Locked Keyboard On Laptop

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My cat sat on my laptop keyboard when I wasn’t looking. Now that I turned on the laptop, I cannot type the password to login to Windows 10, but I can move the mouse cursor and click. The keyboard is currently not working. How can I?If your laptop keyboard stops working and you are in immediate need to access your laptop, then the following methods will help.Method 1: Unlock your laptop using On-Screen Keyboard1. When you reach the Windows 10 login screen, use your mouse to click the 'Ease of Access' button in the lower right corner of the screen, and then click On-Screen Keyboard in the pop-up menu.2. After the, all you need to do is click in the Password box, then click the correct letters or numbers on the On-Screen Keyboard to enter your password.3.

When you're finished, click the right arrow button right next to the Password box, and you will log in to Windows 10 normally. Once you are logged in, you will be able to correct what's wrong with your keyboard and then fix it. Method 2: Unlock your laptop using an external keyboardIf for some reason the On-Screen Keyboard is also not working, then an external keyboard is the second option to unlock your laptop. Turn off your laptop first, then plug a USB keyboard into one of your laptop's USB ports. Turn on your laptop and then it should allow the external keyboard to do the work needed.But if you have no USB keyboard available, or if an external keyboard also does not work for your laptop, then another good method to unlock your laptop is removing the Windows login password. Method 3: Unlock your laptop by removing the login passwordThis method requires you to have a which is created when you were logged in.

If you find that the keyboard that is attached to your computer stops responding, this means that you have been 'locked out' of it for whatever reason.


But if you have no password reset disk, then forget it and use other methods.1. Insert the password reset disk into one of your laptop's USB ports.2.

Type nothing and click the right arrow next to the Password box.3. Then a message will flash on the screen: 'The password is incorrect.

Click OK under the message.4. Now you will see a Reset password link appearing under the Password box. Click that link and a Password Reset Wizard will appear.5. Now all you need to do is follow the Password Reset Wizard. Click Next, Next, and leave all password fields empty and click Next and finally click Finish.6. After you are finished, click Sign in and you can log in to Windows without the need of typing password.

Method 4: Unlock your laptop by fixing the keyboardIf all the above methods don't work for your laptop, then you have to fix the keyboard to make it work before you can unlock your laptop. Now try the following steps.Step 1: Shut down your laptop completely using your mouse or Power button, and unplug your laptop.Step 2: Take the battery out of the laptop. Typically, turn the laptop over and slide the battery release latch, and then slide the battery out.Step 3: Leave the battery out for 30 seconds or one minute. This will make the laptop refresh itself.Step 4: Then put the battery back into the laptop.Step 5: Turn on your laptop and after it boots up the laptop's keyboard will start working. Then you can type your password and unlock your laptop.

Keyboard Is Locked And I Can't Type

Advertisement About a year ago, I got acquainted with the world of babies when my first niece was born. I was living half the world away at the time, and I found that watching the baby doing things on was almost as good as being there myself (well, almost).Problems started to arise when the baby got old enough to be interested in the computer, and instead of talking to my sister and watching the baby, the baby was hitting every keyboard key in sight and doing things to my sister’s computer I didn’t even know you could do with a keyboard.My cats are also in on this secret, and many times I had very weird things happen when they decided to take a stroll on my keyboard. This got me interested in programs that can lock the keyboard and mouse while still allowing you to use the computer and its display.

The selection is not huge by any means, but I managed to find several solutions to this problem. Kid-Key-LockWhile generally aimed at keeping your computer safe from kids (as the name suggests), Kid-Key-Lock can be useful in any number of scenarios.Using Kid-Key-Lock, you can lock just your left mouse button, just the right button, just the wheel and the left and so on. You can choose any combination you wish. There are also several options for locking the keyboard, such as locking only system combinations (ctrl, alt, win combinations), locking all keys but character keys and so on.

This is really handy because it means you can, for example, let someone type something using your keyboard, but do nothing else. The options are not very fancy, but useful. You can set up passwords you can type at any time (even when the keyboard is locked), which will load the setup or quit the program. These are important, as they are your only way out if you decide to lock all keys and all mouse buttons. Fortunately, Kid-Key-Lock can detect when you start typing your password and remind you what the full password is.This is a very flexible program and you can tweak it to lock exactly what you want, and only that. Quite useful, even if you don’t have babies or cats!is aimed at those who actually have babies or kids (cats and dogs might enjoy it too), by providing entertainment while the computer is locked.

Locked Keyboard On Laptop

It’s not as flexible as Kid-Key-Lock — you can only lock the entire keyboard or both keyboard and mouse — but you can also lock drive doors (worked even on my laptop’s CD drive) and the power button. The power button option only works on Windows XP, unfortunately, so I was unable to test it. But here comes the fun part: If you lock both keyboard and mouse, the screen turns black, and it reacts to mouse movements and keystrokes by drawing lines and displaying pictures of your choosing. It can even play sounds (WAV files only).

Locked Keyboard On Laptop

This is a great way to keep a kid busy in front of the computer without worrying about him getting into something he shouldn’t. You can stop this mode by typing “quit”, or any other password you set up.Here you can choose pictures and sounds to be displayed and played while the computer it locked. You can preview the images and play the sounds directly from this window.Note that if you lock only the keyboard, the program does not enter this mode, so you can still use your mouse to do things, like load and watch a movie, without worrying about your cat stepping all over the keyboard in the middle of it.If the previous two seem to be overly configurable to you, you might like KeyFreeze. KeyFreeze does one thing and one thing only — It locks your keyboard and mouse. When you run KeyFreeze, you get a small window with one button. When you click this button, you get a countdown and everything will lock in 5 seconds.

To unlock, you need to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and then Esc. I tried watching a movie with KeyFreeze on, and it worked great. The movie was playing smoothly, and nothing I did with the keyboard or mouse had any effect. ConclusionBe it kids, cats, clueless family and colleagues or just a stray mouse that gets accidentally clicked, locking your keyboard or mouse can prove to be extremely useful. If your kids (or cats) are already older and can actually use the computer, you can check out:. Children's stories are great for sparking creativity and imagination. Here are the best websites with books and stories for kids.And you should also know Your laptop keyboard not working?

Try these tips to pinpoint and fix the issue before you think of replacing the entire keyboard.