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Scp containment breach map creator tutorial
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I tested the game and it works normal, so I decided why not if I add some custom rooms maybe it will boost the game up a little just with a few more rooms that I createdexampleroom2officesLCZa office hallway for the light containment zoneroom3tunnel2for the light containment zone and the heavy containment zoneroom3servers1a room filled with computers LCZyou can add my own rooms to your scp game if you wantI will create a folder with the room files in it and the things required for the gameupdates coming soon.

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Hello everyone! I'm glad to annouce that we bring to you the Slender Fortress version of SCP Containment Breach! The Map is dark, is good if you want to place some lights! Remember, update your TF2 content before using these maps. Update SFM TF2 Content. Install new assets in SFM. Map Creator - Official SCP - Containment Breach Wiki. The Map Creator is a tool that allows users to generate their own maps for SCP - Containment Breach. It can be found in the directory SCP - Containment.

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Scp Containment Breach Map Creator Tutorial

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