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It's his WRLD now: The rapper born Jarad Higgins and better known as Juice WRLD on the Billboard 200 albums chart this week with his sophomore solo LP, Death Race For Love. The set moves 165,000 equivalent album units in its first week of release, while also landing six tracks of its on the Billboard Hot 100.It's a career week for the ascendant 20-year-old, establishing him as one of the most successful young talents of his generation. But just how big is he already? Who is his current success most reminiscent of? And what other even newer, younger rapper is up next after him? Billboard staffers debate these topics and more in this week's Five Burning Questions. How are you feeling about the album's 22 tracks in general - does Death Race justify its length?Josh Glicksman: As a general rule of thumb, if the album isn’t Pusha T’s Daytona, it can almost certainly benefit from shortening the runtime.

Given that Scorpion pulled in 82 percent of its streams on just six of its 25 cuts, it’s hard to imagine that Death Race is going to get any sort of balanced airplay, either. Fans’ attention spans inevitably dwindle. Admittedly, thisisn’t the same marathon slog as many of Death Race's run-of-the-mill companions, thanks in large part to it avoiding top-heaviness - the final stretch of the album regains steam, and Juice WRLD saves a Young Thug-assisted for a late treat. Regardless, I’d bet you’ll be hard-pressed to name half of the tracks on the album a few months from now.Carl Lamarre: Because we’re in a time where we're receiving such an influx of new music weekly, Death Race is A LOT to digest.

Streaming Juice Wrld Death Race For Love

At the same time, the colorful production and sugary melodies make the album such a smooth ride. Brent Faiyaz crushed his feature on and reminded us why he's on the brink of stardom. Genius move by Juice in passing the baton and allowing Brent to shine during his intermission.Jason Lipshutz: Death Race For Love is too long, but then again, almost every album that has 22 tracks is too long.

Juice WRLD Official Store. Death Race For Love Album T-Shirt + Digital Album. Juice WRLD Official Store. 999 Roaming My Mind Longsleeve + Digital Album. Juice WRLD Official Store. 999Wrld Dominationr x VLONE Longsleeve + Digital Album. The Juice Wrld Death Race For Love album was released on March 8, 2019 via Interscope Records/Grade A Productions. Following the release of his debut album, Juice Wrld also collaborated with Future on a collaboration mixtaoe titled, Future & Juice Wrld Present Wrld on Drugs, which was released in October.

We can’t all make Stankonia! But as a ploy to dominate streaming services as well as flesh out Juice WRLD’s personality a bit, this very full full-length is successful enough. Only a few songs stretch past the four-minute mark, or stand out as totally skippable clunkers; meanwhile, songs like and allow Juice to experiment with different production approaches and shed some light into his WRLD. Also: give me with its tale of toxic romance over a humming Nick Mira beat, as the strongest deep cut here.Ross Scarano: Very few albums justify 22 songs, Death Race being no exception. That said, the back-half of this album has some of the standouts from my vantage: and “The Bees Knees” have some of the most atypical production on the project, and jut out all the more by coming so late on the record, after the dominant sound has been established. His flow on “10 Feet,” working with almost Joy Orbison esque production, built around, is a novelty on Death Race. And the beat switch on “The Bees Knees” is surprising and smooth - Hit-Boy and No I.D.

Hooked him up. (Sidebar: It's good to see Hit-Boy’s name in the credits for a rap album so many times.)Andrew Unterberger: I'm actually in the minority that says many of the best rap albums of last year were 20-plus tracks: I loved nearly the entirety of SR3MM, Culture II and yes, even Scorpion. This isn't quite on that level for me, but I'll also echo that Juice was wise to save many of the set's most intriguing and compelling cuts for late - even hooking the '90s heads who'd otherwise decry this post-millennial paragon with a Stan Getz sample on closer This isn't necessarily intended for hours of foreground listening anyway; this weekend aptly called Juice 'shut the fuck up, mom, i'm playing video games' music, and those kids should happily let Death Race soundtrack 70-plus minutes of Fortniting without switching playlists.4. Fill in the brackets in this analogy: Juice WRLD is to 2019 as is to.Josh Glicksman: As Kid Cudi is to 2008. The two emo rap savants both stand out as Internet icons of their respective times, with the former serving as one of the first artists to truly blow up as part of the digital era.

Like Higgins, Cudi first turned heads with an irresistible single -that deals with an altered state of consciousness. Following such a release, both rappers experienced swift and monumental ascensions, with Cudi’s Man on the Moon peaking at No. 3 in 2009, and Death Race topping the Billboard 200 a year after the release of “Lucid Dreams.” It’s also tough to avoid drawing something of a comparison between Kanye West and Future serving as mentors for Cudi and Juice, respectively.Carl Lamarre: As Post Malone is to 2016. These guys are obviously similar sonically. They both enjoy crafting genre-bending tunes and prefer not to be classified as mere rappers. In 2015, Posty came out of nowhere with the same way Juice did last year with 'Lucid Dreams.' Though Stoney was Post's debut album in 2016, it allowed him to stretch outside of rap and become a redoubtable act in popular music, period. With Death Race, Juice has the potential to sit inside the Billboard 200 for a while because of its robust singles.


And if you remember, Stoney churned out six singles and was still making noise two years after its initial release.Jason Lipshutz: As Big Sean is to 2011. At the start of this decade, Sean quickly established himself as a bankable rising star who could seamlessly enter the pop world, but was not interested in overhauling the sound and aesthetic of popular hip-hop. Based on his current output, Juice WRLD has not displayed the ambition needed to reinvent the wheel, and that’s okay - he has tons of fans, has already impacted mainstream music and has a bright future ahead of him. Think of hits like “Lucid Dreams,” “All Girls Are The Same” and “Fine China” as the late-2010s equivalents to and: they’ll stick around for a while, even if they’re not breaking any new ground.Ross Scarano: As Postal Service is to 2003. “/ I found the answers on her tongue in the middle of kissin” is the new “/ That the freckles in our eyes/ Are mirror images/ And when we kiss they're perfectly aligned.”Andrew Unterberger: As Blink-182 is to 1999.

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I'm hardly the first to point out the bratty pop-punk wavelength Juice's self-loathing complaint rap hits on, but it's evident throughout Death Race. And more importantly, the hooks are just as strong and the choruses just as shout-along as Blink's were on Enema of the State. Now, if we could just get him in a positive enough relationship to write us one.

31 MAKE IT STOPJuice WRLD's sophomore album is ambitious but ultimately inconsistent.Juice WRLD burst onto the scene last year with two songs that ended up taking the world by storm. People first caught onto 'All Girls Are The Same' before the artist proceeded to absolutely blow up with 'Lucid Dreams.' To this day, the latter is still one of the biggest songs in the world.

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Because of the success he reached with his, as well as his singles up to that point, people were excited to tune in for his official sophomore effort. The tracks that Juice WRLD released during the lead-up to Death Race For Love all served a specific purpose, and they served it well. 'Robbery' follows a classic Juice WRLD formula. 'Hear Me Calling' gives us elements of mystery and evolution, allowing the listener to head into his album with intrigue and curiosity.Death Race For Love was and its sales numbers prove just how much of an impact the young Chicago artist holds.

He's only been around the mainstream circle for a little over twelve months and already, Juice is with approximately. Those are huge numbers and would usually reflect directly in the content we're being presented. While you can tell that Juice WRLD is attempting to reach his next form, Death Race For Love ultimately ends up sounding somewhat chaotic.

Yes, there are plenty of songs on here that will remain on repeat for the next few months. 'Fast,' 'Ring Ring,' 'Flaws And Sins,' and a few others are personal favorites. However, as a whole, the album should have been more concise in both its literal length and thematic schemes.Juice WRLD's sophomore album begins with three songs that don't necessarily achieve anything special. 'Empty' sounds like it would fit perfectly on the rapper's previous project. 'Maze' is a bit of a departure from Juice's regular structure, featuring an interesting hook and a gloomy instrumental. The lyrical content is consistent with the majority of his past work and, most importantly, we've got the following lyric which will live on forever: 'These pills and my Pro Tools still got logic.' By the fourth song, the project starts to take a turn for the interesting, by way of an interlude performed by the incredible Brent Faiyaz.

Juice WRLD is seemingly making a concerted effort to be different by dropping a mellow track just a few songs into his album. Usually, an artist will load the front portion of their project with bangers, knowing full well that people's attention spans just aren't what they used to be. Juice doesn't care though.

He's doing what he wants and it's certainly respectable. After 'Demonz,' we get what can be considered the most interesting song on the project. We've heard the artist getting personal and emotional in his music. However, all of that sounds surface-level when compared to 'Fast.' For some reason, this particular cut stands out as a big moment for Juice WRLD, marking an evolution from somebody who sings exclusively about drugs and heartbreak to an artist who can take a deep, introspective look at themselves.Once we get to 'Flaws And Sins,' you can clearly hear the influence that somebody like likely brought down on Juice WRLD. Although Keef isn't as popular today as he once was, his auto-tuned melodies and unique pronunciation have been mimicked by most rising Chicago rappers. Juice doesn't exactly try and imitate the Chi-Town drill artist but at times, the way he says certain words in the hook mirrors Keef's recognizable drawl.

Things get much muddier by the time we reach 'Syphilis.' Everything from the way this song is mixed to Juice's vocal inflections and ad-libs screams XXXTentacion. This song easily could be mistaken as a collaboration between the late Florida rapper and his best friend. When Juice WRLD he actually sounded like himself. It was a refreshing change of lanes. However, 'Syphilis' sounds like he's trying to be somebody that he isn't. It appears out of nowhere and just doesn't fit in the already-loaded tracklist.'

The Bees Knees' would be a perfect place to end the project. It has a naturally satisfying outro after the beat switch, leading into a -style production and an appropriate spoken-word message from Juice WRLD.

After flowing smoothly, he transitions into a minute-long goodbye message - only, this isn't actually him saying goodbye. There are six more songs that follow. On top of that, the next song is debatably the most anticipated on the entire project: 's feature.Scott Dudelson/Getty ImagesAll in all, this album isn't bad at all. It's incredibly enjoyable and will likely remain in rotation for a minute. However, there are parts where Juice WRLD appears to be forcing a stylistic evolution in hopes of reaching the next level of rap superstardom.

The artist is priding himself on the fact that he released this without anybody's help, noting on his Twitter page that he. While that's a pretty impressive achievement, there are certain songs that sound like missed opportunities in terms of execution and the effective enactment of his ideas. Perhaps if he had taken time to write, this would not be the case.On the other side of the spectrum, Juice does not rely on anybody's star power to drive people to his album. He knows that he is capable of creating a long-lasting project and took responsibility to do so again when he enlisted only one big name to join him on Death Race. He goes it alone for the most part and does a solid job. Although the content within 'Make Believe' is a suitable point to close Death Race For Love, it is far less impactful as an outro than something with the same structure as 'The Bees Knees' would have been.Death Race For Love shows overall improvement from Juice WRLD but it does not reach the heights that the artist likely hoped for. It will debut at the top of the Billboard charts and it will be a hit with most audiences but it's not a classic.

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