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Unusual characters attract attention, so is the little devil Bendi. He has no friends, but is full of all enemies who, in certain situations, take the side of the hero. In the game Bendy and the Ink Machine Mahjong there will be no adventures and troubles, the character offers you to relax and ponder over the solution of the mahjong puzzle. Tiles filled with images of heroes, without which the adventures of Bendi can not be avoided: Boris Wolf, Angel Alice and many others.

If you don’t know how to spend a couple of hours after a long, tiring day, give a try to Bendy and the Ink Machine! The mystery of this game is still unknown but still many fans play it over and over again to see the hidden hints missed during the previous playthroughs.

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Look for the same pictures, not limited to other tiles on the left and right. Click on them to remove from the field and gradually the field will be empty, opening the picture.


An interesting and unusual cartoon character named Bendi invites you to an animation studio. The hero has long been in search of an ink machine to activate it. He sometimes helps, but often a cross between an angel and a demon - Angel Alice.

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Bendy is also not a gift, he is a devil with a charming smile all over his face, with an invariable butterfly and white gloves. He is a bit like Mickey Mouse, but the hero is more of a dark personality than a light one. In search of the car characters in Bendy and the Ink Machine found a cluster of bubbles that do not collect anyone to miss. You'll have to arrange a shelling, you know this situation, it's called a bubble shooter.

Play Bendy And The Ink Machine Online

Shoot, forming groups of three or more identical balls to make them burst.