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For teens, community service is often a requirement for graduating high school, and it's a great way for students to build their resumes and skill sets. More important, volunteer opportunities for teens and high school students can be life-changing experiences that allow teens to expand their horizons and foster meaningful relationships.

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Curious where to volunteer? We have thousands of nonprofit organizations in all 50 states that accept teens under 18 who are interested in everything from working with animals to volunteering at homeless shelters. Just begin your search by ZIP code and filter 'community service' to find community service opportunities for teens near you.Summer volunteer programs for teens require dedication and commitment. Simply showing up for an hour isn’t enough to get anything out of the experience for the teen or the organization providing the opportunity. Instead, summer volunteer opportunities provide the teen with a comprehensive work experience he or she can use to build a resume and get reference letters from. Teen summer volunteer programs are a great way for teens to build empathy, compassion, and job skills that future employers will look for. Community service is more than just a way to do something good for the community; they are a way for the teen to do something good for his or her future.

Volunteer Opportunities Near Me Kids

If you’re searching “teen volunteer opportunities near me,” simply use your ZIP code to see what’s available.

Get information about NYC Service and various volunteer opportunities throughout the City.


Volunteer Opportunities Near Me Summer

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