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Senarai Diploma & Ijazah Sarjana Muda UiTM mengikut kampus Assalamualaikum and hi my readers! Hari ni saya nak kongsikan sikit maklumat dan info yang saya rasa penting dan perlu untuk adik-adik lepasan SPM kita hehehe. Kat sini saya senaraikan program UiTM mengikut kampus-kampus yang ada di setiap negeri.

.FACULTY OF PHARMACYOfficial Website:DIPLOMA IN PHARMACYThe programme of Diploma in Pharmacy is offered by the Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM in Bertam, Penang. The programme provides graduates with knowledge, understanding and skills in the field of compounding and dispensing and is exposed to skills of analytical, problem solving and IT know-how. Apart from that, they are also required to have good skill in communication.

All these knowledge and skills can be applied in pharmaceutical care, under the supervision of a registered pharmacist. Pharmacy assistants help registered, licensed pharmacists to dispense medications and healthcare products to patients. There is strong demand for Pharmacy Assistants in government and private hospitals, community pharmacies and the pharmaceutical Industry. The job prospect is expected to be further enhanced due to the current and future expansion of healthcare services in the country. Qualified Diploma of Pharmacy holders can apply to pursue for the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) programme.BACHELOR OF PHARMACY (HONS.)The Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) offered by the Faculty of Pharmacy is offered to answer to the great demand for pharmacy graduates in both the government and private sectors. Pharmacists in healthcare facilities dispense medications and advise the medical staff on the selection and effects of drugs. Some pharmacists specialize in specific drug therapy areas, such as therapeutic drug monitoring, intravenous nutrition support, oncology (cancer chemotherapy), nuclear pharmacy, geriatric pharmacy and psycho-pharmacotherapy (the treatment of mental disorders with drugs).

Pharmacists in community and retail pharmacies counsel patient and answer questions regarding prescription drugs including questions of possible side effects of the interactions of various drugs.In order to fulfil all these needs, students enrolled into this programme are exposed to various teaching and learning methodology and knowledge in the pharmaceutical areas. The teaching and learning methods include lectures, problem-based learning, tutorials, practical sessions, independent learning, computer aided interactive learning, clinical skill sessions and clinical pharmacy training. The total duration of the programme is 4 years. In year 1, courses such as chemistry, histology, biochemistry, mathematics and statistics, physiology and pharmacology are offered to build a strong knowledge and facilitate the learning in the following years. In year 2 and 3, courses offered are systemic physiology, systemic pharmacology, pathology and therapeutics in integrated form besides other important courses in pharmacy such as pharmaceutical technology and hospital pharmacy. In year 4, a large part of the learning is carried out in wards, clinics, laboratories and pharmacies in which the students will practice clinical pharmacy under the supervision of clinical pharmacy lecturers and medical doctors.Employment opportunities are available in the hospital, retail and community pharmacies, industrial pharmacy, business and commercial sectors, research institute, institutions of higher learning and enforcement pharmacy services.

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Another area for a career in pharmacy is the pharmaceutical industry where the pharmacist manages and directs the manufacture of chemicals, prescription and non-prescription drugs and other health products. Pharmacists may also be involved in marketing, research and product development quality control, sales and administration.MASTER IN CLINICAL PHARMACYThe Master in Clinical Pharmmacy program is designed by the Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, empathy and appreciation for the patient in professional manner. This is a taught course programme which courses are largely into pharmacotherapy, pharmacokinetics and pharmacogenomics. Through out the clinical clerkship students will be able to apply all the knowledge and attitudes to refine their professional practice in a patient care setting. In the research project students are trained to be basic clinical researchers to promote clinical research and quality of health care.Pharmacists with a postgraduate degree and/or training may pursue a career in teaching and research.MASTER IN PHARMACY PRACTICEThe Master in Pharmacy Practice program is offered by the Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM for a minimum duration of 1 ½ years.

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This is a taught course program which modules concentrate on drug information and pharmacoinformation, ethics and legal aspects, health policy and administrative pharmacy, pharmacoeconomics, pharmacoepidemiology, sociology, community health and adverse drug reactions and reporting. Some research components are also included which lead into the production of a dissertation.This programme will provide students with an academic and scientific education and the skills which enable them to successfully pursue a career in any branch of pharmacy practice. It also helps to stimulate professional and ethical awareness and to be confident in the application of the current laws pertaining to local and international pharmacy practice. Apart from enabling the graduates to improve their practice, pharmacists with a postgraduate degree and/or training may pursue a career in teaching and research.MASTER OF SCIENCE (PHARMACY)Master of Science (Pharmacy) is a full research programme offered by the Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM for a minimum duration of 1 ½ years.