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Naghma singing during the 2010 celebration at inBackground informationBirth nameShaperei ( )Born( 1964-01-01) January 1, 1964 (age 55),Genres, PopYears active1980–presentLabelsAfghan Vision RecordsAriana RecordsNaghma Shaperai (: نغمه ښاپېرۍ, born 1 January 1964) is a prominent Afghan singer who started her career in the early 1980s. She and her ex-husband, Mangal, were a popular musical duo who dominated the Afghan music scene during the 1980s and early 1990s. Naghma sings mostly in but has also recorded in the language. Her music is popular in, and among in. She is considered to be the greatest female artist in Afghanistan and continues to be the voice and face of.

Contents.Early years Naghma was born as Shaperai (Pashto: ښاپېرۍ meaning Head Fairy) on 1 January 1964 in Afghanistan. The city of her birth cannot be verified. She was the eldest daughter in a family of five boys and three girls. Her father's name was Syed Suleiman Shah and her mother is Bibi Mashala. Her father died when Naghma was five years old. As a young girl, she developed an interest in music. At sixteen she moved to with her paternal uncle.

She continued her secondary education at where she was performing in the girl's band as a vocalist. A year before finishing her high school she married Mangal, an already popular Pashto singer from, and consequently left school to advance her musical career.

Ahmed proves to be a spineless husband, mostly influenced by his mother, who perhaps got him married to have a maid in her house. (Uzma Gilani) very artfully puts off Mariam’s dad whenever he calls and Ahmed makes sure she doesn’t get a chance to be in touch with her parents. Submit your review. With the drama made especially for TV One Dastaar-e-Anaa has been written by M.Ameen Sadiq and it seems to be revolving around this powerful lady called Zaibunnisa played by the veteran actress Uzma Gillani whom we have missed watching on the screen. The sternness or rather the knowledge that she is the head and a lot of people’s monetary problems depend on her has made her rather proud.

They were instant celebrities, recording hits that are famous to this day.Her early songs were based on southern Afghan music, most of which were folkloric in nature. Coming from a traditional family, she met with much resistance from relatives who saw singing as taboo for Afghan woman. Naghma has often stated in interviews that till today her mother is still not happy with her career choice. However, Naghma was not discouraged by this.

In Mangal she found a supporting husband and as duo the pressure from society was much more bearable as opposed to being solo.With impending civil war, the couple left Afghanistan for in 1992. Eventually they settled in, Pakistan.

There, they became very successful with an enthusiastic crowd of Afghan exiles who were nostalgic for their native music. Their financial situation by this time had improved significantly. In 2000, they left Pakistan and immigrated to the.Personal life After establishing contact with the of, the duo held a series of performances. In 2006, after years of ups and downs in their marriage, the couple divorced.

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Though no specific reasons have been shared by the couple, some believe Mangal's alleged alcohol abuse was the reason for why the marriage dissolved. The couples have held a dignified silence about their divorce and never mention anything relating to it in public. Their divorce has also cast a doubt as to whether this former pair can reconcile at least on a professional level. While Mangal performs solo in private events and television programs, Naghma is continuing her career as a professional artist.Naghma remarried after her divorce and maintain to be very protective of her current husband. She recently revealed he is from.Naghma's daughter married Afghan singer Safiq Mureed in a private ceremony in 2014. Naghma's main home and her children are in California but she has also made a place for herself in Kabul and Islamabad.In March 2014 she became the first Afghan ever to receive the and the, the highest Pakistani Presidential Awards handed to artists, sportsmen, scientists, and writers. It was a proud moment for Naghma who has always been a strong voice for the Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

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Man-o-SalwaAlso known asTere Ishq MeinGenreBased onMan-o-Salwa byWritten byUmera AhmedDirected byStarringOpening themeTere Ishq Mein(sung by and written by )Country of originOriginal language(s)No. Of seasons1ProductionProducer(s)Production location(s)Running timeApprox. 35-40 minutesReleaseOriginal networkOriginal release2007 –2007Man-o-Salwa (: من و سلویٰ‎) is an which was broadcast in 2007 by, based on 's novel of the same name. The telenovela, which features actors, and in the lead roles, is directed by and produced by Momina Duraid.

It was broadcast in India by under the title Tere Ishq Mein, premiering on 13 October 2014. This article's plot summary may be. Please by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. ( July 2015) Zainab is a beautiful girl who is deeply in love with her cousin Sheraz and is also committed to him. But Sheraz witnesses certain events which he misinterprets and hence, believes Zainab to be involved in affairs with other men.

Thus, he decides to break the engagement only to be told the truth and pacified and finds a place for himself in the good books of his senior at office. And it is here where Sheraz makes new acquaintances and friends who misguide him by suggesting him to marry a daughter from a wealthy family, in order to ensure luxury, comfort and wealth for himself.

And thus, lured by these thoughts Sheraz feels the need to break up his engagement with Zainab. At the same time Sheraz also senses that his senior is thinking of getting him married with her daughter (Sheena) and thus, Sheraz starts devising a plan to get rid of Zainab and also succeeds in creating a bad image of Zainab in the eyes of his parents. Soon later, Sheraz's senior visits his home and proposes him to marry his daughter and Sheraz and his parents readily agree to the proposal, leading his engagement with Zainab to be broken up, which deeply disturbs Zainab. Sheraz also spreads rumours and false stories about Zainab in the neighbourhood and she becomes infamous overnight in her entire locality.

And determined, to take revenge, Zainab begins her life afresh.She leaves home and despite opposition from her family begins working as a model and later as an actress under the nom de plume Parizaad. Parizaad becomes widely popular among the masses but still Zainab remains to be viewed negatively by her family and the society. Her father dies and her family disowns her. But later her mother and her elder sister Zohra and younger sister Ayesha go through a deep turmoil.

Zohra's husband leaves her along with 3 children. Her mother, who is deprived of food and electricity, decides to forgive Zainab and stay with her. Zainab even saves Zohra's house.Much later, Zainab gets an offer for a film, to be produced by a man named, Karam , due to which she is called to Sydney in Australia for a meeting with him. Excited about the project, which appears promising to Zainab, she leaves soon for Australia. At the same time, on the other hand, Sheraz is living an unhappy life with his wife and he couldn't even break up the marriage as he owes a lot of money to his father-in-law which he would have to repay in case of a divorce. In Australia, Zainab, upon meeting and spending time with Karam, begins to develop feelings of affinity for him and also gets to know that he is a huge fan and adorer of her. She finds him to be one of a kind and loves him more because neither does he take advantage of her nor he is bothered about the rumours regarding Parizaad spread in the entire industry.

But as the project gets cancelled Zainab returns to Pakistan.Upon returning to Pakistan, Zainab happens to meet Sheraz once again, after years, and determined to take revenge this time she succeeds in getting him involved in a scandal. Sheraz is put behind the bars and becomes infamous in the society overnight. Upon knowing this Sheraz's wife divorces him and she, along with her father, leaves him to be as he is in the police station.

Sheraz pleads many acquaintances to help him but all refuse him and is left with no way out. Following this incident, Zainab retires from modeling and acting and travels to Sydney to meet and to be with Karam.Meanwhile, in Australia, Karam's mother forces him to marry a lady named Zari , who is much younger to him in age. And until the marriage both remain unaware of the fact that none of them had given their full approval to the marriage.

World shortage food crisis. And after getting married, when Karam gets to know the truth and also that his wife loves a man named Jamal , he allows her to break up the marriage and to be with the man of her love. And when Zainab arrives, Karam is once again single and they begin to spend time with each other and slowly develop a feeling of love for each other.

But when Karam meets his mother and confesses to her his wish to marry Zainab, she insults and demeans her, forcing Zainab to leave the house. But in her absence, Karam asserts his will and determination to marry Zainab and also claims that his mother and brother have used him just for amassing wealth to fulfill their needs and to uplift their social status and saying this, Karam leaves tormented in search of Zainab. And while looking for her, Karam finds her belongings at various points on a path that leads to his own house. But by the time Karam reaches home Zainab had already committed suicide by jumping from the balcony.Cast. as Zainab, Karam's Wife. as Sheraz. as Karam.

as Zari, Jamal's Wife. as Jamal, Zari's Husband. as Sheena.

as Karam's mother. as Zainab's mother. as Zainab's father.

as Sheraz's mother. as Sultan. as Ayesha. as Randhawa. as SohailReferences.