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Grand Theft Auto 5 or GTA V is undoubtedly one of the best open-world games till date. Rockstar keeps updating the GTA Online Mods, Downloads and new explorations for players. GTA 5 for PC has more to offer as they have the advantage as they can tweak the game as per their need from graphics to gameplay mods. GTA 5 MODs Xbox 360 Download Among the most anticipated of 2013, while the top of the list of titles is a GTA 5, we also were talking about last week to report the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy studios to Rockstar. If the developer is not always the opportunity to provide a second trailer for its flagship title, it is however not stingy.

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Image posts showcasing mods need to have a download link in the comments. This does not apply if you are the developer of a mod still in development. Use spoiler tags. Use link-flairs. Be respectful and have fun!If you have any questions about the rules, feel free to. EDIT 2/18/2017: Some of the methods in the guide may be OUTDATED. However, Many points remain true.This is a strictly SINGLEPLAYER based guide, Read below.I've seen many people thinking that this guide is showing you how to 'hack' online, This is far from the case.I in NO way endorse the use of illegal trainers in online and will not guide anyone to doing so.G'day ladies and gents, I've noticed a large number of people that are new to GTA modding have had been a bit confused on how to do so correctly without the risk of being flagged online.

So I thought I'd make a guide for you all.Please forgive any mistakes I make.First I'll go over some essential tools which will help you tremendously.- Pretty much the backbone of GTA modding. This is a tool that will be able to dig deep into the game files and modify the 'children' of a certain rpf file.- This is a extremely useful tool for keeping your GTA directory clean thus letting you go to vanilla GTA at a click of the button which prevents many issues.- Script Hook V is the library that allows to use GTA V script native functions in custom.asi plugins. Note that it doesn't work in GTA Online, script hook disables custom scripts when player goes in multiplayer.Okay, Now we've gone over the essential tools for modding lets get started.SCRIPTHOOKV, SCRIPTS AND TRAINERSThe first method is extremely straight forward and the one I recommend for the sheer simplicity, The first step after you have downloaded your desired scripts, trainers and other.asi plugins is to run the mod manager tool. Once opened you will see an option 'Open Mod Folder' I don't think I need to explain the functionality of clicking this as it's pretty obvious.ASI AND SCRIPTHOOKV - Simply drag and drop the included.asi file from your downloaded archive into this folder and select 'reload' in the manager, The mod(s) will show up in the left pane and you can tick it if it's not already been done automatically.Scripts - Drag the and drop desired scripts into the scripts folder that's inside the BMM mod folder. If there's another folder inside scripts called 'Addins' then just place the scripts there. This may Change in the future.Modifying.RPF filesA lot of people are having trouble finding out how to get modified rpfs to work whilst being able to use vanilla GTA or Online when they're done with their modded session.

This is where core feature comes into playFor example in screenshot shows me using the import modded rpf feature of BMM, The top directory is of my duplicate update.rpf that has been modded through open IV. The second is the original VANILLA update.rpf that it will replace when I launch the game. With malware, even after downloading from those sites, always scan your system after a download.

Even if you're downloading popular and seemingly safe mod. I downloaded the working restaurants mod and rare vehicles mod from gta5-mods, I found out just the other day that they both had Trojan horses in them. Posted on the website forum and deleted the files right away. Even the seemingly harmless files, could be infected. I usually wait several days, maybe longer, before downloading a new mod to see the response it gets from the community on whether or not it's safe. Advanced tip:If you do this, you can prevent having to re-import the modded RPF every change:(This only works if you don't have disable on exit enabled and Symlink mode enabled).Activate said mod and press 'Singleplayer'.Press Cancel on GTAVLauncher to stop the game from loading.Now there is a hardlinked version of your modded RPF in the GTAVMods folder, if you edit that file with OpenIV, it will actually edit the one stored in your GTAV ModsRPF folder saving you from having to delete and reimport the RPF again.



WHEN YOU START A SINGLE PLAYER GAME IT WILL LOG IN TO SOCIAL CLUB AND THAT IS OK. AGAIN, YOU WILL NEVER BE BANNED FOR SINGLE PLAYER MODS.This guide will focus on making it as easy as possible to mod every aspect of GTA V from Scripts to blips and show you how to mod anything and everything to make GTA V what YOU want it to be. I'm going to focus on modding game mechanics/assets with realism in mind, but this guide will show you how to install any mod. Make GTA V your own.

Check out for all your mod needs. New cars are added there EVERYDAY. Just search by up-load date to see what's new. Please comment if you have problems and please rate if this guide helped you.WARNING! If GTA V updates you will have to re-mod your game. That means everything, The scripthook link I have here will always lead you to the latest scripthook but be sure to check the date on anything you download. Make sure its AFTER the GTA V update, This does not include cars or other asset based mods.

Those will always work, but scripts will need to be updated.As you mod your game be sure to test things as you go. If you mod in 100 cars and other things then start your game and it crashes you will have no way of knowing what caused the crash and you will have to start over loosing hours of work. I usually mod in cars 5 at a time, then start the game, spawn cars in and test them. When it comes to other mods like the police rebalance, or other non-asset based mods I'll just put a single one in and then test it. If you fail with a mod there is a guide at the bottom of this guide on how to extract back-up files from your un-modded GTA V and fix it.Do yourself a huge favor and skim through this entire guide prior to modding your game.

Just skim through it and watch the videos, then do it setp by step. A Journey is much easier to complete when you know all the stops along the way.PLEASE RATE THIS GUIDE (Good or bad please)DO NOT TRY TO USE ANY MODS (EVEN GRAPHICS MODS) ONLINE THEY WILL NOT WORK AND YOU CAN STILL BE BANNED.

(Also cheating is for losers) ALL MODS ARE FOR SP ONLY. EVEN THE SMALLEST MOD CAN/WILL GET YOU BANNED ONLINE!! START HERE:Modding GTA V is easy for some and hard for others. You will need to know the basics of how a computer works and how to move, copy, and paste files. If you can not do that.

Learn that first and comeback. I get more questions on the copy/paste part than anything else.First you need to choose if you want to use a mods folder, a mod manager or like me alter main files and have 2 full copies of GTA V. One for modding, the other for Multiplayer and pulling back-ups when needed. (this is very important!)I do not use a mod manager.

If you want to use a mod manager a great one can be found here.IF YOU USE A MOD-MANAGER THE REST OF THIS GUIDE IS NOT USED. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW MOD MANAGERS WORK BUT I ASSUME YOU INSTALL THINGS DIFFERENTLY THEN YOU DO WITH THIS GUIDE. USE THE INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED IN THE MOD-MANAGER IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE ONE.OpenIV makes modding easier than ever with it's 'mods' folder. If you mess up you can delete the mods folder and try again. Remember to always add one mod at a time and test it.

Here is an example of how to install mods with OpenIV's package installer. Not all mods are made this way but it is very nice when they are as it's 1 click install. VisualV is an.OIV install so I will go over that here:Download Visual V here:Extract it to your desktop.Open it and find the folder named 'Installation via mod package'Open the 'Installation via mod package' folder and drag VisualV.OIV to your desk top.Run OpenIV again and and push the button that has blue red and green in it, called 'Package installer'Navigate to your desktop in OpenIV package installer and select the 'VisualV.OIV' file you put on your desktop.Select open then install.

You should see the same green screen saying it was sucsessful.DONE.See how OpenIV.OIV files install now? Very simple.All.OIV mods can be installed in this way. This guide will cover all ways to enhance gtaphics. But what I use is just VisulaV ENB and the ENB files included with VisualV. (see the above guide) For those that want more or do not care for VisualV This guide will show you how to install basically any graphics mod. Here is an example:To start with you are going to want to install either both ENB.0275 and Optionaly SweetFX 2.0.

(Big FPS hit.) or just one of the them. You should always start with ENB and a timecycle, (VisualV or Rhancer)Download them here:SweetFX 2.0,(I do not use Sweet FX these pics are all taken without it)ENB 0275,Then you want to choose either VisualIV or Rhancer.

How To Download Mods For Gta 5 2018

Both are fetured in this guide.-This is the latest option and the best one IMO. Natrual Vision:-Install VisualV first then Natural vision and it's ENB parts. Both VisualV and Natural vision are.oiv simple one click installs.-Download Rhancer here:Download VisualIV here: (see above for quick install)R.hancer or VisualV is for the Timecyc data and main data -NOTE: DON'T INSTALL THE SWEETFX FILES OR ENB FILES FROM RHANCER OR VISUALV YET, AS IT WILL CONFLICT WITH WHAT EVER GRAPHICS MOD YOU DECIDE TO CHOOSE LATER!! ALL YOU WANT TO INSTALL FOR NOW IS TIMECYCLE AND DATA FILES.Make sure start with a fresh install. DO NOT have ANY sweetfx folders installed in your GTA V folder prior to trying this. Or any extra folders for that matter. Graphics should be the first thing you mod.

You need to use a fresh install of GTA V every time.1) Download the ENB file. Then copy all the files in In the 'wrapper' version of the download in to your main GTA V directory. We may overwrite some of these files later. You can start your game now to be sure you got these right. Star your game and you should see a ENB message in the upper left hand corner like the pic below, If you do not you did something wrong, try again.You can stop here if you only want to install the ENB and VisualV.

Go down to the VisualV section if that is what you want. This is what I use, just Visual V and NONE of it's optionals and standard ENB, it's light on my PC and looks great.VISUALV HAS UP-DATED AND THEY HAVE ADDED MANY NEW FETURES, I DO NOT USE ANY OF THEM. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE THEM PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTION IN THE DOWNLOAD.2) Download and install ReShade+SweetFX 2.0 Download link is above, extract then copy all (except reshade32) of the files in to your Grand Theft Auto V base folder. (where your GTAV.exe is located) Note copy reshade64.dll and not reshade32. Toss reshade32 in the trash.

Now double click ReShadesetup.exe. And follow the prompts and when it asks you to select your game make sure to click on GTAV.exe and NOT GTAVLauncher.exe.Now you have them both installed but you need this next step to make them work together. Go in to your GTA V directory and locate a file named: enblocal. Double click that and it will bring up notepad. You need to change the first 3 lines of this file.

MAKE SURE YOU SAVE YOUR CHANGES! Change the lines so they look like this:PROXYEnableProxyLibrary=trueInitProxyFunctions=falseProxyLibrary=dxgi.dll(Thanks to Steam user Mystogan for pointing this part out when I missed it.)Now go back in to your GTAV directory and there should be a file named ReShade64.dll. Rename this file to DXGI.dll. (or what ever you told the proxy library of enblocal to see)This will allow both to work at the same time.

Now fire up your game. If you did everything correctly it should look like this:If you see red print in the upper left hand corner when you start GTA V that means SweetFX failed. (if this happens comment below with the error and I can tell you what went wrong) If you see only one text and not the other, one failed to start. Go back and try to fix by reading instructions all the way, or start again.OK now lets install Rhancer or VisualV:You need to use OpenIV to install these. How to use openIV:Leave the reshade (in the Rhancer) folder alone. DO NOT INSTALL ANYTHING FROM THE RHANCER RESHADE FOLDER!

It will crash your game. Also do not add any ENB files from VisualV. You can choose if you want to do that later.When it comes to installing Rhancer or visualV there are a few options:UPDATE!!Rhancer only:Game has been updated, and looks like the timecyclemods1.xml is not compatible with new game version anymore. (VisualV has already been updated and is fully fuctional with the new update 1.31don't use 'timecyclemods1.xml' file included in Rhancer, or your game will crash.

You can either skip it or you can download VisualV and steal that single file from there.He will update the mod 'soon'. But for now while installing this just skip that single file. (timecyclemods1.xml) it's the very first file in the Timecycle folder.First install almost everything (see above) in these two files:Use OpenIV to installINTO TIMECYCLE FOLDERINTO DATA FOLDERThen install all the files located in the EXTRA!

Vanilla + low fog + enhancements folder. (again OpenIV) If you want them. (I use the low fog as I like to see things clearly it does not remove all fog but it does remove most.Then install all the files in the Noise + aberration removal (for all versions) folder.(again OpenIV)TO INSTALL VISUALV FALLOW THE SAME STEPS BASICALLY. ONLY INSTALL DATA AND TIMECYCLE FILES.

DECIDE LATER IF YOU WANT TO OVERWRITE ENB AND/OR SWEETFX FILES LATER.Now, fire up your game and see how it looks.After you get all that working the fun part starts. You can use the rest of the files in Rhancer or VisualV OR There are a TON of files all over the web. Or keep it simple and keep it as-is (thats what I do) All/some of these require you already have SweetFX and/or ENB ALREADY working. So make sure you have what you need installed (one or the other or maybe both between SweetFX and ENB) and stable before moving on. Google is your friend.

Find an option you like.Find the look you like best. You can also open the SweetFXsettings.txt (found in the SweetFX folder in your GTA V directory) and alter things yourself if you know what you are doing.

This is post-process so you can make changes while the game is running and see them in realtime. You can even select split screen in that same file so you can see what it looks like with and without SweetFX at the same time. Very cool stuff.Here is what I use.

It's very simple but it looks the best IMO. I just install ENB first, Then I use OpenIV to install VisualIV then and that's it. No SweetFX at all. Just because you can add lots of post-process effects does not mean it looks better. Sometimes less is more. Download the latest Scripthook from hereAlso after adding this to your game make sure there is a folder called 'scripts' in your main GTA V directory.

If one is not there, create one. This is where you will place all of your scripit mods.Scripts add things in game like, making cars need gas, the ability to shoot the gun from a NPC's hand, Iron man suits and much much more.

Scripts can be found at:There are also scripts that need scripthookdotnet. You can download that here:Both of these have prerequisites so be sure you follow all the instructions included on the website/install instructions.

The need certain C Redistributables and.Net Framework 4.6 All of these will be in the install instructions of most scripts you download.One of the first scripts you are going to want/need is a native trainer. I use the one included with ScripthookV found here: This has both scripthookV and a native trainer included. I love this one because you can even spawn in the lowriders (like Faction2) With hydralics.

You don't get Benny's shop with the trainer but if that is something you want you can mod it in. You can use any trainer you like, just Google 'GTA V trainer' Or check them out at. Just google LSPDFR for the best download.Here is a great and simple video on how to install LSPDFR thanks to RetroFusionTV:Also check for great content to use with LSPDFRThey have cars with working searchlights, the abilty to place props like traffic cones and stop spikes, You can get a script that calls in the coroner, ambulance firetruck and all types of ill ♥♥♥♥. Too much to go over here. Just put the word 'Police' in the search bar onIf you have trouble with LSPDFR it's probably because of the RAGPluginhook. Here are some tips and common problems with RAGEPluginhook:Always be sure to start your game by double clicking the RAGEPluginHook.exe in your root GTA V folder AND NOT the normal way through Steam.

ONLY when you want to play LSPDFR. If you do not want to play LSPDFR start your game normally.Here is the list of requirements to use the RAGpluginhook:.Here is a quick FAQ:.Here are common problems:Try launching again. The crash may have been a fluke. MAKE SURE YOU MEET THE REQUIREMENTS Read the Readme.txt file. Right click all.exe and.dll files that comes with RAGE Plugin Hook, click Properties, then click the Unblock button. Run RAGEPluginHook.exe as Administrator (Right click Run as Administrator).

Uninstall any other mods that comes with.asi,.dll or.exe files (All, or one by one, to identify which one is causing a conflict). Disable or uninstall anything that may interfere or otherwise modify the game besides RAGE Plugin Hook, including, but not limited to, anti-virus, anti-malware, Nvidia Shadowplay and other recording tools and/or overlays (Steam, xfire, etc.). Make sure.NET Framework 4.6 or later is installed. Make sure the Microsoft Visual C 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64) are installed. Make sure the Visual C Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 (x64) are installed. I Also use the following mods in an attempt at realism.

These can all be found on with a simple search. I do not link because these are often updated and I do not want to have to update that often.These 4 very easy to install mods will turn buses, trains, garbage trucks and more in to thier real-world Los Angeles counterpart. Very cool for immersion:If you would rather change everything to look like London or somplace else you can find skins here:I highly reccomend this sound mod. It changes all of the guns sounds and they are spectacular! Every sound has been re-done.

A simple pistol shot now sounds awesome like it should.This mod adds arrest warents and gives you a lot more control over the police and how they operate in LS. I highly suggest it because anything you do onot like you can simply turn off in the in-game menu.The author of that mod EDDLM is an epic scripter. I suggest looking at all he has made:Realistic top speeds mod V2.9 -Use this mod to increase the top speed of most cars. I use this inplace of any handling data that comes with cars that you mod in.

It's really great and pretty easy to install.Real planes (liveries or skins of actual aircraft Delta and others)FOV mod: (Field of view) Many people did not like the default. Here is how to mod it to whatever you would like: (updated and working )This mod may affect the first person view in some cars.Also check out the scripts section of for lots of realism mods.Here are a few I like:Benny's work shop:You can spawn in lowriders to customize with your native trainer. 'Faction' is one. Google the car names if needed.Persistance mod:This lets you tap right on the d-pad of your controller to save the car you were in. Anyplace at all.

Very nice mod to stop cars from ghosting on you between missions or even if you turn around for a second.V Stanced:Use this to just push a button on your num pad to raise lower cars height. Lower than the game would normally let them.Check out mods by Jedijosh920 he makes too many scripts to list and they all work great:I have no weapons here yet because modders just got the ability to recreate weapon/reload animations. There are a few weapon mods out there but in my opinon that are not better then the weapons that are already in the geam. This will change in the future for sure. Also modding in a weapon correctly can be a challenge so I may just wait for a full weapon pack to be made. It's just a matter of time, but for now I'm leaving weapons alone.

There is a new way to replace cars, tuning parts and more with the new EMF folder mod. Here is a video to show how it works. I figure I would leave up both ways just incase people prefer the other method.Link to video to new method (near the end of the video)When it comes to replacing cars in GTA V All handling data is in a single file so if you download a car with handling info and then another and add them both via OpenIV the second one you added will over write the handling data of the first one.

What you are supposed to do is open up the handling file in notepad and copy/paste the new data in by hand every time. This is the correct way. But also very time consuming. Ain't nobody got time for that! So.When I download a new car a create a new folder on my desk top and name it with both the name of the car, and the name of the car I'm replacing.

Make sure to save all the cars you download because when GTA V updates you will need to add them again.Ignore handling data in the cars you download. 90% will work fine without it.

Most just change the top spee of the car. If you followed this guide you already know that the mod we addded earlier the 'Realistic top speeds mod' will do this for us on every car in game already. So ignore they handling files and just install the model.

Be sure the car you are replacing is close to what the car was before because it will sound like the car it was. It's impoirtant to replace cars that are like eachother.When adding cars be sure to watch the file path very closely.If you put the files in the wrong location the car will not work. (but it will not crash your game so no worries) Once you add a few cars it will get easier. Read the readme included in the download for the exact file path.Download the car and read the readme. Now you know the file path.Now you need to use OpenIV to install the car. For a video on how OpenIV is operated see here:Below is a text guide:Start OpenIVPush the edit button in OpenIV (click OK if a box comes up but read what it says)Then in OpenIV navagaite the the path that the readme file of the downloaded car says it needs to go. Example:.Open up Vehicles.rpf and make sure the file you downloaded matches a file found in.

If you see the file you are good to hit the green plus sign in OpenIV and navigate to where the downloaded car is. Highlight the 3-4 files and hit the open button.Your car is now added. Since it's your first one, start GTA V hit F4 to bring up your trainer and spawn the car in by it's old name. If it worked your golden if not start over.Tuning parts go in the same way they will just have a different file path like x694i.rpf for example.Also sometimes tunning parts will be something like 'cheetahmods. Rpf' or instead of an entire rpf it will be loose files, if they are loose open 'cheetahmods.rpf' and place them inside 'cheetahmods.rpf.'

If it is the entire rpf and NOT loose files then just replace 'cheetahmods.rpf.' Basically what you are doing is you should always be able to match the name of the file from your download to the file you are going to replace in OpenIV.Sometimes when playing missions a modded car may go crazy, bumpers misaligned, NPC's sitting in odd places, if this happens just bring up your trainer with F4 and select 'fix car'.

This will restore everything to normal. (most of the time) Be careful modding the main car for each player. I usually leave those alone because having a modded car for thier main car can cause issues in some missions. Michael= Tailgater Trevor = Bohdi Franklin = Buffalo2 I would leave these cars alone.When you replace lots of cars you may notice many spawning in traffic looking messed up. This is because sometimes you replace a car and it should have tuning parts but the mod maker did not make parts for it.

Basically your modded replaced car is trying to use parts from the vanilla car. The bones are different so the car will be all messed up. Use this mod to fix that, all cars in traffic will no longer spawn with parts.There is also a way to add in cars rather than replace. I do not like these as they will not spawn in traffic. You will never see it driving down the road. Instead you have to spawn it in by name with a specialized trainer. That breaks immersion for me.

I try not to use the trainer at all, other than spawing in a car because I feel like driving a Benz, BMW, or whatever at the time. So if you want to do addons Google it.I now use the 'EMF' mod to replace all cars in game with a single click once you build a folder. See here:Cars can be found atThe best cars made for GTA V are made by Ubludock. I suggest you install all of his cars. He has 46 of them and they are insanely well done. You can find them all here.

If you put in car or someother mod that you do not like you can simply pull the files you need from your un-modded GTAV.Fist thing is you need to know where the file is. Say you put in a new car and it does not work well.

Go back to that car's readme file and get the path of where you put the car. Something like:So now put your unmodded GTAV in your steam folder and run OpenIV.

Only this time we want to export rather than import. Push the 'edit mode' button. Next go to the file path of the file you want to extract. Then click the 4th button to the left of the Green plus sign.

If you hover over it with your mouse it will say Extract file. Push this button the extract the files you want to pull and extract them to a folder you create on your desk top.

It actually copies it so the file remains in your vanilla game AND gets exported to a place of your choosing.Then swap your 2 versions of GTA V so that your modded version is in your steam folder. Open up OpenIV again and Add the files you extracted the exact same way you put in the crappy modded car. And that's it. Now your car will be back to stock. Do that for all files of the car, don't forget about mods.

You can make any add-on car a replace if you like but there are a few things you need to know.The car you download needs to be like the car you want to replace. For example, you can not replce a motorcycle with a boat, a 4-door car with a 2-door you want the cars to be very alike.Once you download the add-on car and un-zip it dig through the files and find one called dlc.rpf.Now start up OpenIV and make sure you are in your modded game and not your clean one. Now go to x64e.rpf and add the dlc.rpf inside. (anywhere it does not matter where)Once it is in double click it to open it up. Inside will be 3-4.ytf,.ytd, HIytf and so on. Extract those files into a folder on your desk top.

These are the car files you need to re-name.Now in OpenIV go back and delete the entire dlc.rpf you added in to x64e.rpf. You just needed OpenIV to open up the.rpf, so once you have done that you can delete the dlc.rpf.Now choose what car you want to replace.

I suggest Googling all the cars in GTA V and finding one that closest resembles the car you downloaded. One you find that car write down it's name.Now you want to fire up OpenIV again and find that cars files inside GTA V. You can do this by holding CTRL and pressing F3 to bring up the search menu.

This will come in handy all the time. So now type in the name of the car in OpenIV. (google the name if need be to see what it's files are named.) Now search for the car name and add a to the end of it and hit enter. This will bring up every file loaction these cars files are in. Cars can be in many places and you want to be sure to replace it in all the places it is.So once you find the car locations re-name the files you extracted earlier to the name of the car you want to replace example primo.ytf, primo.ytd and so on. Once they are named correctly go back to OpenIVNow you wand to add the re-named files to your game as you would any other replace car. Fire up your game and see how it works.

If it does not work well try a different car until you find one that works.