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This achievement requires upgrading a standard weapon to Chaos +5. Vamos in the Catacombs can upgrade a weapon to +5, then to Fire +5, then to Chaos +5. This requires the Chaos Ember from the Demon Ruins and a total of 9 Titanite Shards, 10 Green Titanite Shards, 8 Red Titanite Chunks, and 1 Red Titanite Slab.Unlike the Lightning, Crystal, Occult, and Enchanted weapon upgrades, there is no Fire or Chaos weapon to be found, so you will have to make one from scratch.Titanite Shards and Green Titanite Shards are found in limited numbers as you progress and can be bought from some NPCs. Red Titanite Chunks can be found in somewhat limited static locations throughout the mid-to-late stages of the game (as guaranteed enemy drops or on corpses).

Then you will need to locate Chaos Flame Ember which is found in the Demon Ruins and give this to Vamos who is located in the Catacombs,This allows Vamos to Upgrade your +5 Fire weapon to Chaos. May 26, 2018 - Survival in Dark Souls Remastered will require strong weapon upgrades. Chaos Flame Ember - Found in the Demon Ruins, behind the Minor.

The second Black Knight in the Kiln of the First Flame (the final area of the game) respawns and always drop a Red Titanite Chunk. You can find a Red Titanite Slab in a chest Lost Izalith.Fire and Chaos reinforcements use the same upgrade materials. The game only saves when you back out of an upgrade menu, so you can get these two weapon upgrade achievements with a single Red Titanite Slab and 9 (possibly 8, but I believe 9) Red Titanite Chunks if you'd prefer to not have to gather 2 Slabs and 18 Chunks. You'll end up losing the resulting fully upgraded weapon by dashboarding right after the achievement pops (before backing out of the upgrade menu) but you will get your upgrade materials back.For these two achievements, you'll have to have the Large Fire Ember and Chaos Ember from the Demon Ruins. Head to Vamos, give him both Embers, and have him upgrade a standard weapon to +5, then use the 'Modify Equipment' option to ascend this +5 weapon to Fire +1. Back up and choose 'Reinforce Weapon' to upgrade the Fire +1 weapon to Fire +5, which will require a total of 10 Green Titanite Shards.Now have Vamos 'Modify Equipment' and ascend the Fire +5 weapon to Chaos +1.

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Back up and choose 'Reinforce Weapon' to upgrade the Chaos +1 weapon to Chaos +5. Wait a few seconds after applying the final upgrade (which requires 1 Red Titanite Slab) and this achievement will pop. Again, do not back out of this menu screen confirming that the weapon was upgraded to +5, but instead go to the dashboard and force quit the game, then restart the game and continue. You'll be back at Vamos as if you had never done the Chaos upgrades.Now have Vamos 'Modify Equipment.'

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The far right option should allow you to revert the Chaos weapon to a +5 Fire weapon. Then choose the option to upgrade ('ascend') the +5 Fire weapon to +6, which requires the Large Fire Ember. Back up to Vamos' main menu and choose 'Reinforce Weapon,' then upgrade the +6 Fire weapon up to +10, at which point the Fire Weapon achievement will pop.

You can dashboard here if you'd prefer to save your Chunks and Slab for something else.As always, refer to for specific information relating to items or locations.Please log in to comment on this solution.

Fertile ground remixed zip code. Giant Dad jokes aside, I assume you're talking about weapons that get a high scaling with both Faith and Intelligence when you infuse it with chaos.Dark sword gets B scaling in both, which is pretty good. There are people that'll get mad at you for it but if you wanna use the weapon I say go for it.Gotthard twinswords also get B/B scaling with chaos, so that would be pretty goodMost straight swords seem pretty good for a chaos infusion, really just comes down to your personal preference though.