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To wit: there is no manual sorting of plugins by design. They are expecting the end user to rely entirely on LOOT to manage load order. Mind you, most people will still use Wrye Bash to manually tweak their final load order, but I'm kind of concerned what kinds of headaches and support issues this thing is going to cause for the Bash and LOOT teams. You probably won't have to adjust the load order often if you run like 2-3 mods but if you've got 5+ mods you may have to adjust it, load order isn't just for people that create mods, it's mostly for people that USE mods. Tools needed to adjust the load order.

Contents.Overview TerminologyA 'mod' is a package (archive) of related files that make some change to the 'vanilla' (unmodded; as delivered by the publisher) game. Within a 'mod' package can be a number of 'asset files' which add to or replace the existing vanilla assets (meshes, textures, sounds, animations, XML files, etc.), and one or more 'plugin files' that tell the game about the existence and use of the new assets and where they are placed in the game. The 'plugin' files are the only ones that appear in the 'load order', which determines the sequence in which the game engine loads them into the game from the 'top' (lowest numbered) to the 'bottom' (highest numbered) position in the sequence.

'Plugin' files have one of two possible file extensions: ESM and ESP. There is generally only one ESM file, but there may be any number of ESP files (including none). The ESM files are loaded first, and are considered 'masters' to the ESP files that depend upon them.Official game expansions ('downloadable content', known as 'DLC') typically are provided as ESM files along with other 'assets'. They may or may not include ESPs. DLC are usually sequenced in the order they were released but this is not mandatory unless they depend upon an earlier DLC. All DLC depend upon the game's original ESM file (i.e.

'FalloutNV.ESM') so it should always be first.(For the technical distinctions between an ESM and an ESP, see this wiki article. Remember that the capabilities of 'Construction Set' tools vary by game but the concepts related to the same game engine endure.)The IssueA 'master file' is one which must be present for another plugin to be able to utilize it's resources. The files which require some 'master file' are known as 'dependencies', because they 'depend' upon the assets of the 'master'. Typically these 'masters' have an ESM file extension, but this is just a general guideline.

A file is technically considered an 'ESM' because it has that flag enabled in the file header, which is normally not visible to the player. Thus an ESP file can have the flag enabled and be treated as if an ESM file to include loading with other ESM files at the top of your 'load order'. In addition, an ESP file from one mod may be required by another ESP, in which case it is also considered a 'master' even though in all other respects it is 'just an ESP' and may appear lower in the 'load order'. But still should be above any dependent plugins.The game engine requires that a 'master' be loaded before a 'dependency' or it generates an error. Usually this results in a 'Crash To Desktop' (CTD). If a 'master' file is missing when the game starts, this CTD can occur during or even before the 'loading screens' are displayed. If you get as far as the game's main menu once it has finished 'loading DLC content', you are not dealing with an actual missing file problem, but rather one that is out of proper sequence in your 'load order'.

This will also cause the game engine to display that same error message.In general, make sure all your ESM files are loaded first, with the game ESM (FalloutNV.ESM) as the very first file and those of the DLC next in the order they were released:. FalloutNV.ESM. DeadMoney. HonestHearts. OldWorldBlues.

LonesomeRoad. GunRunnersArsenaland then the 'pre-order packs':. ClassicPack. MercenaryPack. TribalPack.

CaravanPackMod EMS files should follow.' Dependency' files are supposed to include a list of their 'master' files in the file header. This list can then be read in turn by tools for sorting the 'load order', such as. Some plugins are 'patch files' which modify other plugins. They depend upon the presence of the other plugins to effect their changes, yet may not have them as 'direct masters' or otherwise included in their list of 'masters'. These 'indirect masters' may need to be manually identified and either added to the plugin's list or that information provided to the sorting tool.

(LOOT uses the 'required' metadata field for this purpose only. It can find all listed masters by following the chain in the header of the file. See it's included documentation on the use of metadata.) If they are not included, the sorting tool cannot determine the proper file relationships, which leads to CTDs and plugin conflicts.Therefor it is important to check that each active plugin has all of the 'masters' related to it also active and identified.Programs and Tools.

or the 'xEdit' equivalent tool for another Bethesda game using the Gamebryo engine (i.e. TES3Edit, TES4Edit, TES5Edit, etc.). Current online manual for all games.

(PDF). (optional but recommended)Procedure. Note: 'Left-' and 'Right-click' as used here refer to the normal 'right-handed' mouse buttons. These may be reversed if you have configured them so, or use a 'left-handed' mouse. It is up to you to correctly interpret the instructions is this instance.Finding which masters that a plugin depends upon are missing is fairly simple. However, first you must disable your 'bashed' or 'merged' patch file and enable any plugins they deactivated.

(See the which covers both the 'bashed' and 'merged' approaches to 'patch files'.) Otherwise you may get much of your 'load order' considered as 'masters' simply because part of the plugin you are concerned with is in that patch file, and indirectly requiring all the other plugins included in it. However, this doesn't mean that you shouldn't still check your 'bashed' or 'merged' patch file for it's own missing masters. In this instance, you can expect to see most (if not all) of your ESM and many ESP files listed as 'masters' to your patch file. The patch file often doesn't include a list of all the masters, and adding them will make it so the patch file will build references correctly no matter how you change your 'load order' sequence, or at least warn you when some are missing. Open your 'xEdit' tool (i.e. A 'Master/Plugin Selection' window will be displayed.

Right-click in any blank space of that window and a 'context menu' will be displayed, overlaying the list of plugins. Choose the 'Select none' option. This will 'uncheck' all of the displayed plugins in your 'load order'.


Note that you need to backup the modified plugin you just saved so you have it available if for some reason you wish to re-install the mod again or use a mod manager that compares the mod's plugins against those in the archive. It is useful to make a copy of the original mod archive with a variation on the name (such as ' - fixed') and place the newly saved version in that archive, and use that version thereafter.If there are unresolved references then the plugin was made badly and cannot be fixed automatically. Perhaps you can get this kind of missing information added. GECK/CKIT will do this exact same error checking if you load and save the plugin in it (though possibly only with the tool's 'Powerup' addon).References. or the 'xEdit' equivalent tool for another Bethesda game using the Gamebryo engine (i.e. TES3Edit, TES4Edit, TES5Edit, etc.).

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Current online manual for all games. (PDF) generally applies to all 'xEdit' versions for other games.Nexus Wiki articles referred to by this article:. Nexus Wiki articles that refer to this article:. My google drive stopped syncing.

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(NSFW). Well I can tell you that LOOT is almost for sure more capable of arranging the load order in a good way then you. Unless you can actually understand 100% of what said mod does you won't ever know exactly where to put it, let alot arrange 50 or more or much more esps on your own.And in case you didn't knew, LOOT was recently updated to version 0.7 and according to a lot of ppl it's now smarter and organizes things more better! So save yourself time and just keep using it, manually it'd take you a century to actually properly learn how to organize things for yourself, let alot do it after adding even more mods. I completely understand you:) but I think it'd be a hard job to understand exactly what it does. I guess LOOT has to check each mod and compare it to all other mods and do this for each mod. WHich manually by urself would take a long time and then make a load order and optimize manually would take a long time.

I'm not saying it's impossible or that you shouldn't do it but I feel like it would be a time wast for you. But you may try to talk to the people/person (idk if it's one or more ppl.) behind LOOT and ask them for a explanation. They/he/she will probably guide you in the right direction:).

I use LOOT (the 0.6 version, I can't handle the 0.7 UI) and I took the liberty of manually changing some of the mods' load order by bumping up their priority or whatever the term is; the higher the number, the later they appear on the load order and the later they load in the game, so any mods that need to go the end of the load order get the biggest number.I like putting AFT at the bottom so my many mod followers are guaranteed to behave, and LOOT automatically puts mods that need to go after AFT, after AFT. I had to manually make AFT's Friend Spell Fire add-on go under those, and at the very very end is my bashed patch (automatically generated priority 10199 or some similarly ridiculously high number). If things aren't behaving according to the mod description, it's a good indicator that the mod in question was loaded too early and was overwritten by another mod or even restored to a vanilla state.Don't be afraid to mess with load orders, but be aware that you will have to start a new game to see the changes in effect.

Good modding practice means starting a new game whenever you add, remove, or change mods. Tedious, but you will have a more stable experience in-game that way.For instance, I have multiple mods that mess with leveled lists for vendors, bandit loot, etc. One of my more recent additions broke the lists; instead of featuring a wide selection of ores and ingots like other mods featured, blacksmiths only had 10 leathers and 10 leather strips in their Misc. Merchant inventory. I had to learn about Wyre Bash and bashed patches real quick to properly merge all the changes to leveled lists so I could enjoy all the mods, not just the last one loaded in my load order.