Best Weapons In Mass Effect 3

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Mass Effect 3 Heavy reliance on the sniper rifle and ammo choices. Picking weapons and ammo for every fight is key. Aimed at higher difficulties where preparation matters. This guide assumes this is a second play through and you know what's coming in each fight before you get there. While aimed at SP, the ideas behind it carries to MP well, just not necessarily the build.


Skills:Focus on both ammo's and tactical cloak, followed by operational mastery. Pick the abilities that increase weapon damage at every chance.

Put points into fitness if you find yourself taking more damage then you want. With careful positioning of your team and yourself, along with using tactical cloak whenever it is up, you won't take much damage. Only use the other abilities when you know you won't need tactical cloak.

They don't do the damage that cloak does, and they won't get you out of a tight spot. Tactical Cloak:I get 4b, 5a, and 6b.The goal here is to stealth every time it is up, and take a shot every time it is up.

Geth Shotgun is probably the best shotty just because of the range (squadies always fire the others too far away), Carnifax/Paladin and the Talon are the best pistols. Snipers it's probably the Black Widow or Krisae. Tits Thx For subscribing.

You won't be moving around much (at least not into fire), so the duration bonus isn't needed. Cryo Ammo:I get 4b, 5b, and 6bThis ammo is always on my side arm. The crowd control effects are too useful when being rushed by husks. This is the same reason I get 4b, so that squad mates can use this ammo. For more on this, see the section on squad selection.

This is also the ammo of choice against brutes and atlases (atli?), or anything else that has heavy armor. As a side note, the Scorpion pistol is virtually guarantied to shatter any frozen target. Disruptor Ammo:I get 4a, 5b, and 6a.Obvious selection here. This is the default ammo for my sniper rifle, though I switch to cryo for some enemies. It is a must have against centurions and banshees.

Operational MasteryGet weapon damage. Weapon SelectionAll you need are a sniper rifle and one side arm.


Pick your weapons to deal with the enemies your are facing. More weapons will limit can often cloak comes up, so its a bit of a trade off. I prefer have as few guns as possible. Sniper Rifle-The Mantis actually works well for a long time. The reload time makes it such that tactical cloak is up for every shot, so use it.-The Viper and The Raptor are pretty useful on levels that are heavy in husks, but I prefer using my sidearm to deal with these threats.-The Incisor is very good at popping shields. With practice, you can get it so that the first two shot pop the shield of most enemies, and the third shot is a head shot.-The Javelin, Widow, and Black Widow are all I use endgame. Try them all and decide which one you prefer.

I find that the clip size of the Black Widow lends it some flexibility that the other two lack, but it does come at a price in its damage output. Pistols-The Talon is great for dealing with enemies that rush you, but thats about it. Usually, using this gun means that you need to find a more defensible position.-The Arc Pistol is great at killing Geth.-The Scorpion works well with cryo ammo.

Best Weapons For Infiltrator Mass Effect 3

The high damage output is countered out by its small clip size and poor rate of fire.-The Carnifex and Paladin are the most flexible pistols. They have good stopping power, decent clip size, and good rate of fire.

Submachine GunsI don't like submachine guns, but some people do. If you do, feel free to swap out a pistol for one.


Weapon ModsThese largely depend on your ability to head shot your target. If you struggle to hit, the Concentration Mod is worth it. If you don't, increase your damage output. The Piercing Mod is works well against heavy armored enemies, and the Enhanced Scope is a must against Cerberus troops.Pistol mods should offset any weakness the pistol has. I prefer the High-Caliber Barrel and the Magazine Upgrade. ArmorThis should be pretty obvious. N7 armor is what you want until you find the Weapon damage pieces.

Also good early game (if you can afford it) is the Cerberus Armor. SquadYour squad has one purpose in their life: stop damage from hitting you.

They can do this through crowd control abilities, like Liara, Kaidan, and Javik (if you have him) can; or they can distract the enemy and absorb the damage like Ashley, Edi, Tali, and James do. I find that Javik and Tali are the best choices.

Javik has a few crowd control abilities, and a decent ability to take damage himself. Tali is a wealth of distractions.

She can be tanky herself, take control of an enemy, and give the enemy drones to shoot at.If those team mates are unavailable, Liara and James are probably the next best team. Liara can shut down entire groups of enemies, and James can take some serious damage before going down. StrategyIn almost every fight, you want to be at the back of the room. Find a perch that has good lines of sight and is hard to flank, and stay there as long as possible. On that note, you will have to retreat from time to time, so keep an escape path in mind. Don't back yourself into a corner.Your team members should be placed a head of you or guarding your flank.

Their job is to distract the mod while you pick off the largest threat.Your job is to target the biggest threat. Usually, that threat is the biggest enemy visible, but sometimes it's the husk that's about to overrun your team mate. Head shot everything, use the right ammo for each target, and switch to your pistol when the enemy gets too close.Remember that good marksmanship can do a lot of tricks.

Disarm phantoms, assassinate guardians, shoot missiles out of the sky, hyjack Atlases, blow up flamer tanks, etc.

Here is a list of some weapons that you can use in mass effect 3 and their locations. Follow the list below to find out what each weapon does and in what missions they are located.Mass Effect 3 Best Weapons to Use and LocationsTOC:M-15 VindicatorLocation. During Priority: Mars mission, before you enter the archive chamber, head inside the security room off the main path to find the weapon.M-96 MattockLocation.

During Grissom Academy Investigation mission, you will find the weapon after you leave the classroom in the hallway.PhaestonLocation. Tuchanka: Turian Platoon mission, when you come across some dead Turians, look beside the bodies to find this rifle.M-76 RevenantLocation. You can have the weapon after coming across the engineer. Take him out and search the rest room for the weapon.Geth Pulse RifleLocation. During Priority: Perseus Veil mission, when you get into the control room, the rifle can be found on the shelf.M-99 SaberLocation. You will get this weapon during Priority: Horizon mission.M-37 FalconLocation. You will get this weapon during Priority: Cerberus HQ mission.Mass Effect 3 PistolsM3 PredatorLocation.

This will be your first weapon during Prologue.ScorpionLocation. During Priority: Sur’Kesh mission, when Mordin asks you to reactivate the elevator power source. Look for it on the floor.M-5 PhalanxLocation. During Priority: Tuchanka mission, the weapon can be found on the ground just before the Reaper starts shooting the laser at you.Mass Effect 3 – Sniper RiflesM-92 MantisLocation.

During Priority: Mars mission, when you climb down the ladder, explore the nearby section to find the weapon.M-97 ViperLocation. You will find the weapon during Priority: Palaven mission. Look for the weapon on the boxes placed in the center of the Turian camp.M-13 RaptorLocation. Priority: Sur’Kesh mission is the time when you acquire this weapon. The weapon can be found on a bench where Mordin asks you to reset the elevator power source.M-29 IncisorLocation.

During Tuchanka: Bomb side mission, after the first enemy wave zone, you will soon spot the weapon on a ramp.M-98 WidowLocation. Priority: Thessia mission is the time when you acquire this weapon.