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We’ll occasionally send you account related emails.Already on GitHub?to your accountcs only runs normal after running it the first time (not only source engine games are affected but all games on steam!) fix for me: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/halflife/issues/387#issuecomment-249436648#387. Finally got it fixed:UPDATE:its going to be a long post so bear with me:o)everytime i install cs it only runs normal like i it should when i start it the first time. After playing it for a while my cs starts to run 'slower' and the game reacts strange. What i mean by that is that everything ingame doesnt run as fast/smooth as it should, everything feels choppy!for example movement, when i try to bunnyhop or russianwalk it just doenst feel right and everything is so much harder to do.


CS 1.6 Permanent Crosshair. Old Helpdesk topics and saw a bit of information that AutomaticHAX posted for getting a permanent crosshair with the green line on netgraph 1. This worked perfectly on LAN, but on a server the line was all wavey and broken (more on this further down).

Even when only strafing left and right i see and feel a noticeable delay from my input and when the game reacts to it! Same for shooting, when i spray or even try to tap (single shoots) the shoots feel 'heavy', i cant shoot as fast as i normally would and i have to take much bigger pauses between shooting!

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UC Berkeley CS 170: E cient Algorithms and Intractable Problems Handout 17 Lecturer: Michael Jordan November 4, 2005 Notes 17 for CS 170 1 Linear Programming It turns out that a great many problems can be formulated as linear programs, i.e., max-imizing (or minimizing) a linear function of some variables, subject to constraints on the. Mar 05, 2011  Hooray, a new method for a noscope crosshair with AWP or Scout. Overview: I found this out when I was looking through old Helpdesk topics and saw a bit of information that AutomaticHAX posted for getting a permanent crosshair with the green line on netgraph 1.

The consequence is that your weapon recoil is just not right and really hard to control! The screen shaking animation when shooting is also much bigger (especially spraying but you also see it when just shooting single shots). Same for awp, when i quickscope its much harder to do because its slower and it just doesnt feel right, after every shot it feels like you are glued to the ground or get pulled to the ground.

You can even see it on the animation of your weapons or the screen does when shooting (up and down shaking). For me it looks like the animation doesnt get played correctly from the beginning to the end, it feels choppy.to sum it up: it feels like the game itself is initiliazed correctly only right after the first start and afterwards not anymore!im having this problem for a while now, it started in 2009 when i started to play cs again after a long break (been playing cs since 1.0 so im no newbie in regard to cs and now how it should run). I tested different pcs, internetconnections, settings etc. Nothing helped. I tested it on different pcs from friends who had the same problem and some of them didnt even know it because they only started to play cs recently and didnt have a comparison to how cs should run. After showing them the difference when starting it the first time again or the methods mentioned below they also could see the difference!i even started to test other cs versions (non steam and older version pre 1.6/steam) and guess what.

The problem isnt there, the gameplay runs AND stays like it should! So i think the source of the problem is sth in regard to the steam client itself! So i decided to start my steam client in offline mode and suddenly my cs runs normal like it should!!!if you arent an experienced cs player (or havent played the other cs versions that run normal) theres a possibility you are so used to this bad gameplay because you have no comparison and/or are have played so long with it!

I have seen this phenomenon again and again with people!how i run the test (create a new game so you have the same conditions every time and can test the gameplay):i would reinstall cs (very time consuming and annoying), or (much easier to do) just delete my cs folder so it gets created again after i start it (doenst work anymore because since cs got updated the gcf files are gone and the cs files are stored in the common folder!). Or third method, i would try to crash the hl.exe by doing the following: create new game, open video options and change the gamma or brightness slider! Now the game needs to restart and most of the time i would get a hl.exe crash window! When i now restart cs it runs normal like the first time right after installation!

Sadly this trick only worked for me one time since these updates (when trying to enable the low video mode ingame). I guess sometimes fixing bugs is not that good if they helped you to fight other bugs haha!i would REALLY appreciate it if you would look into this matter seriously because there are a lot of people that are affected by this problem! If you have questions im willing to help in any form possible (i dont think my hardware specs matter because it happens on different pcs like i mentioned above), because i and many others have spent a lot of time trying to fix it!p.s.: i think that not only is cs 1.6 affected by this problem but also other goldsrc and even source games (css, cspromod etc)!tl;dr:not only source engine games have this problem, all games on steam suffer from micro-stutter, unsmooth and delayed inputs, the same games without steam run fine! - culprit steam client!?!?EDIT: see my latest post and edits in regard to this topic: its not connected to the source engine but to the steam client itself! This has got to have something to do with FPS. Because everything you described sounds exactly like what you experience when you play above 100 fps.

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I know alfred recently improved the performance on 100fps but things like bunny hopping are still nerfed on 100fps.Some of the issues you mentioned are also experienced when the game is run at a high/native resolution(1680x1050 for me). The game seems choppier, the guns seem to shoot slower. It feels like there's a drop in FPS or refresh rate even though both are steady(100fps, 120hz) and consistent on all resolutions. On low resolutions like 640x480 the game seems much more crisp and responsive; which is why 90%+ pro players use 640.p.s.: i think that not only is cs 1.6 affected by this problem but also other goldsrc and even source games (css, cspromod etc)!Hmm.

That's interesting. I've only experienced these kinds of issues in 1.6. The source engine games seem to be very consistent and absent of any of these kinds of issues. If you would have followed my postings in the steam forum (not that i demand you to to do because this thread is by now really hard to read with all the different stuff being posted there) you would know that i and others tested a lot of stuff and some stuff really helped (see powersaving features on newer hardware for example) others just worked for a short time (the mysterious phenomenon that cs runs better when changing sth) but the main problem is what i posted in the first posting of this thread! Ive found sth out just yesterday by accident when using linux, but i would have to test more or the best would be someone like or someone else who works on these cs updates who could look into it and verify it that it indeed does change sth because he has access to the code! I just wanna join schoofs explantions confirming issues with unsmooth gameplay and recoil control!I started playing counterstrike 1.6 in 2006 and up to a semi-professional level.


Soon after, the incidents occured for the first time and i wasn't able to play anymore on a competitive niveau.In this state i'm unable to control same single shots and spray as well (what was formerly one of my specialities).It's literally impossible or pure random to hit enemies after the first one or two shots, even if they are standing still. The whole gameplay isn't reacteable and feels delayed.So the problem appears also statistically in my game: i nearly never kill an enemy anymore with more than 3 hits, since i either have to headhot him before or he kills me cause of the uncontrolleable recoil or i die to him.I tried nearly everything to fix the problem: Different systems (win xp up to win 8), routers, servers, every possible net- and gamesettings, and different hardware components.

Also tools to optimize my hardware and internet connection.The only case the game works better is after the very first installation and (at least a bit) if steam is switched to 'off'.I can totally foreclose the issues from being generated by my components. As desribed above i tried to change everything. Now i'm using a very modern gaming laptop, a 25k dsl internet connection and can play without any loss, choke, constant 100 fps and with an average ping from about 10ms.Still the problems appear as described above.I don't have a clue why the problems doesn't seem to affect every player, but ithey clearly do myself.I would apreciate you to be aware of this since lots of players complain about it. Like schoof i think it's rather steam releated than a problem with cs1.6 itself. If there's any possibiity to fix it and bring us back the joy of playing this game.please do it!:).

(the mysterious phenomenon that cs runs better when changing sth) = you think it's going to run better when you change something = placebo effectEver thought about that cs pro's have never complained about this? I mean they travelled around the world playing on different setups on every lan they attented, and not one single complain about cs not running smooth?Please realize that when cs runs smoothly you have experience a thing called 'flow' in your mind. When it doesn't run smoothly, you don't experience the flow, and you start blaming the setup.

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I dont care if you believe me or not, i just try to explain what i and others are experiencing in regard to this problem! Do you guys really have to abbreviate the word 'something' to 'sth'. The more you do this kind of thing the harder you make it for other people to understand what you're saying.Regarding this problem, it's not placebo. I've experienced it myself and there is a massive thread on the steam forums about it. Many of my friends have experienced it as well and tried for years to fiddle with various hardware and software settings and changes yet no one's been able to figure out the cause.

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So many things seem to effect it. There is no other game where people complain about this same problem, if there was then maybe you could blame it on placebo.One thing I heard of years ago was to delete the custom.hpk file then go in cs and start a listen server, exit the game and set custom.hpk to read only. Ask the devs, but they dont care!

The 'support' is non existent and the higher-ups of valve say so themselves: (use google translate, but the tl;dr basically is: 'our support sucks and we know it')!im not sure what the source of this problem is exactly, but i know thats its not only affecting cs! All steam games i have show the self behaviour: game runs good after first time starting it and strangely also good after the steam client gets an update or when running steam offline and then it degrades and the game begins to show the usual signs like stutter, delayed inputs or a buffer between every action you do in the game and basically feels like the game is streamed to your pc and not played on your pc! I suspect sth in the client is the culprit, but i dont know why only some users are affected by it!?

I tested games like bad company 2 on steam and on origin, the steam version runs with the above mentioned problems and the origin version runs normal! Same with other games were i tested steam version and non-steam version!maybe there is sth in the client that doesnt get loaded correctly (or only when running it the first time)? Only the devs could tell you really whats happening with the client and all its processes etc., but like i said nobody cares!after dealing with this problem for years i abandoned steam (or all games that are only available through steam)! The problems you are describing like slow firerate or bad hitreg should be connection/server related!

If you are only suffering from this problems then we have different problems!im talking about this: micro-stutter, unsmooth and delayed inputs when playing steam games which makes it really hard in cs 1.6 to do a strafe jump, nuke red rock jump or even simple actions like controlling your recoil or single-tapping your weapon really hard, because it feels like the game runs with 30 frames and everything feel totally unsmooth! I had some of these problems, the only thing that i'm able to do now is jumping or shooting when im walking 'ALONE', and when an enemy appears or start shooting. I have EXACTLY what you have described above ( Slow and hard movements, unsmooth mouse movements etc. )another thing is that i'm feeling like people has priority more than me, i mean when i start shooting in the same time as my enemy (even if my shots are accurate). I can't hit his model or register some bullets ( no it's not just a feeling because when it's normal i lose HP but still i can shot back and do damage)something that i noticed is: when i show netgraph 1 and see the green line.

I have a straight line all the time, until (sometimes ) it jumps and back like it was (when i die ): it's like packets are buffered or something like that.anyway; it's random random and random, there's a multiple issues = 1 shitty / laggy gamplayyou have any advice for me about the peaks in netgraph 1? Honestely i'm not sure about thatin my nvidia 3D advenced setting, i have no settings talking about power-saving as a feature (like the 'power management setting' in 3D settings of some cards ), the same thing about my CPU ( AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.0 Ghz: i dont know if there's a way to check if my CPU has any power supply features( maybe a tool called: 'Cool'n'Quiet' is enabled )i'll check your profile. Btw you talk about Steam profile or this profile (github)?if you talk about the famous 'CS ISN'T SMOOTH', it will take a long time to find it haha. Placebo.On Fri, 14 Dec 2018 at 5:48 pm, deadaztec @. wrote: U need to turn on HPET on bios, next step open cmd bcdedit /set useplatformclock true, reboot pc. Open cs go, download timertool, open cmd and make bcdedit/ set useplatformclock false after bcdedit /set useplatformclock true without reboot pc, open timertool and set 0.5 — You are receiving this because you were mentioned. Reply to this email directly, view it on GitHub, or mute the thread.- Regards, Viktor Ltry it, then tell me:).