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Animated cutscene of the new Towa, Super 17 absorbing 18 and transformation of Gohan into Super Saiyan.

Hey Brussel nice drawing hereAlso I have a name for a Saiyan that could be badass and also fit the pun about vegetable.Do you know the Lovage? The L ovage is an erect, herbaceous, perennial plant growing to 1.8–2.5 m (5.9–8.2 ft) tall, with a basal rosette of leaves and stems with further leaves, the flowers being produced in umbels at the top of the stems.

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The leaves can be used in salads, or to make soup or season broths, and the roots can be eaten as a vegetable or grated for use in salads. In Japanese Lovage is written ラベージ/Rabēji which can be translate either as Ravage or Lovage both naming working.So this is an inspirationnal idea for you to take. I'll share it with others to see what's the name Ravage inspire them for create a unique Saiyan lol.

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1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )Seeing this just makes me sad at how they ruined Gohan. Sure he didn't like to fight, but in most situations during DragonBall Z he turned the tide of war to their favor. Not to mention that because he's just as smart as piccolo with coming up with solutions, he should be the most dangerous Z fighter.

I hope in the new series they have him training again to regain his powers, maybe Pan or Videl dies and that sets him off. When Gohan went SS2, that was the most that I've ever heard people go nuts over DBZ.

I remembered walking into Wegmans after watching the episode on Funimation and hearing other people talking about it in line at the check-out. By that point I was ready for him to take over as the main character in Z. They could have kept the whole separate story arc of Goku fighting in underworld. 1348d agoI think a lot of people felt the same way. It only made sense that all the time spent with Gohan was made to be building him up for something epic, then it climaxed with Cell and got a second wind around Super Buu, never to return to relevance after that.

Common storytelling tropes would dictate that we followed Gohan getting the s. kicked out of him for 5+ sagas because he would finally be the one to surpass Goku, but alas, it did not last.I'll say one more thing, though. The English ending narration for the episode in which Gohan finally ascended to Super Saiyan 2 was probably the most amazing thing in the entire English localization:'It is a secret we have known before Gohan could even form words in his mouth. Through fights with Raditz, Garlic Jr., The Ginyu Force and even Freeza, we've caught glimpses of the child's explosive power. But like an explosion, it always vanished in the moment.

It couldn't be controlled- until now. At last, the beastly power has been harnessed. Gohan has awoken.Now Cell will battle a warrior eleven years in the making- on the next Dragon Ball Z!' Video in case you want to relive it:Seriously, I showed that to my wife, who.never. wanted to watch DBZ because she bought into the, 'People shouting at each other for episodes' hyperbole- and she straight up said it gave her chills, it was so epic. We are actively going through DBZ now, and we're up to the Ginyu Saga.

1348d agoFor anybody that only watches the video and doesn't click out to the actual article, Dragon Ball Heroes is just a Japanese arcade card game. They've made a few videos featuring fan desired transformations before that is basically just edited and reworked DBZ or DBGT footage.And yeah, as far as the transformations go, GT SSJ4 is too uniform for its own good. It doesn't leave much character personality intact in terms of appearance.Also, I strongly agree with previous comments talking about the downfall of Gohan.

He was incredible. He was the first to ascend to the next level of SSJ, and his fight with Cell was an iconic moment from my childhood. They gimped him some on the Buu saga, but then they made him go Ultimate Gohan and he could once again go toe to toe with Majin Buu. Then we had the Resurrection of F where he was just sort of a match for foot soldiers. Thanks, I guess.