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WorkbookMemory In A Month Ron White Workbook
  • Ron white memory in a month workbook. Ron White's Memory in a Month Memory in a Month Unlocking Minds to Maximize Potential Memory in a Month.
  • Memory in a Month – 6 Tutorial AudioBooks. Ron White is the USA Memory Champion. There is no one in the country that has more credibility than him in regards to memory. He holds the record for most numbers memorized in 5 minutes (167 consecutive digits) and the fastest to memorize a deck of cards (1 minute 27 seconds).

Product Link: IntroductionI recently purchased Ron White’s “Memory in a Month” course. I was looking for a product that would refresh some of the techniques I already know about memory improvement as well as hopefully learn something new.Ron White, the creator of this product, is a world memory champion. Here is a short video showing him in action recalling the names of 80 people at a conference:While this demonstration is impressive, the question I had before I purchased the product, and you are probably asking too, is: “ Will this product teach me to memorize the names of 80 people?” Hopefully I help answer this question for you below. Product DescriptionHere is another video of Ron White describing what you can find in his “Memory in a Month” course:The “Memory in a Month” program consists of 6 CDs worth of audios and a 44 page workbook – all of which you can download immediately after purchasing the product.


The CDs contain 30 days worth of audios. The intention is that you listen to one track every day for 30 days.

Memory In A Month Ron White Workbook Book

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This gives you time to absorb the information as well as get into the habit of learning and practicing the memory techniques that are being taught. This is what I did and I found it very effective.In addition to the memory course, there were several bonuses included as well. These include:. Ron White’s speed reading. How to memorize everything e-book. Name training and pictures for names.

Instructional memory videosI generally prefer to read instead of listen to audios but in this case, Ron White’s ability to walk through various visual memory techniques was much better in the audio format. It allowed me to focus on the imagery in my mind which produced a much more effective result than if I had read it. My ExpectationsI am already familiar with several memory techniques and systems. I have read several books on this topic so I am familiar with the subject. However, it is one thing to know the techniques, it is another thing to be able to successfully and consistently apply them.I purchased “Memory in a Month” because it promised to deliver a course that would give me a working knowledge of effective memory techniques. This would help me to shift from an understanding of how to improve my memory which I always hoped to master one day, to getting me started with practical applications and the development of my skill as a master memorizer.I wasn’t sure how much, if anything, I would get out of this product.

I figured, in the worst case, I would at least refresh my knowledge of what I already knew. My ResultsThe existing knowledge I had of various memory techniques were covered in the course which provided a good review. It is important to note, however, that I would have been just fine if I was starting from scratch.The techniques that are presented are quickly applied and turned into practical knowledge through listening to the descriptions, exercises, and applications.Throughout the course Ron White takes you through various memory exercises. Each day he would either introduce a new system or technique, or apply one he had taught earlier.