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Get More Traffic and Make More SalesBy Killing Your Bounce Rate WithZero Bounce WordPress PluginPicture this: You have your website set up, you’ve fine-tuned your sales funnel, and you’re landing page is primed for maximum conversions. All you need now is to pour in some traffic and start making money online.What could possibly go wrong?BOUNCE RATE!Bounce rate is when visitors land on your website only to immediately click the back button on their browser. This is typically a website’s most devastating loss of traffic!According to recent studies the average bounce rate for websites is 50% to 70%!That’s potentially 50% to 70% of your profits going down the drain!

Website without ZERO BOUNCE WP Plugin:Website with ZERO BOUNCE WP Plugin:List of all features and demo video are available at product website:ZERO BOUNCE is Easy to Use and Beginner Friendly!Get Setup and Kill Your Bounce Rate in Less than 1 Minute!Get Instant Access to ZERO BOUNCE.

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Zero Bounce is the killer when it comes to reducing your bounce rate to almost zero. This plugin has an innate capacity to figure out if your visitor clicks the “back button” or “exit button” When it finds out your reader has clicked the back button to leave your blog and bump your bounce rate, it will just intelligently redirect that visitor to the page you specified. Planet coaster review. Email verifier ZeroBounce won the 2018 Affy Award for Outstanding Internet Achievement, at the Affiliate Summit West event in Las Vegas. Specializing in in-depth email list cleaning, bounce detection, email abuse and spam trap detection, ZeroBounce is the go-to email validation solution for companies looking to improve email deliverability.

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Posted ByWordPress plugins can really take your blog to the next level. Self hosted WordPress blogs are extremely popular because of all the WordPress plugins available. Let’s look at some of the most popular plugins that you can use to generate more traffic and reduce bounce rate. NRelate Related ContentOne of the best wordpress plugins that you can use to reduce bounce rate and create more traffic within your blog. This displays related content on your site and has one of the best looking thumbnails and images display.

Overall, a great alternative to ReplyMe and one of the best wordpress plugins there is. Smart Archives ReloadedIt is always advisable to create an page on your blog to show off all your posts in a single page. It can help a reader find a post of their choice no matter when it was published. It will also increase your on-page traffic and reduce bounce rate.will create an Archives page for you in seconds where the posts will be classified on both a monthly and yearly basis. It also comes with shortcodes which you need to add to a page to display the Archives. SimpleReach SlideEveryone knows about the.

It pops up after you have scrolled down to a specific part of a page. It also shows the Tweet and the Like button which is really helpful. It is compatible with WordPress 3.5.1 and you can easily use it. Overall, one of the best wordpress plugins to reduce your bounce rate. Comment Redirect by YoastComment Redirect by Yoast will not help you get any traffic if you aren’t able to create a great looking “Thank You” page. It basically redirects first time commenters to a “Thank You” page which you need to create (if you still haven’t).The Thank You page should contain your Archives and you social media links to allow the first time commenter for the opportunity to subscribe to your blog.Check out our.If created properly, this plugin with the help of the Thank You page can generte some amount of on-page traffic.Other than the above plugins, you can also use the plugin that helps in reducing the bounce rate dramatically.Over to you.What do you think about these wordpress plugins? Do share it with us if you have any more plugins in mind.

Wordpress Zero Bounce Redirect Always

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