How To Ash Blunt

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  2. This video was created for educational purposes only. We are Professional blunt smokers; do try this at home.

May 18, 2018 - The glass blunt will also eliminate the ash generated from the burning herb during use. This will ensure that users will take in fresh draws at all.

How To Store A Half Smoked Joint

The Notorious B.I.G. Smoking a Blunt1. The person who rolls the blunt should be the one who lights it. This is simply out of respect considering it takes a few minutes to roll.2. This comes from a Rastafari tradition where Rastafarians would pass their marijuana left in times of peace and right in times of disturbance and war.3. If a blunt comes to you that you did not plan to smoke, ask if you can smoke, if the person says yes do not exceed more than 2 puffs a time.4.

Normally people take 2 hits of the blunt and pass it; commonly referred to as “puff puff pass”. However, if there is a good amount of product in the blunt or you want to chief simply ask everyone. When there are only 2 people on a blunt or multiple blunts in rotation it is ok to take multiple hits.5.

If the blunt starts to “run” or “canoe”, don’t just keep smoking it. Be wary of ash. Nobody likes ash falling on them so keep your blunt clean and ash it frequently.7.

Try to avoid excessive moisture and keep the blunt nice and dry.8. Never put down the blunt until it is done.9. Do not allow the blunt to go out. Junk jack x world download. This could result from letting it rest without taking a hit.10. Ask everyone smoking if they want the roach before disposing of it. Some like to chief on the roach or have other plans in mind for its disposal.11.

If you are being “smoked up”, which means someone is offering you a smoke without asking for money in return, it is only right to smoke that person up in the future. After all marijuana does cost money.12.

It is impolite to leave immediately after being smoked up.13. It is ok to smoke people up on a blunt just out of compassion, being stingy was never a huge part of marijuana culture.14.

Always return the lighter back to its owner.15. Lastly, maintain a calm and chill atmosphere. You want to enjoy this experience with those sharing it with youCheers and happy smoking,The Weed Street Journal Team Related Posts via Categories.

Guide; White AshI don’t remember who told me this but I do know that it was left in a comment on my Instagram a while ago. I don’t remember what photo it was but I very vividly remember someone saying that if the ash in your bowl is black and messy, then the weed isn’t good. I’ve since wondered if this was true and figured that I’d answer it for everyone if there happens to be other people out there wondering. The answer is yes, the color of the ash matters. It doesn’t really mean that the weed is terrible but it does almost always mean that the plants were grown via hydroponics and they unfortunately weren’t flushed properly before harvest.

It’s super hard to find information about this subject. Either people don’t care or there just isn’t a huge push to know if your kicked bowls are okay or not.Basically, pay attention to how hard your weed is to light. While buds can be cured correctly, that doesn’t mean that it’s been flushed of the nutrients that are using in the growing process specific to hydro. Phosphorus is extremely beneficial in the bloom process to produce bigger flowers. However, phosphorus is the culprit when your bud is hard to light and harsh. When you smoke, it shouldn’t feel like you’re taking a shot of Bacardi 151. This is also the reason that you’re getting an ugly mass of black ash in your bowl.


The ash of smoked pot should be white and fluffy. Joints that always tend to go out are also a sign of high levels of phosphorus still left in the buds.These chemically unbalanced buds are also not so great for your health. Unfortunately, that contradicts the whole idea of medical marijuana. If you’re smoking for health, you should be smoking something that is doing more good than harm. Properly flushed buds are better for the overall value of the pot, definitely the quality, and it will create a bigger benefit from smoking. The grow process is so important to the patients. It doesn’t help them if the weed they’re smoking isn’t at it’s full potential.I’m sure that most growers these days have enough knowledge collected that they are flushing their plants of harmful chemicals before selling it, especially to medical patients.

How To Wash Your Blunts

I must admit that I still see weed that burns badly, crackles, and burns the lungs like acid. Growing these plants definitely takes a lot of patience and skill. But stoners everywhere should be able to get the best grass that they can and they definitely deserve to know if their bud is inadequate for their medical needs.