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Is an television series adapted from the light novels of the same title by Takaya Kagami and Saori Toyota. Produced by and directed by Itsuro Kawasaki, the series was broadcast from July 10, 2010 to December 16, 2010 on for 24 episodes. The series follows the adventures of, a student of the Roland Empire Royal Magician's Academy who sets out on a journey to search for the relics of a 'Legendary Hero', accompanied by the local swordswoman. However, the two soon discover that a deadly curse is spreading throughout the continent.The first DVD and Blu-ray compilation was released in Japan on October 22, 2010. In 2010, licensed the series for an English release.Four pieces of were used: two opening themes and two ending themes. For the first 12 episodes, the opening theme is titled 'Lament: Joy Soon' ( LAMENT~やがて喜びを~'LAMENT Yagate Yorokobi wo') performed by, and the ending theme, 'Truth Of My Destiny', is performed.

The second opening and ending themes, used for the remainder of the series are 'Last Inferno' performed by Ceui and Light's Firmento ( 光のフィルメント, Hikari no Firumento) performed by, respectively. Episodes list No.TitleOriginal airdateFirst English airdate1'The Napping Kingdom's Ambitions'(: 昼寝王国の野望)July 1, 2010 ( 2010-07-01)July 2, 2010and, searching for the legendary hero relics together, are ambushed by magic knights from another country. Managing to fend off the knights, they arrive at Nelpha, entering its ruins inside the forest, filled with booby traps., who have been following the two, mistakes Ryner to be under a spell cast by Ferris, knowing nothing of their mission. A hero relic in the form of a boulder begins to chase Ryner and Ferris outside, attacking them with red laser beams, but with the use of a rare gem, the boulder is only temporarily destroyed by its powerful burst of light.2'The Hero and the Sleepy Manl'(: 英雄と寝ぼけ男)July 8, 2010 ( 2010-07-08)July 9, 2010During his time in military school, Ryner seems to be a waste of space during the magic training session. Requests to join his combat squad due to her exceptional skills.

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes Ryner Lute is a lazy student of the Roland Empire Royal Magician's Academy. One day, the Roland Empire goes to war against their neighboring country Estabul, and Ryner loses his classmates in the war.

He then recommends Ryner to join as well, already knowing his role as the bearer of the Alpha Stigma. However, Sion is also troubled with the duty of stopping assassination attempts and uncovering conspiracies connected to Estabul. After Sion has observed firsthand Ferris's skills in combat against his enemies, he hires her to search for the one responsible for these happenings. As Sion leads his team to Estabul, they are unaware that fifty magic knights of Estabul are awaiting their arrival.3'Alpha Stigma'(: 複写眼(アルファ・スティグマ))July 15, 2010 ( 2010-07-15)July 16, 2010Kiefer confesses her love for Ryner, but she runs away when he does not take her seriously. The magic knights ambush the school troop when they least expect it. This leads Ryner to use the tabooed power of the Alpha Stigma to defeat the magic knights when most of his friends are seen dead, almost to the point of going berserk and losing control.

Ryner is nearly tortured to death as punishment, and he allows to be confined in exchange for Kiefer to be released, also rejecting Sion's offer of escaping from prison.4'Ryner Report'(: ライナ・レポート)July 22, 2010 ( 2010-07-22)July 23, 2010, brother of Ferris, summons Sion to question his suitability as king, by which a wrong answer could be fatal to his life. Ryner bides his time in prison studiously for two years reading a collection of records.

Though Ryner is sentenced to his execution in the town under the escort of Ferris, the two test their strength in battle. It turns out that the new king, which so happens to be Sion, is impressed by Ryner's research during his imprisonment, and thereby assigns Ryner and Ferris to seek the hero relics.5'A World That Has Begun to Awaken'(: 目覚め始めた世界)July 29, 2010 ( 2010-07-29)July 30, 2010Having traveled to Nelpha, Ryner and Ferris run into while researching the hero relics in the town library. Meanwhile, dissent in Roland escalates to the assassination of, a commoner who was made secretary to the king, reported during a royal banquet. While Ryner and Ferris stays at Toale's house for dinner, Ryner meets, sister of Ferris, who deems herself to be the only source of contact to Sion. Soon arrives, offering to aid Sion for whatever means necessary, even to such desperate measures.6'Those Lurking in the Darkness'(: 暗がりに潜む者)August 5, 2010 ( 2010-08-05)August 6, 2010Sion takes Froaude as his new assistant to Nelpha, where another assassination might occur at the next royal banquet.

Ryner and Ferris are asked to be on a lookout outside the manor. Froaude mistakes the two as potential threats, clashing with them using his sorcery against their magic, leaving Ferris wounded. The ring that Froaude wears was given to him through inheritance, allowing him the ability to perform shadow magic. Froaude leaves after saying he will let Toale live for the time being. Ryner and Ferris leave Toale's house the next morning to continue their search for the hero relics.7'Don't Let Go of That Hand'(: その手を離さない)August 12, 2010 ( 2010-08-12)August 13, 2010At the Nelpha fortress, Ryner and Ferris find nothing but a box of tax evasion papers.

Both and first believed that the box contained treasure, but they are dismayed as well. Milk tries to pursue Ryner away from Ferris inside a forest, but she is easily defeated and tied up. Ryner finds a hero relic in the form of a blade buried underground, using it to prevent the Nelpha army from capturing Milk. However, in the midst of confusion, the blade transforms into a dragon and chases the army away across the countryside. When Milk nearly gives up the hope of carrying out her duty, reminds her of the reason why she became the leader of her taboo hunter squad.8'The Estabul Revolt'(: エスタブール反乱)August 19, 2010 ( 2010-08-19)August 20, 2010Froaude provokes mutiny between Roland and Estabul, which is not what Sion had in mind., facing the cruel reality of a life of politics, wishes for peace between the two kingdoms. Leads his army to defeat the opponents, soon reaching toward the main stronghold. However, Froaude issues out a surprise attack inside the fortress, going against the initial order.

Noa, realizing that Froaude is the one behind this rebellion, is comforted when Claugh protects her from being attacked.9'Rule Fragment'(: 忘却欠片(ルール・フラグメ))August 26, 2010 ( 2010-08-26)August 27, 2010Iris reports that Ryner and Ferris should apprehend the dragon that was recently released, but they do not know that Sion recommended them not to pass through the forest. The two run into the devious duo Sui and Kuu, who have possession of the blade hero relic that was left behind. During a heated confrontation, Sui triggers the deadly Alpha Stigma from within Ryner, however Sui has underestimated the limit of this legendary power.10'Twilight'(: 夕暮れ)September 2, 2010 ( 2010-09-02)September 3, 2010Witness to Ryner's monstrous transformation, Ferris is forced to challenge the Alpha Stigma's devastating power, managing to calm him down by bringing him back to his senses. Froaude urges the king to make his next move to address potential attacks on the kingdom.

Though Claugh is assigned to take care of Noa, she is violated by a group of unknown assailants from right under his nose, yet his return makes a great impression on them despite being wounded. On the way to Runa, Ryner and Ferris encounter a young girl named, who pleads for them to rescue her childhood friend rumored to be a bearer of the Alpha Stigma, soon facing a horrible fate.11'Devil's Child'Transcription: ' Akuma no ko' (: 悪魔の子)September 9, 2010 ( 2010-09-09)September 10, 2010Sion promotes several of his supporting nobles to bolster loyalty among his allies. Despite Milk failing to carry out her mission, allows her to retain her position as captain. The magic knights of Runa tries to activate the Alpha Stigma within Arua by torturing his parents.

Ryner, irritated by this, launches an attack on the group, while Ferris defends him. Arua awakens the Alpha Stigma after seeing his mother and father dead, but Ryner is able to put him to sleep not before long. Ryner questions why he was born with such a cursed ability.12'The Great Housecleaning Banquet'(: 大掃除の宴)September 16, 2010 ( 2010-09-16)September 17, 2010Treachery against Roland continues to breed. Affluent and coveted by many nobles, Froaude holds a party at his home to lure in those conspiring against Sion. He kills all the dining guests to ensure that no one stands in the way of the king.

Nonetheless, Froaude is then faced against, who performs lightning magic using the ring he wears. Claugh reluctantly save Froaude from the blue flames emitted from the crystal that Lir unleashes. Sui and Kuu force Runa to join forces with Gastark. Ryner and Ferris, after taking out a group of magic knights, trek back to Regit with Arua in tow.13'The Hero King of the North'(: 北の勇者王)September 23, 2010 ( 2010-09-23)September 24, 2010The magic knights of Roland killed Kiefer's older sister and captured Kiefer's younger sister four years ago, which then urged her to become a military double agent. After Kiefer saves two defenseless children in the midst of war against Stohl, uses aggressive tactics of invasion by using a long sword hero relic in exchange for his left eye, claiming that he is waging wars to ultimately end the fighting against Gastark. Ryner and Ferris are tracked down by Sui and Kuu, inciting another battle for having interest in retrieving Arua for his unique ability.

Froaude is aware that Runa is now in alliance with Gastark.14'A World Where No One and Nothing Is Lost'(: 誰も、なにも失わない世界)September 30, 2010 ( 2010-09-30)October 1, 2010Ryner and Ferris, taking Arua with them, head to a manor, where Sui and Kuu have taken Kuku hostage. Ryner is against the idea of using the Alpha Stigma as for the means of war. Just when Kuku is about to face death, Froaude unexpectedly appears and intervenes, but Ryner allows Sui and Kuu to escape.

Froaude leaves with saying that the Alpha Stigma may be a blessing instead of a curse. Sion must change the order of his kingdom to ensure peace among nations.15'Kill the King'(: きる・ざ・きんぐ)October 7, 2010 ( 2010-10-07)October 8, 2010Ryner and Ferris somehow get lost at sea, washing up on a coast of Roland, briefly running into Luke and Milk.

Ryner and Ferris set out in an attempt to assassinate the king who caused all their troubles, but to no avail. The next morning, Sion, after seeing a book fall from over the bedroom door, finds Ryner sleeping in his bed.

Though Ryner calls Sion arrogant, he forgives Sion for putting him through so much agony.15.5'Iris Report'(: いりす・れぽ~と)October 14, 2010 ( 2010-10-14)October 15, 2010Iris examines the adventures her fearless older sister Ferris and the indomitable Ryner have endured since Sion assigned them to find the legendary hero relics.16'The Goddess Who Doesn`t Smile'(: 微笑まない女神)October 21, 2010 ( 2010-10-21)October 22, 2010In a flashback we see the Ferris of four years ago, after years of abuse by her parents in the form of harsh training, be found to be unworthy of further training. Her only further use to the family name is as the bearer a child, to be fathered by her own father. Lucile protects Ferris by murdering their parents. Sion asks Ryner to accompany him to Estabul, but Ryner declines the offer.

While visiting Arua and Kuku at the Eris residence, he senses a bad vibe coming from the family dojo. There Ryner, showing concern for Ferris, chances upon Lucile, who initiates a mild confrontation. Lucile warns Ryner not to mingle with Ferris, lest he meet his end. Milk later delivers Ryner a letter of invitation to her birthday party being celebrated the following day. Unbeknownst to her, Luke Stokkart switched the invitation for a copy of a writ from Sion to the Pursuit Squadron ordering them to kill Ryner if he goes out of control or is found to act against Roland.17'Iino Doue (Annihilation Eye)'(: 殲滅眼(イーノ・ドゥーエ))October 28, 2010 ( 2010-10-28)October 29, 2010Both Ryner and Milk are reported missing, which raises speculations. Sion sends a task force led by Claugh to pursue a supposed Alpha Stigma bearer in Estabul. Meanwhile, Kiefer, beginning her research in Gasark about the Iino Doue, is interrupted by Riphal, who offers to have tea with her., who is easily able to consume flesh and absorb magic, cuts off Claugh's arm and slaughter much of the task force.

Claugh is taken away from the battleground to get treatment for his wounds. Luke, learning that Froaude has captured Milk, halts him from attacking using thread magic.18'Cursed Eyes'(: 呪われた瞳)November 4, 2010 ( 2010-11-04)November 5, 2010Ferris finds out from that Ryner has been spotted somewhere in Estabul. She locates him at an inn and wrecks the place out of anger, questioning of what Lucile said to him that caused him to storm out of town. Tiir, soon appears and subdues both of them, but that shortly is interrupted when Sion leads the army to attack Tiir with arrows. When Ryner and Ferris safely exit the inn, Sion stops the attack. Tiir offers Ryner an escape from a life of struggle, much to Ferris's dismay and Sion's understanding.19'The Directionless Ingrate'(: 行方知れずの恩知らず)November 11, 2010 ( 2010-11-11)November 12, 2010Both Ferris and Sion contemplate their relationships with Ryner.

After Riphal surprisingly asks Kiefer for her hand in marriage, Kuu arrives with a wounded Sui, who mentions the name of Ryner, troubling Kiefer. Gives Claugh a written synopsis of Ryner, explaining how and why he had been sent to train in a military academy regimen.

Tiir takes Ryner to a refuge for children who possess the Iino Doue. Tiir swears vengeance against the heartless humans who murder their kind. Ryner is reminded that although he appears to be monstrous, he is in truth a kindhearted person. However, he still ponders the reasons why he and other like him are born. Ryner later encounters Luke, who was sent to assassinate him.20'A Mind Not Filled With Despair'(: 絶望に埋め尽くされない心)November 18, 2010 ( 2010-11-18)November 19, 2010As Ryner fights for his life against Luke near the hideout, Ferris suddenly intervenes. Lir, who has been tailing Tiir, takes the opportunity to strike at the refugees sleeping in the hideout.

A furious Ryner attacks Lir at full force when one of the refugees is killed, but Ferris again steps in. Lir tries to force Ryner to activate the Alpha Stigma using a crystallized eye, but Ryner is able to ward off the overwhelming temptation. Lir leaves when Luke joins forces with Ryner while Tiir takes the refugees to safety. Once Lir retreats, Luke also leaves. Ryner agrees to return to Roland with Ferris, but only under the condition that she is the one who takes his life if he were to lose control of the Alpha Stigma.21'Roland's Darkness'(: ローランドの闇)November 25, 2010 ( 2010-11-25)November 26, 2010After Riphal finds out that she is a spy, he chains Kiefer in an underground dungeon.

Ryner and Ferris return to Roland, only to be locked in Sion's office to help file many stacks of paperwork. Milk finally awakens from Froaude's spell, only to find that her parents, very dear to her, had been murdered. Ryner is very concerned that Sion is overworking himself. Froaude later confronts Sion, wondering why Ryner is still alive.

Sion retaliates by unleashing his full power.22'The Beast Called Alpha'(: αという名の獣)December 2, 2010 ( 2010-12-02)December 3, 2010, claiming to be Ryner's father, sedates Ryner in the garden, but he evades with the body when Lucile appears. Ferris, finding Lieral, fails to save Ryner from this mysterious duke. Trapped in a bizarre inner world, Ryner faces the Alpha, but, claiming to be his mother, temporarily dissolves it through emergence, telling him to pass through a large door, all before she is devoured by the Alpha.

He suddenly yet unexpectedly wakes up in a bed with his longtime companion. Lucile brings Sion into a room where he is to confront his alter ego. Riphal, releasing Kiefer from her cell, orders her to bring Ryner to him, fearing that Sion has already made plans to kill Ryner.23'The Last Day'(: 最後の日)December 9, 2010 ( 2010-12-09)December 10, 2010Ryner works his fingers to the bone for Sion's birthday celebration.

When he later gets the chance to ditch the office, he runs into Milk and remembers that she gave him an invitation for her party days ago. Claugh has an idea to prepare fireworks for the upcoming festival, despite it could take six months to make it happen. When the party begins at night, fireworks burst into the sky, as even Milk has a birthday of her own.


As the party dies down, Ryner and Sion share a moment of reflection in their views of changing the world, but the nostalgia turns into fiery conflict.24'A Distant Day's Promise'(: 遠い日の約束)December 16, 2010 ( 2010-12-16)December 17, 2010Sion is consumed by the spirit of, as he nearly takes Ryner's life. Iluna comes out of Ryner, who has the spirit of within him, to prevent Sion from killing Ryner out of selfish ambition, but Lucile puts Ryner to sleep after Iluna disappears. Sion hesitates to kill Ryner when confronting the mad hero.

When Ryner then finds himself in prison, Ferris helps him narrowly escape peril. Ryner vows to save his friend from the turmoil he endures on the twisted path to achieve his dream.References. DVD (in Japanese). Retrieved September 18, 2010. July 2, 2010.

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Hide: Search for:Upcoming AMAs GuestOccupationDate.English VA06-09.Hosted on another subreddit. Upcoming Events EventLocationStart05-1805-1905-2005-2105-2105-2205-2405-2505-26A Brief History of07-01.Indicates an official reddit meet-up is taking place at this event. Well, as the title says. I finished the anime, and all I can think is. Fuck.I don't usually do post-anime write ups like this, but in this case I feel such a strong mixture of various emotions, that I can't help it. My apologies if this gets muddled or unclear, though I will try to keep my rambling to a minimum.So, to start.

The beginning of the anime I found completely boring. From Ryner's annoyingly lazy attitude, to his interactions with Ferris with her constantly hitting him or talking about dumplings, I just did not find it enjoyable. But I pressed on anyway, because I have not really finished a single anime in a while, and I felt I couldn't give up on this one, too. And after too many episodes that felt only loosely connected, and where all of the drama or tensions was constantly undercut with ridiculously silly and implausible banter or stilted and repetitive jokes, I finally got to some interesting material.And don't get me wrong, although this post is mainly a rant, the story does pick up steam and start getting very interesting. Particularly in the buildup to the midseason, and then in the second half.

Unfortunately it does this at the expense of going completely off the rails toward the end. Plot points, characters, mystical and mythological references and macguffins are thrown at the viewer with no preparation or explanation. Characters scheme and shift allegiances and then switch back, and speak in vague and ambiguous ways to purposefully taunt the viewer. But despite it all, it is quite interesting, and even now I find myself wanting to know more about the story and what will happen next.And as time goes on, the relationship between Ryner and Ferris improves as well.

I found that in the second half she hit him slightly less, and showed her dere side several times, which helped endear her to me. Still, all things considered, I find that the pacing of the anime made her one of the more unlikable tsundere I've encountered - and I typically love the tsundere archetype.But you know, abusive tsundere, characters that try to gloat to one another about how very smart they are, obscure and poorly explained plot points. I've seen all of these things before, although, admittedly, not very often in this combination.

What really rankled me about this anime is how all of these things occur in the most schizophrenic anime ever. In an anime where the story constantly seesaws back and forth between mass murder, warfare, child abuse and persecution, and silly shenanigans about characters wanting to take naps, have dumplings, and trying to force the king to eat or sleep properly, or plotting birthday parties for him. Nothing feels real or is given appropriate weight, characters simply waltz in to the king's office at any time to disturb him, subordinate officers talk among themselves while being given orders, there's a loose harem plot line, multiple vaguely to fairly rapey scenes that can only be considered some form of fan service, an unbelievably high pitched loli character, etc. It feels like the show constantly wants to be taken seriously and present itself as a real and legitimate fantasy tale, but at the same time throws all of this nonsense and filler garbage at the viewer, ruining most if not all of the dramatic tension it has created.Beneath all of the fluff, there is the skeleton of what could be a great story. I have a feeling that if I read the source material, I would find that it tones down most of the antics and shenanigans, and presents the story in a more coherent manner, one that would not cause me to grasp my hair in frustration. But for whatever reason, the anime did not go in that direction at all.

And considering how it is a 24 episode anime, with what felt like a ton of pointless padding, I can't forgive it for leaving so much unanswered. Ryner's father, Ferris' brother, the whole deal with Sion's multiple personalities, the matter of the Hero and the Goddesses, and the Devil, and all the various other elements that the show haphazardly introduced in the final quarter, only to leave completely unexplained.I'm just.

Really, really, really disappointed. Because it's one thing to watch an obviously trashy show, and get exactly what you expected.

I know I'm late on this answer.To be honest loftlh was probably one of my most favorite animes ever and I LOVE the characters incredibly much.So you can imagine HOW disappointed I was when I finished the anime and realized that I wouldn't find any answers to all the questions because the anime basically ended in the middle of the story. I think, if these idiots (sorry) would've actually made a proper ending for this anime it would have been my absolute favorite anime ever but, in fact, all I feel next to my love for Sion and the other characters, is pure disappointment.I can't understand how anybody feels like this was a good point to end the anime without actually answering ANY questions which came up about eg ferris' brother nor actually give a hint what will happen in the following storyline. 'safe sion' WOW. That helps me so much.Geeez I can only rant about this ending.I still love the anime incredibly much. Lol, no worries, I'm happy to see that even months later someone actually still read my writing and found it to resonate with them!What you're saying makes a lot of sense.

I was initially disappointed with the characters, and the extreme tsundere traits of Ferris, but she and the MC both grew on me after a while, and so did the world in general, as it kept getting more and more interesting and complex rather than more understandable. I like that in a story. But then it just cut right off, with no explanation.

Legend Of The Legendary Heroes Spells

Made everything feel like a prologue, to some larger story that's never coming.So yeah, extremely disappointing, and all the more so because of how good other parts of it were. Haha, really? I found Re:Zero made lots, lots more sense in its storyline and pacing and more or less consistent atmosphere. This was downright schizophrenic, going back and forth in a way that was utterly bewildering.And yeah, the universe did seem very dark and brutal.

That's why it was a shame that it wasn't just prevented from reaching its full potential by how silly the comedy was, but by how no one seemed to ever act like their station, either. On one hand all of these series things are happening, but on the other you have Kings running off to do all kinds of things, people barging into offices, high ranking officials just showing up all over the place with no retinue or followers or assistants, etc. It was like all the characters were firmly aware of being in an anime, and acted accordingly, rather than like real people.And lol at Izuchi. They used that spell a lot, which is kind of a shame. Considering Ryder is the greatest magician in Roland, I would have liked to see him using a lot of different spells, but instead he seemed to have a half dozen or so. Well for a starter the edgyness of rezero is far outclassing the simple gore and D4rk of DnYnD, rezero felt way too exagerated and thus unatural. Rezero's events seems to happen way too concussively and way too conveniently in order.