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Saints Row 2 Clothing

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Activation code corel draw x7. Achievement won on 02 Feb 12TA Score for this game:Posted on 02 February 12 at 18:33, Edited on 29 July 13 at 04:43This solution has 40 positive votes and 0 negative votes. Please log in to vote.This achievement is awarded for the completion of all 5 Hitman activity locations.This activity DOES NOT need to be done in co-op for the co-op activity achievement.The Hitman activities are in the following locations from north to south:Hotels and Marina DistrictTrailer Park DistrictStilwater Prison DistrictSaint's Row DistrictBarrio DistrictOn arrival at a location, you will be presented with a list of all the people you will need to take out. Just select one and it will be added to your HUD with a possible location on the map to find the hit.Technically the hit can spawn in other regions but it is most likely to show up in the district listed in the hit.Now comes the boring bit, you'll have to search for the hit until it shows up on your mini map, most hits have conditions you have to satisfy to make the hit appear (dial a number on your phone, drink some booze, cause police notoriety etc.) but I have mentionned the requirements for each below.When the hit is nearby, a crosshair icon will show up on the mini-map. You can then use the bigger map to get the exact location. Once you find the target, it doesn't matter how you kill them as long as they die.

Be careful though, if you get too far away from the hit then the crosshair icon will disappear and you will have to find it again.After each hit is completed, you'll need to return to the activity location to activate a new hit on your HUDThere are 5 locations each with 6 hits each so that's 30 in all to get this achievement.Tips: Make sure you save after each hit, because the game does not autosave during this activity. There's nothing worse than having the game freeze after you've done a good amount of this, and we all know how bad this game is when it comes to freezing.It may be easier to do this at the end of the game, ie.

Saints Row 2 Clothing Stores

When the gangs are no longer around as they can be an unwanted distraction. Also avoid using homies because if you start shooting a hit, they will help you kill it and it they get the killing shot then it will not count.This activity DOES NOT need to be done in co-op for the co-op activity achievement. It is better to avoid doing this in co-op aswell as it could confuse the game if different people are killing different hits.