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Computer-Aided DesignThis is a place to talk about anything related to CAD. Share CAD related news, ask questions about CAD software, ask how to get into the business or show off your latest 3D model.Computer-Aided Design, or just CAD, describes the use of computer software to assist in the creation, modification, analysis or optimization of a design. CAD software is used for creating 3D models, technical drawings and documentation for manufacturing of a product, construction of a building or civil works. RhinoGold really doesn't stack up to Matrix, and if you are considering one or the other, Matrix is definitely the better option.' S advice is somewhat true, but not 100% accurate. When you buy Matrix you are indeed getting a full license of Rhinoceros, which is the CAD engine Matrix uses, but Matrix is much more than just a plugin. I do agree that learning to model in Rhino alone is a powerful skill, but if you are trying to do jewelry cad designing/manufacturing full time, the tools in Matrix greatly speed up the process and are extremely helpful.I have used Matrix in a professional environment for over a decade, and while I could do a lot of my jewelry modeling in Rhino alone, It would be a much slower and inefficient process.

The jewelry specific tools in Matrix (gems/prongs/settings/cutters/repairing/manufacturing/3dprinting support) making knocking out a models a breeze, and I wouldn't use any other software. Gemvision has just rolled out a new product called Matrix Gold Essentials which has features of both Rhino Gold and Matrix 9. The Rhino Gold and Matrix product lines are said to not have continued development from here on out.If your considering either matrix or rhino gold I’d advise waiting until the next version of MatrixGold is released, which is claimed to be full featured compared to the current Essentials version. Supposed to be out around May 2019.I use a competing product now, but may pick up Matrix Gold down the road. That is my understanding.

Tag:Gemvision Matrix 9 crack Gemvision Matrix 9 download Gemvision Matrix 9 training; Description. Gemvision Matrix 9.0. Gemvision, which is part of Stuller’s group of companies, has released a new version of its Matrix 9.0 and Clayoo 2.5 software. Matrix is a 3-D CAD software designed to help with the creation of original jewelry designs. How to master 3d Jewellery design. You dont need to have matrix 8.0 or 9.0 to learn from this course. The instructor made it sure every person can learn from. Gemvision Matrix. Gemvision Matrix is the name of engineering and engineering software for designing and simulating jewelry. A powerful software that will meet your requirements for creativity. With this software, you will get very detailed control of your product design.

While both are plugins for Rhino, they had different design teams (rhinogold was developed in Spain) with different tools and approaches for some designs. If you have Matrix now, then learn it and use it.

Much of what you learn will probably transfer either directly, or at least in terms of learning strategies to create certain geometries. You can use matrix 8 to make most jewelry, it isn’t obsolete as in not useful, just the newer version 9 is updated with newer feature (and losing some features like T-splines) and hopefully a little more debugged, new features notwithstanding.Some jewelry has organic design elements, thus I’ve been playing with 3DCoat, and considering Zbrush in addition to what I have rather than as a replacement. A couple weeks ago I made a mountain range ring that would have very time consuming for me in my program, but was easy in 3DCoat.No one CAD program is good/best at everything. I love the way that Matrix goes about shank profiles, and the newer textures features looks potentially useful, as does clayoo.


Many bitch about losing T-splines when they updated to 9.0 from 8.0 The head builders are useful timesavers for some designs. The newest Matrix Gold is said to have greater parametric history functionality similar to 3Design, which would be very, very useful. Artcam was best at emblematic designs, but I don’t know what the current equivalent is as that program was abandoned. I know of several jewelers that run regular Rhino, but with 3rd party plugins that increase its jewelry specific functionality or save a lot of time.Sorry for the rambling response, I keep getting interrupted, but in short, if you have Matrix 8.0 already, learn it, use it, discover what it is great at, and what it is deficient at in regards to your needs. It’s a great program, that has made a lot of jewelers a lot of money, making great designs. And, Stuller says they have plans to allow a reduced price upgrade to the Matrix Gold program in the future for current Matrix users (you’ll need to ask them for details, which they were short on last week as this product just came out and they seem to be figuring out what to do with regards to those that have earlier Matrix and Rhino Gold). I don’t have an online store of photos of my work unfortunately, always so much to do.Not sure every CAD software has 3dm support, but programs like 3DCoat and Zbrush work with the.stl format that most any CAD program can export in.

Same file format that is generally used to send to a 3D printer.As to tips, I believe that there is a forum just for Matrix users. I learned FirestormCAD by watching a few videos, lots and lots of trial and error, and a few support calls when stuck with a problem. Also, there are some jewelry specific groups with people far more knowledgeable and experienced than me on Facebook.

Memory in a month ron white workbook. Gemvision Matrix and MatrixGold Essentialsis is a jewellery-specific CAD suite based upon Rhino CAD software’s same core engine, but rebuilt from the ground up to make it as easy and efficient as possible for fine jewellers.In addition to offering all the advantages of Rhino, Matrix has a whole series of additional builders and special tools for making all the repetitive and painstaking tasks of jewellery design (such as pave and prong settings) fast and easy. Thanks to all these additional tools, Matrix will get you designing for production amazingly Gemvision/Stuller’s latest creation. It is a full redesign of RhinoGold (which they bought out several years ago), made to emphasize a new leap in user friendliness.

It’s a simpler interface than Matrix in many ways, designed to be a “lighter” and faster version of the full Matrix software with some of the more advanced functions removed. To Learn More About Jewellery CAD/CAMIf this whets your appetite for learning more about how to use Matrix for your CAD jewellery design and manufacturing, I can provide you with three options:I’ve designed several Matrix short courses for beginner and intermediate users, focusing on Matrix’s builders and key problem solving strategies for turning your ideas into CAD models for 3D printing. To find out more about to suit your business needs and timetables.Finally, I have collected a series of tutorial videos below which can both help you get a feeling for what the software is like to use, and also how to perform certain key tasks in the software.

Selected Tutorial Videos – Matrix Tutorial Videos of My Creation.Tutorial Videos From Other Users. 1 August, 2014 at 5:34 pmDear Karina:I think the problem is most tutors feel that teaching many of the more high-end CAD software packages requires some amount of hands-on training. While this can be delivered to a limited extent through on-line portals, working exclusively off of training videos without much supplement from actual teacher interaction is a poor substitute for a class. I would agree with this line of thought myself as well.Perhaps if there were several individuals in your organisation, perhaps we could look into arranging a special session with your team, either with your coming here, or with my coming there?

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It might not necessarily be cheap, but it would solve the problem.I would warn you though that my Hindi is not very goodRegards,Jack. 14 July, 2015 at 4:20 pmDear Abumashar:Apologies for the delayed response.You can find out cost for the courses we offer at the Holts Academy website:.

For coming to London, my suggestion would be to consider accommodation rather than hostels, but there are several good hostels in the area of central London. Again, I would suggest liaising directly with the Holts Academy admissions staff on the matter.We can do one-to-one bespoke training if you wish as well, which might be more worthwhile if you’re coming all this way to study. Would you be interested in that?I hope that helps.Best regards,Jack. 21 January, 2016 at 11:43 amHi Maria.Good question.

With 32-bit Rhino and Matrix (as well as other programs), there is an unofficial file size limit. Files which are too large will simply crash the program, if not the system. But even with 64-bit programs, you load a file that’s very large, the machine will run more and more slowly until the program or the system crashes anyway.This is a common problem with pieces with huge amounts of gemstones. Rendering them can be quite a chore, as you may need to render the piece in sections and compile them in Photoshop.However, when it comes to exporting the model for 3D printing, that’s different. The size of the mesh is entirely related to the mesh density, rather than the complexity of the original object.

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And this mesh density is under your control when you export. Of course, we may be running into a problem where the file is too big to both have loaded in while simultaneously trying to export it.A couple of suggestions to lighten the load on your computer:1.) Make sure you’re using a 64 bit version of the program, you’re using a 64 bit operating system, and you have a good amount of RAM in your machine.2.) Make a version of the file with ONLY the geometry intended for 3D printing. Remove all gemstones, curves, duplicate objects, and anything that’s on a hidden layer.3.) View the object with any form of shading which doesn’t show isocurves. Plastic shading is particularly good in Matrix, and Rendered shading is good in Rhino.4.) Delete the original NURBS object before exporting the mesh.Hope that helps.Regards,Jack.

27 January, 2016 at 2:15 pmHi Maria:No, I do not. I mean “delete the original NURBS, and keep the mesh”.The process of meshing and exporting is destructive, so you’re not going to save this file normally anyway. Rather, you’re going to export the parts and then throw away the file afterwards, hence why you save the original before you start meshing.Don’t be afraid of meshes. If you want to have control over your exporting to.stl, you have to make meshes and export the meshes yourself.Regards,Jack. 27 January, 2017 at 10:50 amHi Mehvish:Matrix uses V-Ray, and Cinema 4D is able to use it’s own version of V-Ray as a plug in. This means it may be possible to export the rendering setup from Matrix, and then import it into C4D’s version of V-Ray.

You’d also need to export the CAD file into C4D as well, and link the two up. I’ve never tested it though so I don’t know how it would work.In the rendering V-Ray Styles menu in Matrix, there is a way of saving the file’s rendering settings. Look for it and try it out.Besides that, I would suggest trying the V-Ray rendering plug-in technical support forums for this.Hope that helps point you in the right direction.Regards,Jack.