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On Sunday, September 19th, an exploit for the latest Mac OS X 10.7 'Lion' was discovered by Patrick Dunstan. This exploit allows for an attacker, even remotely, to request to have the root user's password changed without knowing the password to the system beforehand.

This would lead to the legitimate owner of the system getting locked out, as well as all of their files being compromised (unless disc encryption was in place). Let's go over why this happens, and how to stop it until a patch comes out.

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A Byte of Info. Look at the bytes below it. Toca life city free download ios. Bytes 28-32 are the password salt (4 bytes are in each octet), and bytes 32-96 are the SHA512 hash. From there, the user wanting privilege escalation can then load the hash into a password cracker for SHA512 hashes with 4 byte salts. There is one made by the author of the exploit written in python (brownie points for that, good sir). Step 2.

Copy paste the code in a text document and name it ''. Get a password list to run against the file - you can find good ones at. In a terminal, change to the directory '' is in and issue the command with this syntax.

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