations to make or not which is essential to me.With Nero 9 these key things have gone away and not only that but once this proggy is installed, at least on Vista, it screws up your file association so bad that you can’t reset to defaults. Even when you uninstall the program completely the file associations remain screwed up. I’m going to have to reinstall my Vista and start over unfortunately.

Nero Support Phone Number

It looks like they have added some nice features, most I really don’t need but I’m sure others might like so it is too bad that this program has gotten sooo bad. I’ve been a Nero lover for over a decade now but they have now lost me I will not upgrade to this garbage at $50US or $80US for new users.Also it was only about a year ago when version 8 came out and now they are on version 9 it seems that Nero is getting greedy and working on a annual upgrade push, I’m not paying $50 a year to burn disc’s.Good thing ImgBurn is getting so nice and it is free I think I’ll us it more down the road.Good bye Nero!

I find nero 8 to be very capable, and very useful in more ways than oneIt has eye candy GUI but for those used to Nero 6/& you can still use it almost totally manuallyI do find its 3rd party activation very annoying though. Activation is not limited to Nero but it seems their implementation is very annoying given how windows update, thier own updates and anyhting in fact can need you to reactivateIt is defeatable but it really is a pain to need to do that for paid for softwareAlso, the last time I tried to update online.

Nero Licence 2019 Gets Unlegal When I Update Program . Even I Got Real Licence

It messed up the system and I needd to completely reinstall itI like it even though it has its own gremlins. I have used nero 8 which i thought it said it was compatible with Vista and low and behold, the imagedrive option is incompatible and locked up my windows beyond deactivation and i couldn't uninstall it which i don't understand why.

The interface is too verbose. I like to choose my options. Also I found that adding the programs I like the most in Nero was very hard to do, not like in Nero 6 where you click, point and add.

I wanted to use the 'classic view' like windows has. I guess that didn't exist. Creating an audio CD was more trouble in 8 than in version 6.

2 clicks and I am in. Burning Rom - No workie with Vista. A screen popped up and said I couldn't use it. What is that crap at the bottom of the screen on nero 8? Chat, news and other crap. I am going back to Nero 6.

It gave me no problems. Only issue is that I can't use it with Vista. So I am flattening my machine and I am going back to XP and my life will be happy with Nero 6. I have used nero 8 which i thought it said it was compatible with Vista and low and behold, the imagedrive option is incompatible and locked up my windows beyond deactivation and i couldn't uninstall it which i don't understand why.

Nero 2018 Download

The interface is too verbose. I like to choose my options. Also I found that adding the programs I like the most in Nero was very hard to do, not like in Nero 6 where you click, point and add. I wanted to use the 'classic view' like windows has. I guess that didn't exist. Creating an audio CD was more trouble in 8 than in version 6. 2 clicks and I am in.

Burning Rom - No workie with Vista. A screen popped up and said I couldn't use it. What is that crap at the bottom of the screen on nero 8? Chat, news and other crap. I am going back to Nero 6. It gave me no problems.

Only issue is that I can't use it with Vista. So I am flattening my machine and I am going back to XP and my life will be happy with Nero 6. I've used all versions of Nero from it'a beginning, and I personally believe my Version 8.1.4 is the best yet.It corrected a lot of problems I had with burning data files to cd-rw discs.I've made Audio discs, and was satisfied with the result- You cannot copy copyrighted/encrypted movies with Nero, (as that's illegal). You need to get a program Like '1click dvd copy' to do that; using DVD43 as a decrypter, (your solution to Netflix/Blockbuster). I hope I've covered points previously mentioned in earlier reviews here- It's an excellent program.

I've used all versions of Nero from it'a beginning, and I personally believe my Version 8.1.4 is the best yet.It corrected a lot of problems I had with burning data files to cd-rw discs.I've made Audio discs, and was satisfied with the result- You cannot copy copyrighted/encrypted movies with Nero, (as that's illegal). You need to get a program Like '1click dvd copy' to do that; using DVD43 as a decrypter, (your solution to Netflix/Blockbuster). I hope I've covered points previously mentioned in earlier reviews here- It's an excellent program. I will never use Nero 8. It's a big hassle with too many useless bloatware extras.

It's no fun dealing with all those installation bugs and 'no audio' CD burns. The music skips like a scratched vinyl LP according to other people on the forums.

Tried Nero 7 and didn't like it either. I'll continue to use my reliable Nero 6 Reloaded package as long as I can on Windows XP. It still working even under SP-3. Nero software will not copy DVDs rented from NetFlix or the stores.

This particular update is a pain in the ass - I have a legitimate copy and first it says another software program has requested a reboot ( nothing had been updated but I rebooted anyway ) I got the same message again so deduced it was a Nero installation bug, then when it runs through the installation it says I have to uninstall the old version first and then install the new version - that is such a pain. I hope there are no program bugs introduced in the program update itself if I ever manage to get it installed. As NERO ads 'IT'S NEW,IT'S BETTER'the BEST of all in one cd and dvd solution?it's getting worse and worser.nero is the best they've ever design.when come up with NERO 7 they make it compatible with windows VISTA and also HD DVD or Blue-ray,they screw up everything.i try to find any good about this version,i come up with nothing and waste a lot time to download previous version'm now stay with nero i see nero is not too bad however it's much slower than any version if you want fast reliable stay with nero 6.

'Nero is the best and most complete CD-R all-in-one software ' hahahahah what a laugh we shoudl start a class action to sue for damages and prevent them from using that in thier advertising.Ok here's the scoop, I am a sys engineer for over 30 yrs now, i have built more system and loaded nero on them than i care to remember, but NERO 7 is absolute rubbish, it does horrible things to your computer let alone your bank balance, why dont they admit they have got it wrong, that they cant fix it! And that they have got too big for their boots and no longer care about their customers!!! It dies it errors out it has massive amounts of illegal disk errors.Ahead software (nero)are going the way nortons did, and look at the reputation nortons has got if you value your computer and your bank balance then dont install nero 7 it is just trouble with a capital T. Anyone want to join me in a class action? I'm serious!!Syb. NERO is crapwareI've wasted cd after cd- dvd after dvd on this crapware and you know what?

I thought my burner was doing bad -on the way out. NERO burning rom sux buttcakes.I used some freware cdburnerXPpro off here and it worked on first second thrid. Like a charm and nero keeps wasting my money by making my burnable media in to coasters! Screw NERO and the horse it rode in on. Heres a tip:Dump nero crapware- your burners fine!

Try any other software and I bet your burn comes out clean like when nero wasn't crapware (or sold out to the media companies.)I used some newbware cdburnerxppro and it worked like nero 'used to'! It gets a good only because it's still pretty much the standard all others are measured by, but what a pain in the $^@# to deal with. What's with the long-running excuse for not including manuals? If M$ can include them in their bloatware, why can't Nero? The setup engine's a little warped too.

Choosing 'modify' means you can only remove; you have to run the original setup to add stuff.FYI: the Imagedrive feature will not appear in setup under Vista. It is currently incompatible and there are currently no plans to upgrade it. This is not posted on their site though, one has to fight through their tech support to find this out. Absolute bloatware. 'Features' most people don't want.


Even if you do the 'custom' installation to avoid the extraneous stuff you can't avoid it putting stuff like a search engine ('Nero Scout') that's just a nuisance. Installation insists on removing any old versions so you're stuck with all this junk. And getting a refund? Impossible- even if you conform to all the refund requirements their automated response system just keeps referring you to their rules and technical help sites.A real pity - this company used to make good software. When I first tried Nero 7 I thought Ahead must be under new management as they had released a piece of software with rampant bugs and that was more style than substance. 5.1 channel support on Nero Wave Editor might seem cool but when the program is resource heavy and the formerly efficient interface is cluttered with 'gee wiz' features, and it crashes a lot, this isn't made by the same people that made the previous versions.I'm disappointed to hear that the bugs still haven't been fixed in Nero 7 and that there isn't a Nero Recode 3 yet.

Nero 6.6 is still a great piece of software, a lack of updates doesn't change that. It still does everything I want to at the present time and I don't expect to be mucking around with HD-DVD or Blu-Ray for a while yet.2 out of 5 for Nero 75 out of 5 for Nero 6.6. Starzzzzzi use CloneCD for cds, CloneDVD2 for DVD dups.I use Roxio 8 for data discs and iso'sI also use anydvd.I've used many many programs.

I've stabilized with these.I also never burn any faster than 8x even though i have a 16x Plextor. I find depending on the discs.that 16x is just too fast.

I'd rather be safer.I've had great success in all burning for years.These programs are not free, but anydvd and cloneDVD2 are well worth the cash. If u burn alot, its not really worth searching for upgrades for anydvd since its so cheap.If u have a fast DVD burner, u might notice alot of noise when playing a dvd. U can lower the playback speed with anydvd - has many features.After burning an iso or ccd, i generally mount the image with Daemon Tools 4.1. Why waste the disc.LOLI'm an IT Guru.and not silly about all this. I was a Nero fan.still have it installed, but don't use it anymore. I too have had my share of problems with it, however, that was when 7 first came out. 6 Was great.but i don't need Nero.

Too many options can be overwhelming. DVD Crypter was my favorite until.u know. It got 4 votes, just not 5 becose of the huge size (180MB) other than that it burns well, if you have problems burning with nero you should sirulsly check you hardware first as i havnt had any problems with nero what so ever, it burns well, easy to use, back to good old times as the interface havnt change for years on 'Nero Burning ROM' part of the software suite, the rest of neroes programs works well to, but i still like other softwares to play my media files or make dvds, nero's cover designer is one of the BEST dvd/cd cover creatorsyes ImgBurn is good but i prefer good old nero interface. Bought Nero 7 Ultra on CD's and what a disaster. Nothing worked. Could not sucessfully burn CD's or DVD's. Could not go backwards to previous versions either.

Although I have happily used many different earlier versions of Nero, I can't say anything positive about the V7. Software I bought.In their defense I did manage to download a huge (197MB) update (V7.5.9.0) and fix most of the problems I had. Those of you with major problems should consider doing the same, but my point is I should not have had to completely download a whole new version.Nero AG you need to listen to your customers and fix your software problems, more importantly don't mass produce garbage software and 'stick it' to your customers. Try reading your users comments. I used to use nero until it played havoc with my pc. And difficulty uninstalling it through add/and or remove. Message I received.

((Shellbase Manager is missing or corrupt)).I had to continue to go to run and do an regedit several times before it completely unsinstalled. Then downloaded it again and repated the same steps until i got fed up with Nero. I am tyring to burn my downloaded movies onto dvd.

Im a newbie at this and Original insallatiion Of Nero I had no problems until recently.I want to save them so as not to use up all my download as I an going to re-install xp.I since downloaded a few other programmes but so difficult to use. I did how ever found Nero to be easy to use. when it worked lol. Any help on another free programme? Nero WAS the best burning software.

Technical support is $1.29 per minute. After four hours they could not solve my problem. Problem: Replaced hard drive, reinstalled XP operating system, downloaded all XP updates. Installed Nero from website and entered my serial number. When importing a homemade DVD, Nero does not import in a Nero recognized format. Thus Nero freezes the computer if any edit is attempted.

Program can only be closed with Task Manager. CPU is running at 100%. Nero's solution, sorry they have read everything on the web and have never heard of this problem. (Neither has the Geek Squad, nor can they fix the problem.). Nero was at one time, the best.

With this release and their business practices it is now 'buyer beware'. If you do decide to buy this program be aware that Ahead Software is a fairly shady business. When you purchase the program online, the program seems to embed the serial number and install. If you back up the program and then have to reinstall it later the serial number is gone. Nero wont give you any support whatsoever. I had to reinstall after a crash just three weeks after purchasing this program.

Nero's response when I asked them what happened to my serial number? 'Woops, looks like it backed up with the trial serial number, sorry, there is nothing we can do'.Geee, I guess looking up the records was too big a stretch for them. I have been having one problem after the other with Nero 7. I am not new to Nero, I have been using it for several years now. Nero is unable to burn a 352x480 NTSC DVD correctly. It often fails to exit from memory properly for no reason. Nero Vision fails to save your default settings.

There is a bad bussing sound in the audio when adding a transition between video clips in Nero Vision. The size meter in Nero Vision disappears (Goes To Zero) when adding a new video file to the DVD Creation Menu. And the list goes on. I thought that Nero would solve some of these problems but, not only did it not solve them it created new ones.

I had to back off on it to Nero, which does not work but at least I can use it to edit my videos. But, when you report these problems to Nero technical support they act like they are not problems at all. They act like it is something that you the user is doing wrong, even though you explain to them that you are not new to Nero and you know how it should be working! And when you finally get them to admit that there is a problem they have no idea how to fix it, when it will be fixed, if it will ever be fixed.

They seem to offer almost no support in resolving your problems what so ever. I have had to resort to using third party free software to create DVD's because I can not get these issues resolved through Nero. This is wrong and I should NOT have to be doing this! I paid for my Nero and I should be getting answers to questions. I should be getting help resolving my problems. I'm not using some DEMO version of Nero but, I feel like I am.

And I feel like Nero seems to think that I am.P.S.These problems have not been going on for days, weeks, months, but over a year now!!!!! If you are new to Nero or thinking about buying Nero, 'WOE UNTO YOU'. You had better be a technical guru. But, there in lays the problem, Nero is designed for the None-Technical person. I bought the software because the box said that I could creat slide shows, but when I tried to use it I get a message that I have to buy another version to use more than 30 slides. OK So I am out 90 bucks.

Download game ppsspp highly compressed. But this crap is not done with me yet.When I use Windows Explorer to search for files Explorer crashes, closes all of my windows and I get a message that NERO is causing the crash. NERO isn't even open!

I get a link to an update, but the update is a TRAIL version!!! I would rather buy VISTA than another copy of this crap. DONT BUY NERO, unless you image your PC first. You will need it. Agree - Nero used to be great(Ver6 and prior) but they have added so much junk that it sucks now.Need Proof - Nero Scout, Nero Mobile(for Smartphones, which pops up everytime I connect my Smartpohne to my computert even though I tell it to ignore it), and Nero HomeThey need to refocus what people buy Nero for - to burn Cds and DVD, and quit trying to be all things to all people.I say this as I uninstall the latest install of Ver 7 which keeps crashing on install and read elsewhere that the new version has issues(which is something you think they could have working correctly).

I take it you work for nero!!I have trialed and reviewed a lot of burning software over the years, rangeing in price from £15.00 to over£1000.00, and i stand by what i said.A lot of people only use nero because it comes bundledwith the majority of cd/dvd writers.You only have to look on all the nero forums, officialand unofficial, to see the large number of people whohave problems with nero.The advice given, by some outlets, to purchasers of PCs with nero pre-installed is to un-install.The main trouble with nero is that it try's to do everything and ends up a mish-mash of programs. Yesterday Nero 7 Recode gave me a rough time trying to burns dvd movies. As stated, it would not allow usage due to errors and reinstalls of the program and C partition did nothing. Scouted the Net last night and found few leads on Ebay, Amazon, and retailers. Best deal was a retailer for $34.

Plus shipping? Or Amazon for open box, $20-35. That's for retail Nero 7. Why would I want to go back and purchase another?

Roxio 8 and Sonic 7 which are also on my computers force you to use templates and other methods to burn dvds instead of burning directly. DVD X copy is dead. Also wasn't flexible.Anyway, tried burning 2 other dvds this morning and Recode works fine! It's just the one dvd. Computing drives me nuts.

Anyone know how to network and secure connections? Nero 7 is by far the most complete and best value for the buck.The backbone of it is where it has the experience for being the best media burner/reader/ripper for over a decade. Nero Burning Rom and Nero Express are and have been that standard of excellence fo compare all other products of their kind.They also have improved and tightened Nero recode II and Nero Vision that they are now the top for equivelent video products. All of these keep being upgraded, debugged and passed on free to all Nero 7 Ultra Edition users.

Even the latest upgrade to Nero 7 Ultra Edition Enhanced is a free upgrade to verson 7 users.No one come close to packing all of their useful software, which continually improves and adds functionality.With Nero, it is always true that they are commited to continuous improvement. The never products of their incredibly large suite keep being enhanced and becoming more and more stable and useful.Working with Multimedia keeps requiring more expertise. Especially with the poison that Sony/BMG, Apple and Microsoft has added to increase complexity and lower quality.Unfortunately there are many that don't understand the fact that 'they don't understand' and fly off the handle with posting complaints before they don't have the expertise, experience and patience to properly diagose problems.It is amnazing that someone complains that Nero has grown with the industry and offers so much functionality in their suite that it bothers them. If you don't want to learn or use some part of the suite, THEN DON'T.

To complain publically really makes one look so foolish.It is NOT too complex for anyone. Just don't use what you don't want to use. For example, most of the time when ripping/burning, I choose the incredibly simple Nero Express interface. When I need some come complexity, I then will go to Nero Rom, which can do everything that anyone can dream of.Nero Recod II, someone can bring in a file, make a couple of clicks and off it goes. No complexity unless one needs it or wants it.Backitup, use the Wizards if you want.It is the user's choice on complexity. Everyone doesn't need to be a high end user.The most amazing comment is bluemoon.

I would bet my house that bluemoon's problem is NOT because of Nero, but ignorance, media, PC issues, hardware issues. Probably is he reboots he will be fine. OR, don't use that cheap media that has a retail stores name on it.

Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim (not the chinese made Verbatim), and media issues will go away. Memorex, HP, 'Store labeled', are all made in mainland China in the cheapest possible way, by CMC. Very poor is not what I would say about Nero. I can think of many more coments that would fit the discription of what it is I think of Nero.Nero v7.2.3.2b is a program one loads onto your computer if you wish to stuff up your computer.

It takes over EVERYTHING and then you find you have crashes repeatedly.It took me 10 hours to delete almost everything (I say almost, because I am still finding bits here and there all over the computer and in regedit. of Nero off this computer. To do this I had to start the computer in safe mode, It was the only way XP would load.This is not the first time I have had trouble with Nero but it is definitely the LAST time I will try Nero.I know I will never remove all of Nero 7 until I format the drive, which I intend to do once again shortly.I wish Nero well as they try to work out a better way on how they can control your computer totally, as Windows does, but at least Windows allows you some choices of your own.Moonslane. You really need to discuss Nero 7 Ultra's other apps too as Nero Burning Rom is not a standalone product. I have used every part of this Suite (currently using v7.2.3.2b),but mainly Nero Vision, Recode and Burning Rom.Burning Rom works really great. I bet that at least 99% of the problems blamed on Nero are hardware, media and software problems that are NOT Nero's fault.

One of the main burning problems is Media that the burner does not 'like.' After LG recommended some media I chose Verbatim and have had 400 out of 400 successful burns at 16x. You don't realize how great a simple burning app like this is until you try to use other burning apps.Nero Vision works great and the latest versions utilize all of the space allocated. The only problem I've had with Nero Vision is getting Automatic bookmarks to work. I just don't use it. Perhaps there could be more options for the Menu Interface, but considering that Nero Vision is only one program in a suite of apps it is well worth the money. Note that Dolby Digital should be chosen over LPCM to increase the amount of Video space unless your DVD player is very, very old and can't play Dolby Digital.Nero Recode works very well.

I believe Nero Digital AVC is currently number one (by a small margin) compared to the other available codecs for encoding H. You can even convert to Divx compatible format using MP4CAM2AVI most files. The 'Main Movie' DVD-9 to DVD-5 option is the easiest I have seen. If your movie will fit the DVD-5 or encodes at 90% I recommend Nero Recode. If you have a HDTV or the compression needs to be fairly high, I tend towards DVD Rebuilder Pro. On a Standard Definition TV, Nero Recode does such a great job it would be almost impossible to tell the difference between programs such as DVD Shrink, Nero Recode and DVD Rebuilder Pro unless the compression (long movie) was really high (ie 60%).Nero Showtime works well, but on my HDTV seems to have a constant black bar at the top.

I use WMP11, Zoomplayr Pro WMV and VLC with the latest K-Lite codec pack and NVidia's PureVideo for DVD's.Nero Home is difficult to use and needs to be redesigned. I don't see anyone really using this until it is.As a Suite, if you use two or three of the main apps Nero is well worth the money and the interface while initially daunting to some just makes sense once you've used it a few times and the product is amazingly stable despite all the blaming to the contrary. I believe that Nero Burning ROM should be a standalone product that costs $25-$30 for people that only need to burn. Don't Buy!!!!I bought Nero 7 Premium.

After installing I faced some technical issues - some of the features didn't work. I asked for a technical support - they reply me after a week with no help. I asked again but with no reply. I appealed to the consumer support but instead of helping me they wrote: 'Please be advised that we are unable to offer a refund, as defined by our terms of trade.

These terms were accepted with the purchase of Nero from our website.' They didn't even helped me!!!!!!!The current situation is that I payed money for a software that doesn't work and they won't help me!!!! Everything Nero 7 is a waste of time, audio cds cannot be created due to glitching and dvds always glitch. Best thing i use is Nero 6 reloaded latest download and thats how it will stay until Nero sort out Nero7.

Ive complained twice to nero but they insist on me sending a error log etc, so i just reply saying, that ive told them what the prob is, along with millions of other people in the world. I dont know how they have the nerve to sell their product in the uk shops for £60. They should all be recalled. I use to swear by Adaptec,now Roxio, back when it was at version 2.1 and it started to get bad when they got rid of the initial group of programmers by version 3.1 I gave up on them that was 7 years ago.I though I would give Roxio another try and installed v7.5 which seemed OK but was awkward and advanced features where hidden or didn't exist. I upgraded to v8.0 and things got even worst I liked v7.5 much better. I then found that Roxio was tagging all of my files with this string, ':Roxio EMC Stream:$DATA', which I have yet to purge and when I uninstalled Roxio I found that I still had 1500 registry entries causing havoc to my system.

Not only that but it seems to still have some hidden threads running which CONTINUE to tag my new files. I would suggest to all, NEVER install or buy Easy Media Creator unless you don't care about your system being corrupted by this poorly written program, which is intentional on their part.With that said I pretty much disagree with Jon L. Jacobi from PC World he did make some good points but misses the mark over all, you can tell which side of the bread his butters on and this is often the case with PC magazines unfortunately.Nero is by far the best all-in-one package out there.

It's not perfect but it does a pretty good job at most things it does. I've been using it for a decade now and have had very little problems with it.

There really isn't much difference between v6 to v7 but one note about v7 DO NOT install the Scout crap'Ola as it runs several processes in the back ground all the time, this is were the bloat comes in not because the program is a 100MB plus. The old programs all together add up close to the size of the new package so the program has not bloated in that sense.

As to Nero not being simple, to some degree that is true but how do you make something powerful and provide options without adding complexity to the program. I didn't find Roxio easy unless I was just doing a simple burn and in fact it was somewhat frustrating when I found it wouldn't do certain stuff I could do in Nero.

The free download is a trial, it doesn't need a serial number. Though a key from Nero will keep the trial from ending at the end of the trial period.Yes, Nero 6 will work, then so would Nero 5. Things change and products move on.

I'm using Nero 7 and don't find any problems with it. There was a few minor bugs at the outset, but there is a new update and the problems appear to be ironed out. That was the standard procedure with Nero 6; update, bugs, fix, update.People speak of Nero 6 being bloated, so that is a lame argument against Nero 7.

The suite is intended to be comprehensive. How much space would it take to load separate apps for all the things the apps in Nero 7 can do? If the difference in space is a problem from Nero 6 to 7, then the user shouldn't be working with Video files, which are notoriously large.Nero has guides to assist those who haven't learned to utilize the different functions in the suite.

If the user has problems with the number of functions, the possibly they should try Sonic's Creator suite (Roxio), which is intended to be more user friendly. Nero was intended to be more for the power user and didn't 'dumb down' the interface.My impression of Nero 7: It's a comprehensive burning suite intended for the power user. Most of the needs a user will encounter are served by this suite. 'Big', but I like one stop shopping. It's a good suite of apps and I like it. I use Nero OEM 6.xx just because DVD Shrink uses it in the background (so far) to burn good DVDs!I installed Nero 7 (without reading: shareware, trial) and guess what? It overwrote my good version with some nonsense, trial 30-day offer, a mess!Nero 7.xx is bloated, OK!There are two trends in the software business today:- Work hard at it to come up with newer versions, more bloat and confusion, because of the greed, and,- Sell some junk, then make money on 'subscriptions', which is more greed.Never subscribe if you don't have to, and 'if ain't broke, don't fix it'!

I use version and so far it works ok on 90% of all PC's I install it to. I use Nero specifically as a burning program for my personal DVD's after I author them. Used in this way, it can't be beat except by Sony's DVD Architect, which is an authoring tool as well as a burner.If you wish to just make copies of existing DVD's and CD's then just use Alchohol 120%- as that program makes an exact dupe of the oroginal and does not remove the pooprotection, thereby the program has not been made illegal yet. I have seen a few errors in the copy process with Alchohol, but if you run DVD Region + CSS Free, which is the primary piece of crap that keeps a direct copy from happening, it will allow the copy to go through.DVD Region + CSS Free is legal, cos it does not remove the protection. It simply turns it off. No DVD products are affected by it.

It is a great tool, you can find it by searching for it, it is available all over the place. I just installed the newest nero 6 ultra major edition update ( and now if I burn the entire dvd, with the menus, etc. When I play it in my dvd player every dvd I burned freezes up my dvd player. Unfortunately since I had never had this problem before I burned several movies without realizing it. These same movies play perfectly on my pc, however. Also, if I burn the movie only, they still play fine on my dvd player. I also tried some DVDs that I previously burned prior to updating with the full dvd, menus, etc and they also play fine on my dvd player.

Any suggestions? This software isn't totally 'user friendly' for newbies. Downloading manuals etc separately is a bit of a drag. However, once you actually read the tutorials and manuals, and get familiar with the program, it is excellent.I have been using Nero for over a year now. It has excellent DVD burning functions (if you follow the instructions).I am also familiar with other programs such as CloneDVD2, DVD2one etc. They are all great, especially for getting the DVD files to the point where I choose to use 'Nero' for the actual burning.Also, in Nero, the 'create data DVD/CD feature is expecially handy for fast backing up/copying files to DVD/CD that are then completely portable and compatible with any other computer.In addition, the Nero 'Backitup' is great for backing up your entire computer or any part of the data base with several choices in method.Nero is the program I trust the most for consistant reliability. Can not get this software to burn, yet other trial softwares do burn so it is not my burner.

I get an illegal key request 0X05 and the disk (Ati infomedoa r20- dvd -R) works for other software. Please help.robert, trying to use my OEM nero FROM LOGSCSI Exec, HA 2, TA 0, LUN 0, buffer 0x033C0000Status: 0x02 (0x03, SCSIABORTED)HA-Status 0x10 (0x0A, SCSIHASTATREQUESTSENSEFAILED)TA-Status 0x00 (0x00, OK)Sense Key: 0x05 (KEYILLEGALREQUEST)Sense Code: 0x26Sense Qual: 0x02CDB Data: 0x2A 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x20 0x00 0x00 0x00Sense Data: 0xF0 0x00 0x05 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x000x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x26 0x02UNQUOTE FROM FAIL LOG. I tried the trial version of nero photo show and was so impressed i bought it right away, but imagine my diaapointment when i made a show only to find all the effects did not play on the vcd, iknew this on the trial version but thought it was only a limited trial version and that all the effects would work on the full version, what a lost oppertunity nero have made, it is like buying a car with no wheels or engine.

Maybe this software should not have been released till all the features work, and to add insult to injury i filled a enquiry form in twice and emailed once for assistance but nearly two weeks later i have had no reply some custemor relations nero. Overall disappointed with software that has good potential.