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Image captionAnna Hazare was about to start a new hunger strikeA well-known Indian activist has been arrested ahead of a planned hunger strike in protest against a new anti-corruption law. But how effective is a hunger strike as a political statement?Hunger strikes have been staged for political reasons throughout history.One of the first recorded is in ancient Indian scriptures, which talk of the brother of the exiled King Rama using the threat of a fast to coax him into returning. He placed himself on a bundle of sacred grass at his feet and refused to budge.On this occasion the 'hunger strike' failed.


First Strike is the 17 viciously active special forces, combative moves that keep you alive for and ready to fight the violent criminals. This method helps during violent docksides, gang enclaves, war fronts, and criminal hotbeds. This is highly effective and deadly for fighting the boils down to somewhere between 15 – 20. This means with a 2/2 first strike deathtouch creature, you can assign lethal damage to the first 2 creatures in the order you declared. When all creatures have no more damage to assign, the damage step ends, any creatures assigned lethal damage die and combat progresses.

But the concept persisted - indeed, in pre-Christian Ireland, it was part of the legal system. If a man felt wronged by you and starved himself to death on your doorstep, you had to bear the burden of his debts.Unlike other protests, a hunger strike has no direct effect on the intended target. The protester suffers, not the person protested against. Download al quran in word terbaru. The protester relies on the moral force of their actions, or the publicity value, to achieve something. Marion Wallace-Dunlop - the first suffragette to go on hunger strike in 1909. She was released from Holloway prison after 91 hours of fasting.

Mahatma Gandhi - the modern-day pioneer of civil disobedience went on several hunger strikes and fasts to protest against British rule in India. Cesar Chavez - Mexican American union leader who helped improve wages for farm workers. He staged several fasts, the first of which was for 25 days in 1968. Bobby Sands - the first of 10 republicans to die in the Maze prison in Northern Ireland in 1981. They were seeking the reinstatement of political prisoner status. Mia Farrow - the actress and activist began a hunger strike to protest against the conflict in Darfur in 2009Gandhi is arguably the most famous hunger striker in history. Republican prisoners in Northern Ireland highlighted their cause by staging hunger strikes in 1980 and 1981.'


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How long can people last without food?If people eat no food but are drinking water, they can last up to 60 days. With no water, they could die within eight to 10 days. Hunger strikers who take water, vitamins, glucose and salt, should last longer.Kathy Cowbrough, from the British Dietetic AssociationGandhi was a supreme practitioner of non-violent protest, he says, and the use of his methods by millions of Indians was very effective in undermining British rule in India.He says the current protest by Indian campaigner Anna Hazare, who went on hunger strike in April to demand stringent anti-corruption laws, is different because it is occurring outside prison.' While many people outside prison have gone on fasts for a time, it is almost unknown for someone to actually starve to death outside prison.' In prison, there's really no other means of protest.

And in prison the government is clearly responsible for your life/death and so can be blamed if you die.' Former IRA hunger striker Tommy McKearney says prisoners are limited in what they can do.' So many things in a prisoner's life are dictated by their captors.

We had three years of protests and did everything we could think of to bring a resolution but we needed make or break action.' The 58-year-old, who was serving time for the murder of part-time UDR soldier Stanley Adams, was part of the first wave of hunger strikers in 1980. They wanted the then Conservative government to give them back political prisoner status.He says there was no master plan, with a 'hunger strike as the grandstand final flourish'.'

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We didn't set out with the objective of dying but we were prepared to die.' People who do it have a deep commitment, it's not a game to be played with. Only the cause will get you through.'